Argentina with a foot in Round of 16 at FIFA U20 World Cup with win against Portugal


Argentina have a foot in the Round of 16 at the FIFA U20 World Cup following a 2-0 win against Portugal.

Two wins out of two, seven goals scored, Argentina defeated one of the tournament favorites and don’t have to stress going into the last group stage game. GAICH received the ball inside the penalty area and with a marker close on him, his shot from a difficult angle beat the goalkeeper to give Argentina the 1-0 lead.

MORENO nearly made it 2-0 with a lovely strike from outside of the penalty area which hit the post. Argentina’s captain Nehuen PEREZ made it 2-0 as Argentina would get the three points.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing Maximiliano centurion playing next match .IMO he is as promising as Perez and Balerdi.

    several talent players are missing .Benjamin Garre i think he is even more promising than Barco .Also Facundo colidio is another good striker . To name afew Rodrigo Gonzalez (RB) ,Maxi Lovera, Thiago Almada, Nicolas Capaldo ,Lo celso,Andres Ayala

  2. I agree the mentality of the players is AWFUL. When you have this marginal turd Paredes on the team talking about what Leo and Kun can do that is the wrong mentality.
    What about what you can do dude? Are you so soft that your mindset before you get on the pitch is others carrying the load.? You are a damn midfielder that needs to set up the forwards, whoever they are. Give anybody the right opportunity and they will knock it in goal. Are you a fan or are you a player? I would make it a standing rule that anybody that holds a teammate in a God like position doesn’t need to play. This game is played with 11 players not 1. If it was played with one player it would be called tennis.

  3. The U20 team is more exciting to watch right now. They really run the whole game not just playing at walking pace like the senior side. Just watch the match against Croatia… Argentina players mostly played at jogging pace. No determination whatsoever.

    I hope the senior team proof me wrong and suprise everyone with great performance. Although it seems that Brazil or Uruguay will win it in ugly fashion (like 2007 & 2011). South American teams has fallen way behind European teams in last decade.

    In last 4 World cups, 7 finalists are European teams and Argentina is the only South American team that reached the final during those long period.

    • I saw some of highlights of the game…. and i’m sorry but Portugal created a significant amount of chances during that game. IMO, we see the same issues with both the senior and youth teams.

      • Sory, but this is football and you have to be realistic, your opponents will have their chances too… and we”re playing Portugal, Euro u20 champ, not Faroe island or Hawaii national teams.

        Even WC winners like Spain & Gernany survived scares from Holland & Argentina but they still won, so what… thats what matter for them, they make it count with chances they got like we did in this game.

        • I don’t deny opponents creating chances, however the issue is that Portugal created many clear chances and often in counterattack. This is a very repetitive pattern i see through the different NT categories. In another game, this might turn ugly.

          • The 1986 WC team conceided goals at group stage against S Korea and Italy, conceided 2 goals in final, still won. Even conceiding goals doesnt mean you’re playing bad. The 1993 Copa final, Argentina conceided a goal against Mexico but still won at the end. Even France conceided 3 against Argentina, 2 goals in final against Croatia and the second goal was clumsy goalkeeping. What really matter is to still able pulling out a victory regardless the situation.

            Every opponents will have great chances aswell, that’s football. Your expecting u20 side to put perfect performance? its 2-0 against current strongest u20 side, Portugal u20 as I said was reigning European champ.

            If you’re assuming Portugal could have scored more, then you can say the same for Argentina. Gaich for intense had two other clear chances apart from his goal. If its goes in, it would have been more one sided scoreline.

  4. When scaloni was asked about Venezuela 3-1 loss he replies “they thought that Leo would resolve everything alone. But with our substitutions, things changed, they passed and moved. Everything will develop like this, in an organic manner.”
    His tactics is still around one Man . God save us in Copa America with Scaloni, we need a manager who has balls to develop a tactics based on 11 men not on 1 man.

    • You got it wrong. He said player thought Leo would do all by himself but after sub player started pass and move. Plus please don’t mislead an interview. I am sure you read whole interview

      • Yes i have read the whole interview and copied the exact statement.
        What was they doing in the training ?what was his tactics? and why palyers even thought Leo will resolve all the problems?, he had seen the team suffering again and again due to messi dependency.
        All the 4 chances was created by messi only.

        • Well for benefit of doubt I would say there wasn’t much time plus it was the first game of Messi with all those kids. Also doesn’t matter who the player is next to Messi you will always pass the ball to him. Same thing Barca players does and has done. So did Xavi and Ineasta but problem is in Barcelona(before) players used to pass the ball to him and also move to space and run for space. There are so many examples that Xavi and ineasta ended up in the opposition box after passing the ball to Messi looking for space and create opportunity. But in our NT players doesn’t do that. So Scaloni figured that out after Venezuela game and he trying to make sense those kids that you can pass to him but don’t stand still. Make move towards space. From your post I see you portrait that Scaloni mistake. You need time for everything g…it ain’t video game or club football plus we have Messi which suppose to make easier for us but instead it gets complicated.

