Facundo FERREYRA, Matias VARGAS score in Espanyol win


Facundo FERREYRA and Matias VARGAS both scored for Espanyol in their 3-1 win against Zorya in the Europa League.

Both Argentine players scored in the first leg of their Europa League tie against their Ukranian opponents. Zorya took the lead in the first half but Facundo FERREYRA drew the Catalan club level. He headed the ball in from close range.

Former Velez man Matias VARGAS came on as a substitute and scored just 10 minutes later. He received the ball inside the penalty area, cut to his right and his shot went to the goalkeepers left and into the net.


  1. Watching Espanyol and Tottenham games, Vargas and Lamela are the best player of their team in attack, Lamela in the central position with lot of freedom is the best way for him to show his talent, his corner kicks were great, I believe that Tottenham will come back in score. Hopefully Lo Celso can step in on the 2nd half.

  2. Otamendi has had a very poor game today. His consistency is wavering from game to game. Has been beaten for pace time after time and his decision making has been very poor including in aerial balls. Man City have a great GK though in Ederson – often covers up for defensive blunders. 400 career goals for Aguero.

  3. Maxi Lovera finally is getting rightful place in Rosario Central while Independiente finally win -this time with Barboza and Figal as center backs- Blanco, Lucas Romero, Sanchez Mino and Pablo Perez in midfield.

  4. heinze’s midfielders get a lot of praise and of course it is justified. but what i also enjoy is the bravery with which he decides to play his backline. his centerback play is something not often seen in superliga with his desire to push both his cb’s into space in front extremely high and bringing his 30y goalkeeper high up as well to assist in the build up and avoid long ball counters. both 25y gianetti and young paraguayan abram are given freedom to drive with ball at feet to push back the defensive blocks. the first velez goal caused by a 25-30 yard drive through the middle by gianetti is example. this desire is similar to some top clubs in europe and is nice to see in local league. of course the quality is not the same as seen by gianetti almost immediately afterwards giving up the penalty in his box. but modern defenders and goalies are much more than simple defenders and goalies and encouraging such skill development in local teams is important.

    good question below is what is nico dominguez position now. i would love to say #5 but the way he is developing into a complete mid i am almost scared he will end up another #8 sooner or later either at velez or elsewhere especially if he continues to score goals like today. his second headed goal is quite high class for a deep cm, not only in attacking the box, but also recognizing he is running into back line, back tracking to create space, then repositioning and attacking for the cross is a striker’s level split second instinct.

    a large part of this fear is because i recognize that the ‘hole’ position in deep midfield is generally reserved for older players in the argentine league and anyone young who shows potential there early is moved further up and not developed in 5. i was hoping nico would at least be gimenez’s back up when gaston is rested but now they brought in gago. in modern football you cannot really hide older players anywhere as seen by independiente’s destruction in quito recently but in superliga the deep cm is almost a retirement job. enzo at river along with ponzio, marcelo diaz at racing, gaston/gago at velez, pablo perez/domingo at independiente, kalinski at estudiantes i could go on. sometimes you need a deep humiliation to recognize the weakness in the heart of your team and make changes. guillermo scheletto’s embarrassment at bernabeu and alfaro’s appointment is one of the best things that happened for the future of NT midfield with them throwing out the old guard in the middle and building a more youthful deeper mid. of course boca is not NT but you know when boca changes ideas others are noticing. so yes while nico could well be great in other midfield areas personally i l’d like to see him do more deeper cm work.

    • el mongol,

      once again great review. I’m with you on Nico Dominguez case. He showed such promise as DM/No.5 initially. I would go with him in that direction. Remember how good was on tackling and interceptions.

      Anyway his biggest advantage is intelligence thanks to which is adapt to new roles and positions very quickly.

    • Heinze is ridiculously brave
      His team plays very eye catching
      Beautiful football.. the way velez
      Build up from the back the high line
      He plays it’s joy to watch ..
      Dominguez position hasn’t changed
      That much but heinze wants play
      Deep lying playmaker which makes
      Dominguez and Robertone to push
      More forward..
      But I must say Dominguez is developing
      To be all around midfielder which even
      Better news for the nt in my opinion.

    • And Velez fullbacks are something to follow as well. Both Guidara and Ortega. Guidara was eye-catching also in Belgrano.

    • Would like to see this on one of the friendlies



      Lanzini…………..Lo Celso…………MacAllister


      several midfielders here might swap with positions

  5. Dominguez a very good B2B player….
    Another player i liked is robertone….
    His touch and acceleration is amazing….
    He got some raw talent…..
    Btw Our lack of options in mid might come to an end with all this young talented players doing so well…..

    De paul
    Lo celso

    Sad for Paredes…..tuchel overrated coach dont even know what is he doing….he got Gueye and Paredes but he plays his best CB on the Mid…..

  6. Looks like Defensa already has replacement for Lisandro Martinez. That’s also Martinez – Hector (with similar height) – who came from River and preformed very well today.

  7. Nico Dominguez just scored another goal for Velez. Just wonder what is the position now of the omnipresent player. We thought about him as No.5 but he is no more the player in Velez. B2B, CM, AM, false No.9 ????

  8. Manuel Lazini’s Passing Stats against Watford.

    93% Passing Accuracy
    6 Key Passes

    A Superb Passing Display

    One of the Best creative player
    On his day.. stay health Manu.

