Argentina U20 World Cup line-up confirmed for match against Portugal


Argentinaโ€™s U20 team will play their second match at the FIFA U20 World Cup against Portugal and the starting eleven has been confirmed.

Fernando BATISTA’s team won their opening match 5-2 against South Africa, making them griup leaders going into this game. Hereโ€™s the starting eleven.


  1. For Barco’s case, i think its better for letting him blossom in Atlanta for atleast 2-3 seasons more than releasing him to Europe. Atlanta Utd is good to develop young prospects, for example his compatriot Pity, also Josef Martinez and Miguel Almiron (now in Newcastle and three of them already 25 y’old). Better opinion for me is give him time to develop more in his recent club, and after he truly ready for a new challenge, let he try his luck in Europe, same like Lanzini did before moving from Al-Jazira (?).

  2. We played with a strange formation and a strange combination of players. It was as if you can score but we will score more. In the knock out stages that would not be a good philosophy. Our possession statistics went down rapidly after Gaich’s goal because our midfield was completely dominated. Our pass accuracy was very poor, another indication that our midfield was suffering. Our defence played wonderfully well particularly Medina and Ortega completely closed down the right flank attacks. I have said this before that our squad is the best in the world only I hope that the coach’s obstinacy should not harm our chances. Can’t understand why Ferreira did not start. Unless he was injured or ill. There is simply no explanation.

  3. Meanwhile, for the result of other pitch, as it predicted by many watchers, France, too, advance to Knockout phase after defeating north-american Panama 2-0. They almost dominated all aspects on the pitch against Panama, amass 80% overall ball possession. With some of their players like Alban Lafont, Dan-Axel Zagadou, and Evan N’Dicka have playing regularly each of their clubs, France defence line is undoubtedly very strong, like they displayed in last two matches. But as it happened, they still only managed to score 2 goals against average teams like Panama and Saudi Arabia. From bracket arrangements, looks like we wouldn’t gonna meet them until final round, if we can advance further (I’m sure we will !). And I hope we will face against France if we walk through until Final. It such a great moment to avenge our Senior team at the last world cup.

    • ….yes france hv more energy than any other team in this tournament but i think they don’t hv much creativity….i think our fellow south americans teams will be more dangerous than likes of france and portugal is still the team to watch out for…..we hv to admit they created more chances than us but we were more clinical on the day

  4. Barco is a big surprise too, in Atlanta he is nowhere near this agile and aggressive, dribble very little, here in U20 a nightmare for defenders.

      • ATM he already proves you need to shut up your mounth about where from comes good players. So far he is there, in MLS, and is one of our 2 best players. Wide your horizons, man. Good players are everywhere.

    • I beg to differ. Barco is one of the standout players in the MLS this season leave alone Atlanta. And good players are found in all leagues. The so called farmer’s league is a figment of the imagination of people who know little about football. It is better to play first team football in MLS than be a bench warmer for a top team in the best league in the world particularly if you are 19-20 years old.

  5. Absolutely needs more creativness. I would like to try:

    …..De La Vega….Barco………Ferreira

  6. I feel so happy and proud of our boys!!!

    We will probably play Italy in quarter final.

    Go and win the tournament. These boys deserve a championship!

  7. Now that we have passed to next round, in the next match argentina should play todays subbed players like ferreira, Almendra, la vega.
    I am on two minds about goalkeeper should he need rest? I dont know

  8. Batista is doing a great job no matter what the result is . The whole team create s chemistry. From 433 to 442 to 631 in defense ,Batista choose correct tactics and correct players .

    Actually Portugal is very strong not just because they are European champion ,their skill ,running ability and speed are very good .they just miss so many chances. Batista using speedy Barco ,GAICH and skillful alverez for counterattack that is the main point .

    Scaloni is different, you just look at his list .we don’t have many speedy player to cooperate with messi for counterattack except di maria ,aguero . But Batista has GAICH ,Barco ,Maroni, De la Vega, box to box moreno ,alverez

  9. Man , barco is something else, he is too good to play for the u20s , I mean , look at those runs , dribbling skills and intelligence on the ball .
    He is one heck of a player .
    And by the way for portugal, that’s a typical รฉuropean style of play – speed strength power and lightening counter attacks.
    Am not surprised at all , cause that’s what the modern football revolves around. Flair is gone and slowly slowly it’s getting extinct.
    Kudos to the boys for fighting like lions and that’s a big achievement considering the Portugal team was the early favourite of the tournament.
    I think batista and his boys had already passed the test , this match was a test to Argentina about their grit in defense and mental approach to the games , when you face mighty opponents.
    Vamos Argentino.

  10. Actually Argentina still have some talent young players who are missing this tournament. such as Benjamin garre ,Facundo colidio ,Maxi lovera ,Nicolas capaldo ,Andres Ayala.

  11. Portugal had 9 shots on target out of two are clear goal scoring, Roffo with excellent performance. For me Roffo, Barco, Gaich, Ortega, Perez are stand out performer till now, Gaich need to improve on technique little he has everything to be crowned world best striker for next 12year

  12. What were these constant long balls from Roffo? why didnt ARG play? In the first match there was a lot of building game from the back line, now nothing, only 50m balls to Gaich, ugly football, i hope it was only due to result and situation, not Batista master plan (till the goal ARG was rather the dominant side). No need 2 strikers upfront. Barco is an asshole, but different level technical wise. Gaich was dangerous, and hope his presence dont kill our passing game with these long balls. Roffo some mistakes, but improves, Mura nothing special, Ortega so-so, Perez very agressive, Medina was good, Vera dont know, Urzi and Alvarez didnt impress-Alvarez be CF or nothing, Moreno some flashes…next match: Porteau—Weigandt—Medina—Centurion—Ortega—Moreno—Sosa—Almendra—Ferreira—Chancalay (could play striker)—De la Vega

  13. I would like to see Almendra starting the next game. We have a lot better goal ratio than Portugal so even if they win the last game we may try something new.

