Lionel SCALONI announced to remain as Argentina coach for World Cup Qualifiers


Lionel SCALONI has officially been announced as Argentina coach for the World Cup Qualifiers.

SCALONI, who took charge of the team last year, has a contract until the end of this year but that has changed. Following a third place finish at the 2019 Copa America, the AFA have decided to keep SCALONI on for a little longer.


  1. Seems Juve is crazy enough to swap Dybala for Lukaku but it’s really a win win for everyone. No future for Dybala in this Sarri’s 433 but should be the superstar with Manchester Utd, who has fast players like Martial and Rashford around him. If Pogba stays, this team has the powerful to win the Premier League.

  2. Exactly what was going to happen: 2 victories against average teams, a 3nd place victory against a demotivated team and then AFA considered that as a success and gave Scaloni the permanent job. I respect Scaloni and think he did his best with very limited experience. He deserves to stay but as a coach assistant.

    • For this year, I go for Ten Hag and Pochettino. By the way, saw a couple of games of Atletico Madrid, maybe it’s because of friendlies games, Simeone seems playing less defensive football than before. The new players are amazing, it’s becoming much more pleasant to watch.

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