  9. Exclusion/resting Aguro maria pizzaro suarez is very gud decisn by scaloni i think. And similarly exclusion of otamndi /Pezella pair also gud at some point.After injury pezella not in good foam like he is in fiorntna.Trying other plyr with otamndi or remove these pair is a good move i think.Bcz i feels thr is no leadership in back 4..

  10. Arsenal Sarandi lost for the first time this season home game against San Lorenzo 0:2. Gaich played 25 minutes. Scaloni was on stadium.

    • Scaloni was watching the match. Despite the loss, that Nico Gimenez FK with his right foot was thunderbolt and I hope it’d caught his attention. Another day you’d find him pulling off the same with his left foot!

      • Yes, Nico Gimenez and Bebelo Reynoso -the only players I would add to the Scaloni’s list yet (no more wishes). Both are delicious to watch.

          • I forgot about him. If not Gaich I would go for Salas as our third striker. Absolutely. Even ahead of Avila. He is on right path to get some day in future the call up. ATM I wish to see him in Olimpic Team.

        • You cant stop the madness…Reynoso Nicolas Gimenez..Salas…. after 2-3 better matches, and a lot of bad benchwarming years, MADNESS wait at least 1 great season, or why not call up Brian Fernandez from Portland (at least 2-3 good years in very weak leagues, but instantly performs in MLS unlike Gonzalo Martinez) or Rogelio Funes Mori (one of the best goalscorers since years in Mexico, says all about that league)…Salas? Crazy…

          • Yes, Reynoso, Gimenez, Salas are great prospects. I bet Salas will got his chance sooner or later. Now it’s not the time with Gaich included.

            Reynoso deserves that since long time, especially now. Say, one of Reynoso/Gimenez would be in Scaloni’s team now.

          • “after 2-3 better matches, and a lot of bad benchwarming years”

            What are the benchwarming players here? Gimenez had problems in Talleres but the rest?

          • Answer? Cause world class brazil players got called up in early years…and? Aguero, Tevez, Aimar, Riquelme, Messi, Di Maria our same extremely talented players were too…Neymar Barcelona…Arthur Barcelona…Casemiro Real Madrid…Thiago Silva PSG and long time the world best centre backs…question? Compared these to Gaich, Zaracho….Reynoso, Gimenez, Salas…laughable

          • And Neymar played since 1,5 years in Santos and was one of the best if not the best players of brazilian league before Menezes called him up…another lies?
            ” His selection was on the account of his performances for their youth sides.”
            He scored 5 goals in one brazilian cup match before that…youth side performances cool story bro…

          • You see, you are always wise post factum. And your logic is permanently falling. You named few Brazilian stars that were called up early but for you it’s understanable “because they are stars after all.

            But who knew that they will stars before they were called up so early?!

            No one. No one was really sure they will stars, you know. Because you never know. But in case of most promising names you should do that – you should adapt them early to NT condition, with optimism, but never with 100% assurence they will stars in future.

            Of course as always you judge this so much partially in favour of Brazilians.

          • “Cause world class brazil players got called up in early years…and? Aguero, Tevez, Aimar, Riquelme, Messi, Di Maria our same extremely talented players were too…Neymar Barcelona…Arthur Barcelona…Casemiro Real Madrid…Thiago Silva PSG and long time the world best centre backs…question? Compared these to Gaich, Zaracho….Reynoso, Gimenez, Salas…laughable”

            And of course we can’t produce extremely talented players anymore because Csabalala said that.

            Just the last Copa – when team with little chemistry, playing together for the first time, reached just one level of podium below the famous names.

            The last shit you could make believe in here is that Argentina cannot produce extremely talented players anymore. Even Uruguay with 4 mln population can do that let alonne 10 time more populated Argentina.

          • Csabalala,

            just wonder what could you say about Riquelme’s period in Barcelona.

            Certainly something like: He failed there because he is just European league player, not CHampions League.

          • Reynoso and Gimenez close to their 24 years and showed nothing extraordinary so far be worth NT call ups…thousands of scouts monitoring every player all over the world…and you arrogant and ignorant human says they all stupid, im the genius, man what do you thing who you are? You said the same about Pity and Meza who will show the scouts are stupid to overlooked them, and what happened? They were right to not buy the “South american player of the year” and the man who “single handedly destroyed Spain”who struggle even in MLS and Mexico (record signings)…professionals, not keyboard warriors like you or me…and now you start again with your 24 years old misunderstood geniuses…arrogant and ignorant to ignore thousand of scouts works who livin from that…

          • Csabalala,

            the more bad you looked in one discussion the more you desperately try to do soemthing soon after just to improve the bad impression. In effect you are trying to do something like the desperated driver who speed ahead by car just to feel he is controlling situation. You are shooting blanks. You are like driven by autodestruction impulse making your situation worse and worse in here.

            In fact, after you introduced here your rascist segregation between those nations that can speak football and India (South Asia) you have not to do much more on making your person more repulsing.

          • “Just the last Copa – when team with little chemistry, playing together for the first time, reached just one level of podium below the famous names.” Why are you lying…the hole Copa level was extremely poor with aged teams…and very very lucky draw…semi final with two wins against the mighty Qatar and legendary Venezuela….Uruguay, Columbia, Brazil were all stronger than us, Paraguay and lucky Peru not weaker…ARG hardly could score goals..and our play was hopeless

          • “Reynoso and Gimenez close to their 24 years and showed nothing extraordinary so far be worth NT call ups…”

            “and now you start again with your 24 years old misunderstood geniuses”

            This is like the guy is always deceitfull trying to manipulate even on stiff facts. Players born in ’96 are for him 24 yo.