  14. Gaich is very promising ,IMO Argentina didn’t have that type’s striker for many years. Tall ,strong ,fast and skillful.

    Barco is really impressive, fast ,skillful ,accurate.

    Julian alverez is decent too .

    Urzi didn’t impress me when compared with Barco and alverez

    Moreno ,a typical box to box is very useful

    F Vera is below par ,he didn’t have enough speed to be a true no .5 but he does have passing skill.i think as a DM Santiago Sosa is better than Vera .the later is between a box to box and DM

    Perez may have some mistakes but overall is okay

    Mura and Ortega lack of speed just normal

    Medina is just normal

    Roffo is just normal still had some mistakes

  15. Congratulations kids.
    very good job against one of the best teams of tournament.
    really i am proud of you all.
    you all play with the Argentine spirit.

    6 points in two games. it is just perfect.


  16. Vamosss!!!! We are growing slowly. Great display in 2nd half. Moreno’s shot was a rocket, too bad luck it hit the bar. Also some great balls from our magical midfield! Gaich missed that shitter but played well. And our capitano Perez is like Sergio Ramos! A goal for him. Overall a great performance from our boys! Batista should continue this gameplan throughout the tournament.

    Vamos Argentina!!

    • Gaich is player who almost always will miss something but except that he has only pluses. He is always big advantage for team even if he is not clinic striker.

  17. This opens up the bracket for us. With a six goal differential we can now avoid France in knockout and possibly play Mali or Saudi in R16.

  18. Batista got his tactics right!! Job well done;
    Medina & Ortega had really good game;
    On the attacking Front, Barco & Gaich are good;
    Alvarez not much apart from the Assist; Urzi & Moreno are decent;
    Ruffo looks the weakest; Perez not that impressive

      • He did the same mistake as was done in the first match; Ended up in no man’s land;
        Luckily every one missed that ball; He is not confident at judging when to come out or not; Same problem as most of other ARG Goal Keepers;

  19. Tidy performances from Roffo. Calm, didn’t get underpressured by number of shots that Portugal created. Command his teammate to covers him well, keep tight with the ball, and his ball distribution is Great. Vamos !!

  20. Great, simply great. We won against one of 2 best teams of the world. We have qualified just after 2 games as it was during best times in past.

  21. FUCKING PROUD of the BOYS !!! We defended extremely well and when we went forward we were great. We underrate our teams far too often. Portugal this / that. They looked a pretty ok team to me. Nothing to be concerned about. We are the team for the tournament.

  22. Barco deserve National call and as well as any biggest club of Europe.. gaich nehun Perez Medina they deserve Euro club.. they have Jill and spirit to win the cup..but don’t forget there has been huge difference between junior level and senior level of football..but our side shows some spirit..

  23. I’m impress with the grit and determination of our players. They’re still pressing Portugal like crazy at injury time.

    If only the senior side can run half as much as this youth side, we could win Copa.

    • The kid show exactly that
      They also can play possessions
      Football when it requires early on
      Argentina dominated the possession
      Portugal come life when the got behind
      I have to say Argentina defend well
      In second half cose Portugal is
      Very tough opponents.

      • GOalkeeper was great, made one crucial save in second half which he parried into sidenetting. That one could have been Portugal equallizer.

        We’re pretty much in second round now. Barco probably needs to be rested at least for one half in last game. He’s been running all day lol

        I love the hunger that these kids has been showing. Defence has improved alot compare to first match and we clearly has goalscoring ability aswell.

  24. Whats up with those ugly long ball over and over? I expect these guys at least could have put some decent shortpassing move when attacking…

      • I know it bro. What I meant was the way our coaches simulated tiki-taka to accommodate Messi. That’s not Argentina traditional game. We played short passes with more rhyme and dynamics, such as the goals against Serbia in 2006. But football has changed, direct tactics are ruling these days, and we may need to adapt.

  25. After that first goal, Portugal became more a bit hurry, and often lose possession. If this situation walk up to the 2nd half, i think its just need 1 more goal to lock down the game.

  26. Clever goal from Gaich! But i have to say the ball was even better!! Credit goes to Alvarez too. But our right back should be a little calm. His reckless challenges helping Portugal to get unexpected corners. Not smart! But hope 2nd half will improve our display. We need to score 1 or 2 more goal to seal this match.

    Vamos Los Pibes!

  27. You are right guys. Mura has problems on the right side while Ortega on the left keeps quiet the Portugal players

    • he has to deal with joao felipe – the new ronaldo on the right. Not an easy task. Perez has had to slide over to help. Focusing on two tasks has given him yellow card. On the other side, diago dalot is kept quiet by Urzi’s width leaving Ortega with less problems.

  28. Very good performance i think by Ortega in this first half, almost successfully take down Portugal right wing, makes Trincao and Dalot uncomfort to do some crosses and cut-in.

  29. Perez who was supposed to be stronghold of our defence is weakest link of this defence in the tournament. He was to blame for the first goal against RPA, now he got second yellow and will miss next match

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