FC Porto to sign Argentina goalkeeper Agustin MARCHESIN


FC Porto are set to sign Argentina goalkeeper Agustin MARCHESIN.

Club America have reportedly accepted FC Porto’s offer for the goalkeeper and MARCHESIN would join on a four year deal. The final number has not yet been announved but there are rumors that it was an offer in the region of €18 million.

This comes after FC Porto goalkeeper Iker CASILLAS suffered heart problems a few months ago.

Still only 31 years old, MARCHESIN was part of Argentina’s 2019 Copa America squad.


    • He is hell good player I can’t believe
      He didn’t get more caps for th nt
      Why Tata martino Didn’t promote him after copa America in 2015
      Somehow the previous managers
      Were blind followers for the old guard.

      • “old guards”. I am glad Nacho has not been called for NT after his display against Singapore , if he can’t play a good game against Singapore how can we except to show him against big teams. And in 2016-17 season he was not in good form he got back his form in 2017-18 season so Sampoli called hin but didn’t impress anybody against singapore so he was not called further, this shows how blind hater are you. Recently Whenever liga players got called up we regtretted either Pavon,Suarez, Benedetto, Meza,Saravia……… I dont think even Scaloni is going to further any superliga players may Armani because we dont have any option in that position.

        • Nacho was really good against Singapore. Read comments. He played few minutes and participated on one of goals.

          Sorry for you but Scaloni is going to call up good players, that includes some from Superliga as well.

  1. I just mentioned this few days ago: Lucas Romero is still real prospect for DM. His passing is similar to Paredes while he is a lot better defensively. More aggresive, better tackler.

    And now he is joining Independiente. Scaloni needs to follow him.

  2. Armani man of the match; River’s current run of eleven match without losing in the copa libertadores, excellent and credit to Gallardo. Montiel must be on Scaloni radar..

    • And Martinez Quarta.
      I don’t know what is happening to Palacios but he is quickly fading. The guy doesn’t run anymore. He needs to stop reading how great he is.

        • Martínez Quarta is so good him and
          Gonzalo montiel should definitely
          Be in the nt but palacios is too
          Much hype the guy is not that good
          I hope that he prove me wrong
          I watched him enough but I believe
          Matias zaracho and alexis MacAllister
          And nico Dominguez are all better
          than him.

  3. looks like franco armani has been reading mundoalbiceleste and taken his penalty criticisms seriously!

    Anyway one man army Dede completely frustrated River over 180 minutes. he shut down 1-2’s, cutbacks, long balls, crosses everything. how i would love to have a physical CB like that in the NT. For us Martinez quarta with a great game himself but man when he was 1v1 one against dede on corners i was closing my eyes. These two games again highlighted the huge weakness of primera league. Absolute zero creativity and ideas while taking corners and set pieces.

    hopefully independiente deal for romero goes through. would love to see more of him without having to follow brazil league.

  4. De La Cruz has no business taking any free kicks, corners anything. Dude can’t keep the ball in the field. Holy crap why is this guy getting minutes?

  5. River dominated the game first hslf
    Fernandez so good on the ball
    Martínez Quarta and g montiel
    Having good game so far
    Lucas Romero of cruzeiro looks
    Good too .

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