            I bet Everton is for you 22 yo just because he is Brazilian. No matter he is born same year as Reynoso and Gimenez. And that local league Everton was one of best players of Copa America if not best. Thank you.

          • “Why are you lying…the hole Copa level was extremely poor”

            and of course the Copas 2015-16 were extremely hard? With weakest Brazil in history, Suarez absences, Mexico without several players and so on.

            The lone fact we didn’t win that despite Brazil didn’t existed is enough. As you said once they were always in last 25 years our biggest obstacle

          • “thousands of scouts monitoring every player all over the world…and you arrogant and ignorant human says they all stupid, im the genius, man what do you thing who you are?”

            somehow most of the players I’m talking about are sooner or later promoted to NT or going to Europe. Thank you.

          • Yes like Meza and Pity Martinez your two favourites LOL, correctly 5-10% of your players go to Europe (in small clubs generally) so your hit rate is extremely poor…

          • “You will never change…personal attacks without counter arguments…this is Gonzalo…cant recognize you arent right…”


            Look who’s talking. The funniest comment ever.

            Who’s using the constantly “suck his dick”, “psychopath”, “idiot” and countless other invectives.

            Let’s count the invectives of yours and mines!

          • You can’t even count all the players I was talking about before they were called up and went to Europe (the fact you are talking still about Meza is actually against you). Just few latest ones: Gaich, MacAllister, Dominguez, Vargas, Benedetto, Montiel, Figal.

          • So you pose with most of the biggest argentine talents from Primera go to Europe really? How pity you are? The problem they go to shitty clubs, Nicolas Dominguez Bologna really? Our future DM…Ascacibar Stuttgart etc….and sadly this is their level…Colombatto cant even go out from Serie B…

          • No problem with that they go small clubs. Just latest example of Emiliano Buendia. Now he shines in Premiership. Man, it’s really easy refute your “big clubs rethoric”.

            BTW Buendia is ’96 category! For you it’s too late.

          • “Reynoso and Gimenez close to their 24 years and showed nothing extraordinary so far be worth NT call ups”

            Yes, they showed, just like Alexis MacAllister, Gaich, Vargas, Lisandro and few others. But I never said they all should be called up at once. One of Reynoso, Gimenez. Prefer Reynoso.

            Just like I didn’t said Gaich and Salas should be called up both. Just one of them as thirs striker. Now it’s Gaich turn.

      • Watching the game I feel like in was on San Lorenzo’s stadium. I think Arsenal was not lucky on the game. Not that SL didn’t deserved win but the result is little misleading.

      • “and of course the Copas 2015-16 were extremely hard? With weakest Brazil in history, Suarez absences, Mexico without several players and so on.”
        Brazil without their star player Neymar…says all…easily won the Copa…Mexico played with their strongest squad, unlike vs Scalonis 2 matches that was B/C teams…btw where were mexico now? Nowhere instead quasi amateur level asian teams…that Chile killed Mexico, and would kill this Copas Chile with more than 3 goals easily…we scored a tons of goals, our defense was rock solid, our play is enjoyable ARG looked like a dominant side in every minutes of these Copas…now? Chaos, even Qatar and Venezuela dominated us, amateur defending mistakes, zero attacking plan from Scaloni Messi, Aguero, Lautaro together and maybe something will happen only individual moments, but seemed like a low-level national team

        • “Messi, Aguero, Lautaro together and maybe something will happen”

          As if the Copa was tournament when Messi shined. AGuero also was nothing more than solid. It’s youth generation that lead us.

          And 2015-2016 level was below this year.

          • “As if the Copa was tournament when Messi shined. Auero also was nothing more than solid.” Shows how amateur Scaloni is…btw without Messi self-sacrifice in midfield we would have fall out in group stage, our midfield didint existance on their own…

          • No shit team can reach podium. That 2015-16 team was together for years (you want keep silent over this deliberately), this one played first tournament together.

  11. Paredes is one of the key playr in Arg. In copa19.He is very good in Anchoring middle. IF any one could take the responsibility in DM role paredes can distribute ball well.coach should give him full responsibility in taking freekicks.He is our Argtnian Beckham..He is a very accurate passer in Arg. Coach must instruct him to play little up the field.

    • Accommodating Paredes and then an additional DM would impede the overall attacking prowess of the team. If Paredes is played as DM, then that’s it. He must put on the deep lying playmaker role, of course with defensive responsibilities. Then you must compensate for the shortcomings by preferring two B2B players like De Paul, Zaracho etc. If at all Paredes is to be played in tandem with another DM, it’s to be in a 3 men defense system with inveryed wingers on both sides to make sure the opponent midfield will be crowded out, which has not been working for NT of late.

  12. Csabalala, since you’ve been busy setting up standards for the managers to follow, thought it’d be nice to solicit answers to these questions. Choosing Brazil for a case as many a time I’ve seen you citing their’s as examples worth following.

    1. Neymar made his Brazil debut in mid 2010(soon after the WC). He’d not played in Europe and his stint of success at Santos in CL happened only in 2011. His selection was on the account of his performances for their youth sides.