  5. I think Scaloni is going on the right track.
    Today in an interview he said that he doesn’t want many played near leo instead they should make movements and improve their finishing

  6. Bayern Munich have reportedly launched an €80m bid for Juventus forward Paulo Dybala.

    Corriere dello Sport cites sources in Germany, which claim there is a ‘strong approval’ for Bayern’s pursuit of Dybala and that an €80m offer is being readied.

    The 25-year-old was considered to have been the biggest loser of Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival as he scored just 10 goals in 2018-19 – his lowest tally since 13-14 with Palermo in Serie B.
    However, the newspaper warns Juve still ‘believe’ in the Argentine and that they will only consider selling for €100m.

    Bayern, for their part, are in the market to restructure their attack following the exits of Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben.

    • That’s an odd target. Bayern just got rid of James who is a similar profile to Dybala. In any case, any club better than Juve although now with new manager (sarri) Juve could benefit Dybala again

  7. Another win and into the final 16 for the first time since 2011! Very happy about the result and even though the game had it’s ups and downs there are alot of good things to take from it.
    Gaich and Barco both surprised me, the former is starting to remind me of Crespo alittle bit and the latter is yet another talented engache even though his off-field antics do worry me because the last thing we need is another Icardi or a younger Banega i.e. TONs of talent wasted by bad attitude.

    Argentina took the initiative and controlled the game until they got their goal but then closed shop and started playing ugly, however during that period of Portugese pressure the team held well defensively thus showing noticeable improvement from the first game. Argentina then got back in the game and took it by the scruff of the neck winning the whole thing.

    Next game I would like to see Centurion and Almendra given a chance in their preferred roles and I really think the team missed Frierra who has been showing the hallmarks of a future star since he exploded onto the scene with River.

    • Gaich looks more like Higuain by missing those sitters, but he still scored in both games and I’m quite sure his overall play will improve over time. Both Gaich and Barco needs to be more aware of their teammates when we’re attacking. Sometimes they’re just to individual, Barco tend to dribble and hold the ball way too long for intense.

      • So far Gaich is best our best goalscorer in last 3 U-20 tournaments: COTIF, Sudamericano and now WC.

  8. And the breaking news is Neymar got his captain armband got stripped off and replaced by Dani Alves. Tite’s reason is because Neymar disciplinary issues with his recent club, PSG.

  9. U20 is full of promise, may they have a great time and win the trophy as Argentina need it to boost the spirit of their elders n/t. Batista so far knows how to manage the team and push them into their potential..

    Good Luck

  10. Batista expanded on his playbook from second half against south africa. He constructed a game plan to open up the pitch for Barco using two very wide wingers in front of him. With his free role and space Barco took advantage of every area of the attacking third showing up on wings, deep in midfield, and in the box. His presence nearly everywhere in the first half helped get the crucial lead.

    Julian Alvarez continues to struggle to find his role in the team. Though he did the hard work to assist the opener after Barco released him down the wing, his inability to track the extremely aggressive portugese left back Ruben Vinagre on his overlapping raids in support of Jota caused a lot of trouble for poor facundo mura who kept getting pulled everywhere. On the other hand Urzi had a more balanced game, able to assist Ortega in keeping check on Dalot and Trincao. Even though he did not create a lot, he played his role well in stretching shape and complimenting Ortega who had a second good game.

    The defensive midfield still seems a bit soft. Batista like to play the pivot with a box to box type in front of a holder. However there were a few times when Gedson and Lille striker Leao were able to run through with ease. Personally I think Moreno is better suited for this kind of a b2b type role than almendra but I am still not sure who between vera and sosa should be the holder. Still, since we are through it might be worth to start the sosa-almendra pair.

    Further back Medina had another good game. Perez was decent too, but I remember him involved in on or two aerial duals where I was once again nervous. Roffe showed good shot stopping and ball distribution skills. You could tell their restart play was a well rehearsed move of trying to land the long ball on Gaich’s head and winning second balls. However it is in coming out to claim aerial balls that Roffe still shows he has some learning to do. His performance in that skill varied between good and bad. Body control, balance and owning the box in very crowded tight situations against opponents is something that will hopefully come to him with more game time.

    The structure of the team in defense was also impressive. Generally young players tend not to be so organized as that comes with team work, patience and experience but these guys show they have learnt their lessons well.
    I would like to see DeLa Vega back in the squad next game but hopefully on the left wing. Playing two traditional type wingers is a bit outdated and in any case i think de la vega is too dangerous on the left to play on the right. Unfortunately though with Barco in good form through the middle I think it is a bit hard to find room for Ferriera without both of them clashing. An interesting development in injury time was when Batista introduced the full back Weingandt further up on the right wing. Batista has already showed some innovation in fitting the left back Medina in the center so wonder if he has another transformation trick in his pocket with weingandt.

  11. We just beat the European champions … our defense is solider than previous generations… the goalie is making great saves.. (acouple mistakes but solid) not a possession style but I rather win ugly than lose pretty … BUT let’s not start thinking we have won something yet… because we haven’t won shyt… a long way to go

  12. Tottenham have submitted 53 million
    Pound for lo celso that it’s official
    This lad is the main talk on European transfer market all the big clubs are queue on him.