    2. Casemiro had made his debut with the NT aged just 19 and that too came against us in 2011. He was a name never heard of in Europe then. He was a starter for Sao Paulo, that’s all. And he’s doing good at both NT and club these days.

    3. Thiago Silva made his NT debut in 2008 while be was still playing for Fluminense, he’d go to Milan later only.

    4. Arthur might have made his official debut for Brazil only after a couple of matches for Barca but got call ups as early as 2017 for 2018 WC qualifiers.

    5. Everton Soares is already a winner at NT and he’s still at Gremio.

    Likewise you can go on building this list with Gabriel Jesus, PH Ganso, Alisson, Nilmar, Miranda etc.

    In short at least 70% of the Copa winning Brazil side itself consists of players who had been considered for debut with NT solely on the account of their youth team, CL and domestic club performances.

    So what’s your problem with Scaloni picking guys like Palacios, Zaracho, Gaich, Dominguez, Montiel, Quarta on the account of their contribution to youth teams or clubs? Why are you so obsessed with the European CL, EL, top 5 league theories when it comes to Arg and Arg only when you have before you an open track record of your Brazilians proving your theory wrong?

    And who knows, next year a few of these prospective debutants, if not all could land in some giant clubs across the top 3-4 leagues!

    • That’s great enumeration of examples. I could say even Everton arguably was best player of Copa America winner being local league player so maybe even best player of the tournament at all. Also best one of runner up – Peru – was Edison Flores from Mexican League.

      • still waitin your first constructive post…a huge zero so far,, just like asian football a bad joke…from Thailand…really what i am waiting for lol

        • Constructing a huge post that copied from other sources does not mean u know everything and u are true.i don’t want waste time debating u.i am watching all comments and I know Gonzalo sabarish godin Cox and others .they are true blue.and their comments are same mine but yours are negative.but no problem go on.

  13. 27 players called up. here is my opinion on the included vs the ten players dropped/unavailable from the copa squad.

    GK – armani/andrada/marchesin:
    juan musso(1) dropped from the copa squad. given that musso was the #4 choice and got in because andrada got injured two days before i am ok with andrada taking his spot back. with benitez’s injury, rulli having to adjust to new team and country, and gazzaniga still not able to take #1 spot or move clubs as #1 i am ok with this selection for now.

    Backline – otamendi/pezella/balerdi/figal/quarta/montiel/tagliafico/rojo : martinez quarta and balerdi come in my view for funes mori(2) position. testing two of them for one spot is ok in my view. i am a bit disappointed that the CB in best form in south america right now – kanneman was not invited, especially considering that funesmori got his spot in copa because of walters late injury. personally i would have dropped balerdi to the u23 squad and got kanneman here. Casco(3) is dropped for rojo. this is a bit of a nothing move in my opinion. sadly it mostly reflects that a young tagliafico back up has been our worst position forever. figal comes in for foyths(4) position due to juans injury with both of them having similar profile – cb’s who carry the ball and can fit into a defensive rb role. don’t misread this as me saying figal is equal to foyth or vice versa but this is a callup based on similarity of requirement. finally saravia(5) is dropped for montiel. though i have no problems with montiel inclusion i think saravia deserved another call up and chance to fight head to head directly against montiel in camp. when he finds form i want to see this competition.

    Mid – acuna/paredes/guido/locelso/dominguez/palacios/zaracho/depaul/pereyra/mcallister/lanzini/ocampos:
    This is a crowded call up and I view the call ups based on the two main systems used in copa.

    angel dimaria(6) and pizzaro(7) are dropped here and i am ok with it (i discuss dimaria in mid selection as in the starting XI he was used as wide mid and not forward). based on the first system – the 4-2-2-2 that was on display in the opening copa group games and how dimaria was used there my view is lanzini is the direct replacement for a role like that if that system is brought back. mcallister is often used by alfaro at boca in left mid in a similar 4-2-2-2 and even zaracho and pereyra can probably fit there. so if the doble cinco setup is tested again i expect these players to fight for it. the guido+paredes combo did not work in this setup as we remember because neither of those players have the desire to drive the ball from the five position and couldn’t take advantage of the spaces opening in front. dominguez is made for that role and trying him with a deeper parades would be fine with me there or even dominguez with guido and dropping parades to see if it works.

    of course the second system the 4-1-2-1-2 worked the best at the cup in the final group and knockout stages and hopefully we see this for a majority in the friendlies. this is a narrow setup requiring two energetic players to sit in front of paredes covering sidelines as well as driving ball up. and i am expecting palacios to give some good competition to locelso in the left mid role there.
    i have not discussed the right mid role in either system because i believe DePaul should be a lock in that spot in both systems. this half wing/half mid role has the most pressure as it is required to do lionel messi’s defensive work when the goat returns as well as maintain width and drive ball when messi drifts. what we need is a back up for that role and i believe lamela would have been ideal for that. in his absence i think ocampos is the person they have brought in for it. this is a question mark for me so we will see.
    finally i know people hate acuna but i think scaloni cannot give him up because he can be put in LB and our back up lb options are still terrible.

    Forwards – correa/lautaro/dybala/gaich: messi(8) and aguero(9) missing here and i don’t think anyone surprised. they will be back at some point. i am actually surprised dybala will come given his tight contract situation and rumors of transfers still alive. correa is like for like for the matias suarez(10) role here. finally i am interested to see gaich in the 4-1-2-1-2 setup that worked the best for us in copa where el toro and aguero sat in front of messi with kun doing most of the off ball work. gaich has shown talent to drift into channels and drag defenders and can possibly leave el toro more room. we will see if he can do this at the adult level.

  14. I dont think copa 2020 squad will be close to this one ,they always experiment duiring frendlies and the squad in real tournament is completely different. This is the only thing the recent Argentine managers are good at , Aegentina will keep producing Average and above average players who will get to play some mid table clubs in europe and our managers will continue the experiments. Scaloni should have stick to copa 2019 players with some exclusion like Acuna, Guidos, Pezella, Suarez,Saravia,Casco,Marchesin and inclusion of some players like Lanzini, Nico dominguez, S ascacibar, L martinez,Montiel and Benitez and should have worked on a clear playing style and team chemistry.

  15. Csabalala, why do you keep creating new standards as to finding players who can grow fitting the global standards? Can you stick to one standard as regards considering players for NT? If yes, I can answer your questions straight back.

    You’re quite confident that Arg would barely contest Pan American Games with quality. When they came out on top of everyone, to your surprise, you started degrading the worth of the competition, all of a sudden!

    And as to prove why Gaich is good enough to land an opportunity at the highest class even without proving at SuperLiga, I can cite at least one valid example.

    If you’d watched the semifinal game of ours against Uruguay(the most formidable team in the group stage) of Pan American Games, Gaich did so many things beyond scoring. Uruguay had their best players in the domestic league playing(aged or experienced) – Juan Ramirez and Federico Martinez(who could be some Luis Suarez or Diego Forlan in the making). They had a silent game which can be attributed to a collectively beautiful game played by the whole team. But Gaich giving the likes of Bruno Mendez(playing for Corinthians in Brazil), and other top flight regulars like Waller, Pizquera etc. a nightmare for thr whole match just showcases what he’s capable of individually.

    Now if you brand these Uruguayans low-key amateurs, then the whole football fraternity must owe you a seperate pavilion in the experts’ hall of fame already!

    • “Can you stick to one standard as regards considering players for NT? If yes, I can answer your questions straight back”.

      He can’t do that because some players are regularly fulfilling his previous standards so that he can’t admit being wrong on criticizing them and must create new standards.

      On the other hand some players, like Lautaro never fulfilled his standards (20-goals must in Serie A to be ready for NT) and despite that showed to be NT valuable ones.

    • “Now if you brand these Uruguayans low-key amateurs, then the whole football fraternity must owe you a seperate pavilion in the experts’ hall of fame already!”

      That’s make me laughing to tears 🙂

    • New standards? The pecking order in a normal world:
      1. Be world best player (Messi)
      2. Superstar in a top club (Aguero or Di Maria, former Mascherano), who could play in every team of the world
      3. Key player in big clubs ( hopefully Lo Celso? in Tottenham, Icardi and Dybala)
      4. Key player in better clubs of top 5 european leagues (Lo Celso in Betis, Banega, Joaquin Correa, Alejandro Gomez) with UCL,EL appearances
      5. Players from elite teams of inferior leagues, who play in UCL, ECL regularly (Paredes in Zenit, Battaglia in Sporting, Ajax players ..winning mentality and playing under pressure weak in weak to grow some winning charachter
      6. Players from small top european leagues, who play against world class opponents weak n weak
      7.Older local heros from primera
      8. Younger player without first divisional football experience (imo Gaich) only youth NT experience and successes
      two special cases
      1. young wonderkids from Argentina, maybe between number 4 and number 5 (Aimar, Riquelme, Tevez, Saviola, Aguero etc., imo Thiago Almada in short time, according to others Gaich (not me)

      and 2. young, not wonderkid, but talented useful players in future!!!from Primera (Palacios, Zaracho etc.), start to integrate them… maybe paralell with number 6…

      • If you follow this formula in 90% of the times you will pick the better and more useful player ATM, and this is the only respectable thing you ccan do if you doont the enemy of you NT, or simply a hater for this or that player

      • “two special clases”

        so if you create some special classes why you can’t understand Gaich is qualified to this first because he seems to be special one for quite big group of peoples.

    • “Now if you brand these Uruguayans low-key amateurs,” So they are on the same level as Thiago Silva and Marquinhos, Bonucci and Chiellini, Godin and Gimenez…OK i have no more question from you…

      • Gaich is much more than capable of beating those PSG pair, with Bonucci and Chiellini, Gaich may need a bit of time to settle in a match before proving better than them one on one. And Godin and Jimenez are Uruguayans, the latter starting to perform for the country since he’d touched 20. His followers have been fairly beaten by Gaich in the Games as I’d pointed.

        And you’re yet to answer any of tbe questions raised. It’s true, you don’t deserve a question from any logical person here. You keep your busy stuff flowing well at mugging up PES stats database rating and FIFA game index.

        • Actually Uruguay, always class team at youth levels, lost to Agrentina with Gaich as many as 4 times (including the win on penalties during COTIF tournament).

  16. I can be wrong but seems to me that Vargas is currently the best left winger of Argentina in terms of potential, his passing and crossing is awesome, his dribbles cut in very similar to Hazard, he is capable of keeping the ball under pressure and go deeper to get the ball like Lanzini. Vargas-Lautaro-Messi really worth to try someday.