    Apparently scaloni will play lo celso &
    Paredes as double 5 I heard that
    He wants to attack without losing
    The Balance that sounds to me good.
    I know some people will say those two
    Can’t play together as double 5 .
    Well the man coaching them knows
    More than us plus there so many
    Ways to defend without having
    Proper destroyer.

    • Leandro Paredes is a hot pile of trash right now.
      I have to tell you I have watched about 15 or so of his matches and I have never seen a more overhyped player than this guy. He is slower than poop coming out of a constipated ass, he offers very little in defense, and aside from set pieces he is not that gifted offensively. He is like Gago with 30 percent skill.
      Why do all these Boca players come with all this hype and almost no skill?

      • Well mate everyone is entitled
        Thier opinion I’m not here to defend
        Any player or Leo parades but
        I believe he is top quality player
        There is no point argue about him
        We here to support Argentina nt
        And express our opinions
        We will see this Copa which player
        Perform well before that it’s matter
        Of discussion. However we re people
        Who overreacting one good or bad performance from our players

        • I respect your opinion, but let me ask you something, I am sure you have watched the U20 perform so far.
          This has to be the best crop of box to box midfielders I have seen us produce in ages. How they turn out is still to be seen. But when you have guys like Ferreira, Barco, Palacios, Lo Celso, Almendra, Sosa, and I am sure I am missing a few, how does this dope Paredes fit in? The guys I mentioned run all day, they get back on defense, are skilled offensively, and hopefully will only get better. Additionally, when you add a defense with Foyth, Romero, Montiel, Lisandro Lopez, Perez, they were organized against a very good team that gets most of their time already in European leagues.
          I know these guys are not household names yet, but they will be. As I was watching the game yesterday, the thought came to my mind that if Messi had a midfield that ran that much we would get an even better version than we are seeing in his club team today.
          I see NOTHING thus far in Paredes that would even warrant a call up. At that age you should be able to run all day. Maybe he will prove me wrong, but by 2022, if these guys continue to develop on the trajectory they are on, there is no way in hell he will be anything other than warming a bench on some club. He has actually regressed since going to PSG. He looks lost on the field and has a minimal grasp of his role when he plays for PSG. Call it coaching, but the player needs to be responsible too,

          • San isidro
            Trust me no one likes to see
            More than me. those players playing
            For the senior team very soon
            If you read my comments I’m
            Of those people who was always campaigning
            For the youth to be in the nt
            Because I was sick and tired
            The old generation whom took
            Thier place in the nt for guaranteed
            Let us hope that Argentina win
            The copa in July regardless
            Who plays .

    • If someone thinks that Paredes and Locelso duo in the midfield is the best combination, I’m sorry to say that there is something in the game that person doesn’t understand. They can play together only if someone like Guido is behind them otherwise is gonna be catastrophic. We will win games with them but not big opponents. Play LoCelso as double 5 is a complete waste of talent he should play higher in the pitch.

  13. Yeahhh… Thank you, God.. Congratulation, Argentina… Be humble.. Always pray and give your optimal effort to be the winner and the champion… God bless..

    Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! Be the winner! Be the champion! God bless everyone….

  14. Another team I’d llike to watch more besides Argentina are Japan and New Zealand. Japan always amaze me with their surprises in every tournament, while New Zealand destroyed two teams that basically above them, Norway and Honduras. Many has been titled New Zealand as dark horse in this WC, amass 8 goals without being conceded 0 goals. Superb? Yes. But I think how they can prove their worth will be the last match against Uruguay, even though both of them was already going to Round of 16. Besides Argentina, seems i will following them too during this tournament. Will see if they are proved enough to give threat against superior teams. Their key players to watch are Sarpreet Singh and Ben Waine.

    • ……and were so damn UNLUCKY in losing to Germany in 2014 when they out-played them and had more chance OR losing to crappy Chile Twice in the exact same manner or NOT enough lucky to see the game against France after going up 2-1.

      Luck or no luck, I personally stopped caring how its won as long as IT IS.

      France chocking in the Euros and losing to Portugal from all counties ……i can go on

  15. I like the way Argentina played
    first 30 minute .
    We dominated possessions but
    Since we scored first we
    set back and started to play
    Long ball but what I liked was
    How we defended whole back 4
    Played really good especially
    Left side medina &Ortega..
    I’m not one of those who judge players
    For 1 or 2 games but I have to say
    There is no way urzi is better than
    De la Vega. He is more dribbler
    Better attacking player than urzi
    I still convince we will improve
    As the tournament continues.

    • The thing i liked the most was our forwards helping our midfielders and defenders and the whole team was defending like a team……..if your forwards our pressing high or going back to defend that doesn’t mean they won’t create or score in the match or they will get exhaust early ……as a professional footballer u hv to be fit enough to run the match for whole 90 mins….this is the only way argentina can win something whether in junior or senior level….
      We historically don’t produce the midfielders who can run the quota of other players so our forwards hv to help little bit more in defence if we hv to win something in the senior level.

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