    • He needs only more confidence. Good thing is that Espanyol coach let him to play free role: to be himself. His biggest advantage is still key pass. He might lost 3-4 times in a row the ball trying to pass through by inches of defenders legs and this might seems to be wastefull but if you look at that closer you see he is just trying the risky passes measured by inches when you might lost the ball or create some 100% chance for your teammate.

      • Do you talking about Di Maria? LOL this is ecactly he, and you hate this in him, plus crazy speed which lacks in Vargas….bad passing accuracy but lot of assists, Di Maria still the world best assist maker since 2010…180 minutes per assist, nobody comes close to him, much better than Messi, Neymar, De Bruyne, Özil etc etc etc. all over 200 minutes…

        • “Di Maria still the world best assist maker since 2010…180 minutes per assist, nobody comes close to him”

          You by himself just provided best example how your numbers, rigid standards, and statistics are irrelevant sometimes to NT level because Di Maria in NT is simply poor crosser since years, nowhere close to the assister level in club. This is also reason why people are incredulous when people are praising our biggest European clubs stars simply expecting they will do same things in NT which sometimes doesn’t work. There are also oppisite cases. Some nothing special in club players are so much solid in NT.

  17. Sabarish menon
    You re realy welcome in here mate
    You have deep knowledge
    In Argentina football
    Much appreciated mate
    I neighbour with Asian people from Bangladesh Pakistan and India very cool people Hard working business people..

  18. Cant wait for the match…..
    Really excited about it…..
    The depth in Mid looks promising….
    So many options….
    I hope Scaloni build the team based on same Tactics and Formation….

  19. In a discussion, trying to discredit someone based on their origin and insult them along the way, is to commit two logical fallacies simultaneously, a genetic fallacy, i.e. to argue someone is wrong based on where they are from. It is also, ad hominem fallacy where you just attack the character or attributes of a person instead of dealing with their arguments directly.

  20. What’s with this European vs Asian nonsense? Anybody, regardless of where they are from can become experts in anything, whether it’s cricket or football, providing they follow it long enough and study it with passion. Geographic location is absolutely irrelevant especially in hyper connected world we currently live in.

  21. “BTW How Benedetto played under Alfaro? In preseason with disorganized team, without giving a shit with having already speaking with Marseille people. You simply are not enough prepared to the discussion and losing with lack of knowledge.”

    Again what the fuck are you talking about? Benedetto played under Alfaro more than 10 matches in Primera 6 in Libertadores and a lot more friendlies, and was a big, hot warm shit…Alfaro is Boca coach since January, Marseille interest after him didnt existence back then, only since the summer. You dont even know what is happening in one of the biggest club of Argentina arrogance and ignorance idiot 😀
    Sorry but your footbat knowledge and intelligence like a Down-syndromes. Only repeat young players names described them NTmaterial and world class players LOL like a parrot…

    • ” You simply are not enough prepared to the discussion and losing with lack of knowledge.”” Biggest own goal of the history of Mundo, you dont even know who is Boca coach, and now dont start lying…you simply didnt know that Benedetto played a lot of matches under him….”In preseason with disorganized team, without giving a shit with having already speaking with Marseille people.” Our prepared football professor, I dont stop laughing…

    • You’re pretty good at googling, but it wouldn’t tell you the whole story unless you manage to dig through the whole epic. This is like reading synopsis of a movie and claiming to have watched the same at the theatres.

      Benedetto might have played few games and scored 2-3 goals under Alfaro in the ongoing edition of Libertadores(group stage) but Alfaro was apparenlt least convinced about his overall display. But there’s no doubt that Boca wanted to offload him for reasons that are far from economic stability.

      The same Benedetto had played under Alfaro during the time they shared at Arsenal de Sarandi(which you overlooked or missed out), of course both had distinctive responsibility then. That’s the only time when Benedetto played a convincing CL under Alfaro. Arsenal was out in the group stage as I remember Dinho’s At. Mineiro(eventual champions beating NoB in the semis thanks to a bit of literal DARK art) beating them 10-4(agg.) at home and coincidentally Benedetto scoring a stunning 35 yard FK and was the only bright point in the away fixture. Arsenal consequently couldn’t pull through the group stage mishap even after bettering Sao Paulo, the other team in the group of death as I can recall.

      Marseille’s interest in him doesn’t owe to his recent form but the name he’s and the fact that he’s been once(if not ever again) Argentina no. 9.

      • No one has branded any young talent world class yet, but few loyal fans here are happy for the talent they possess and the bright future that lies ahead of them. The same thing frustrates you as it’s a natural stuff for a neutral or a non-fan ro get frustrated at these developments.

        Oh wait…. here’s an Asian commenting on the game.. sorry.. sorry European playsation genius.. 🤑

        • ” sorry.. sorry European playsation genius..” exactly this is Gonzalo…not im the one who want 20-25 more names to call in, rather who want to build a team with the same (best) players…current ARG still havent playing style, possession game, counter attacking schemes, build up patterns under Scaloni…cause his countless idiot experimenting, one lucky Copa draw doesnt change the fact his team is very weak and will be if not build some chemistry between the same players look at Tite and Deschamps for the first time (peak Spain or peak Germany), the same bunch of players over and over again

          • What experimenting? Scaloni had his own way of incorporating players and weaving gameplans. But due to whatever reasons, he was forced to pull the plug on his initial decision to continue with the newly drafted youngsters whatever come may and bring the likes of Messi, Kun and Di Maria. Even the friendly game against Brazil was at least an evenly contested match or I’d say Arg was 5% better until that Miranda header came in at the stoppage time. His growth trajectory was strong and sharp but again was caught napping at the forceful inclusion of those seniors with whom he’d never had any stint of direct coaching experience before.

            The time, possibly the only opportune time for him to experiment with few youngsters is NOW. I’m sure he’ll be able to handpick 3-5 quality guys across the verticals who will add great colors in the way ahead after these friendlies. Qualifiers, Copa 20 and Qatar 22.

            Gloria Eterno at Qatar 22 is a REAL DREAM for me which again can be turned into a REALITY. Will back Scaloni and Co. all the way…

          • Sabarish,

            Csabalala don’t even try to polemize with you in substance because he has no arguments. It’s better to say you are not serious discutant because you came from India or East Asia. This is below any acceptable level.

          • The Benedetto, Alario point was completely off topic just to avoid answering for my inconvenient question: now you are talking something about Palacios being that good but who was not long ago laughing at his defenders that if he was that good why Real didn’t took him finally. Without ability to articulate that you just admit being wrong or having some shizophrenic mind.

            The topic was Gaich, Vargas, Palacios.

          • I don’t even think Scaloni is experimenting:

            1.Messi is suspended so one new player can be called instead

            2.Aguero will not be called up regularly till Copa because being at the age, playing on few fronts with City he needs rest in Scaloni’s opinion while we need to finad 3rd striker after Lautaro and Aguero. So another new player can be called up.

            3. Saravia out of form – another free spot

            4. Neither of 2 Guidos, Di Maria, Casco, Pereyra, Suarez, Acuna and even Otamendi/Pezzella was convincing during the Copa so why no to try new few options here.

            Most of the new call ups of Scaloni are understandable. With few exceptions. Core of Copa team still is there while players like Gaich, MacAllister, Dominguez or Lanzini are deserved call ups.

        • “I don’t even think Scaloni is experimenting:” With neirly 30 players? Lot of them from Primera? You will see clearly after an: Andrada—Acuna-Balerdi-Quarta-Figal—Palacios-Dominguez-Macallister—Correa-Gaich-Ocampos team in one of the 2 matches…i hope the other will be at least a logical team for the future: Armani—Tagliafco-Pezzella-Otamendi-Montiel—Lo Celso-Paredes-Lo Celso—Lanzini-Lautaro-Dybala not two chaotic hybrid teams dropping two good opportunities to build some chemistry before Copa America.

          • And, as Sabarish said, some of the new call ups will stay with NT for Copa. Even if just 2-4 that makes sense because there are some superb prospects while some players of last Copa must be replaced.

          • Man we still didnt score against class opponents: 2 matches vs Columbia, 2 matches vs Brazil, only against weaker teams 1 vs Paraguay (penalty) 1 vs Morocco, 2 vs unmotivated, old Chile, 2+2 against Mexico B, 1+2 against Venezuela…ARG were always the king of friendly matches, beat Germany (always), Italy (always), France, WC-winner Spain, even Brazil a lot of times (3 out of last 4s before Scaloni era) etc. without chemistry we wont even in next friendlies against Germany and Brazil despite the huge attacking talents we have.

      • “This is like reading synopsis of a movie and claiming to have watched the same at the theatres”.

        This is what I’m trying to say since long time. He is operating on numbers and raw theory ignoring living flesh of football: the case of comparing this Abila surrounded with different players with that Benedetto is perfect case he don’t know what are ‘imponderabilia’ of football.

        • You dont understand cause you dont want, i reflect only on your fanboy logic, pick one player (Gaich before that Benedetto, and so on) and overrate them, but time tell you were wrong with Benedetto, he is nowhere near the level of NT. If a was an Abila fanboy i could argue with a lot of arguments that he is our best centre forward (if i would so stupid like you not knowing how inferior Primera and Libertadores compared european leagues and UCL), not telling about youth fooiball (Gaich). So i compared Abila performances with Benedettos, the exact same…they are same level (B-category) strikers. Yes overall laughable to promote Abila in NT like was laughable to promote Benedetto in NT, and Gaich a 0 kilometer guy too…and you did 2 of these…fanboy

          • Benedetto is class striker. If only he was younger I could surely support him still with his NT access. Pratto is/was too but it’s not the time for player at his age to introduce (you never explained how is that Pratto had scored more goals in last qualifiers campaign than AGuero, Higuain or Di Maria, having not nearly so starts) .

            “how inferior Primera and Libertadores compared european leagues and UCL”

            So what for you need to see Gaich scoring in this poor local league if this is nothing for you to refer. You did the expectations to him just to create another standard for him because his previous performances were like slap at the face for you.

            You say Lautaro was beast in Primera and that matters for you, I bet if Gaich will score many goals for San Lorenzo you will conceive other must-do standards just to depreciate his local league performances.

            As I said before: Lautaro never fulfilled your European standard of “20-goals- in league to be ready for NT” and he was so much good on COpa.

          • Vickingo opinion not mine:
            “I’ve always watched him like a very good technical player but with matches like yesterday at a higher level and compared with european team players, his technique was just pathetic, like a Serie B player.

            Also he doesn’t show anything special, missing header shots is like usual when he plays at NT. I’m not being unfair cause I’ve always loved his style since he was in Arsenal, he has the potential but it seems the character he made from himself in the last time “ate” his all good abilities to play football (plus his ACL injurie).

            I mean, it’s just pathetic and senseless he’s used before Kun, even Icardi without playing at Inter is better than him at a high level. It’s too damn noticiable at a simple look. Same with the other local league strikers, they’re just too far from the kinds of Aguero, Icardi and even that fatass Higuaín. Benedetto is currently a meme from himself. His controls of the ball yesterday were just from an amateur player, even Domingo Blanco looked better than him.

            Oh and also he looks so unagile and non-explosive since he came back from that serious injurie, quite conservative at his runs and movement from his body. ”

            If Benedetto is a class striker he will destroy Ligue 1…Bafetimbi Gomis, Gignac (not argentine NT-level strikers) etc all were goal machines there…

          • “If Benedetto is a class striker he will destroy Ligue 1…”

            that’s another laughable creating standards from you. Only playing for PSG is real head start when you can destroy the league easy. Maybe this is the reason why Di Maria is good in PSG but poor in NT.

          • “Maybe this is the reason why Di Maria is good in PSG but poor in NT.” Yes the reason Lo Celso and now Paredes fail there cause its so easy LOL…even Pastore and Lavezzi (mostly substitutions) failed to do wonder things as Di Maria, so easy LOL yes easy if you are a real world class player

          • So if Lo Celso and Paredes also failed in Ligue1 (even if having that easier playing for PSG) why you create such incredible standards for Benedetto who joined much more weaker team?

          • In PSG if you arent real world class you wont play shit or much less (every argentine player except Di maria) or were never transferred (Benedetto in a PSG-caliber side )what dont you understand? Lo Celso and Paredes were succeded in same caliber teams like Marseille (Betis, Zenit) where the competition is much lower, easier to play, less pressure on players, not 2 class players on every position, and has to win every match in every competition with style. In Marseille Gignac and Bafetimbi Gomis were great, 15-20 goals per season strikers, is this impossible your in NT wanted centre forward? Or what the expectation for benedetto 5 goals in 30 matches?

          • You missed the other side of that. To shine in PSG is easier for player cause he play with all the big starts around that may work for his individual achievements. This situation might hidden for example some mediocree strikers which are scoring many goals thanks to his creative teammates.

            When you are Atalanta player and you need to play against Juventus, Inter, Milan, Roma, Napoli, Lazio this is harder for you to shine than do that being player one of the opposite clubs.

            When you play football at schools you always looks better joining the side crammed with boys that you knows are good on that even if you are really poor footballer.

          • “You missed the other side of that. To shine in PSG is easier for player cause he play with all the big starts around that may work for his individual achievements.
            Tell this to Pastore, Lavezzi, Lo Celso and Paredes….neirly every lower level player fail in the biggest clubs, but they are great in mid-level teams with weaker teammates…

          • For one big reason: because in the smaller club they got more confidence from coach, they are more important there. But if you once get starting position in PSG it is easier to looks good for you

    • Hey, man. I know how long is Alfaro in Boca. I’m talking about this current Boca team, not team of previous season. There’s no point of reference between this Boca team and that of previous season. They got new players before the season. It’s diffrent line up. How many game had Benedetoo under Alfaro with the current players. Just some in preseason when the talks with Olympique were advanced. How can you say Abila is better than Benedetto. There’s no point of reference with totally new players and coach. Alfaro needed some time to build something in Boca. If Benedetto was here and now, along Abila then you might compare but not in this case. Abila was together with Benedetto in Boca for some time and Benedetto was the prefered one if only health. Now, no way to compare the two.

      • My suggestions is this current Boca team is better than previous one but no way to compare current Abila with tottally new team with that Benedetto.

    • Csabalala,

      and I didn’t lost the point. The point (besides brought here by you just to deviate the discussion and not to have answer for other my question) was: I said before semifinals of last Copa Libertadorest edition that Boca is not the same team with Benedetto. Then he scored 5 important goals in semifinals and finals.
      Now you wanted to refute my statement suggesteing that this Boca is equally good or even with Abila. But there’s no point of reference and comparison. Two tottaly different teams with different players and coaches. Even if this Boca team is better than that (IMO that’s really possible) there’s no level of reference for Benedetto in that team and Abila in this one. So your argumantation is like shooting blanks.

      • Man i said dont start lying, or “How can you say Benedetto is better than Abila? These two are the classical B-category strikers, who will never be enough for our NT’s: Pratto, Benedetto, Ferreyra, Calleri, Carrillo, Sala (RIP), Simeone, Gaich and so on….how the earth can you say Gaich is special? The guy showed good things only against youths, Simeone, Galletti, Cavenaghi, Saviola, Esnaider, Marcelo Delgado, Marcelo Torres were same good or maybe even better on youth levels and still far from our best NT strikers or to be world class or special, maybe except Saviola in small periods.

        • “How can you say Benedetto is better than Abila?”

          I ‘ve said Boca with health Benedetto under Schelotto always was better and most important games of CL finally proved that.

        • None of the strikers you mentioned has scored for Argentina youth teams 15 goals and comparing him with Marcelo Torres (according to you maybe even better than Gaich) is just laughable.

          But the 15 goals is not most important thing: most important is we should try every so much primising like Gaich striker even if there’s no guarantees he will succeed in future. Almost everyone see Gaich has something special he can develope with benefit for NT just you have the problem to see.

          • On U20 level: Cavenaghi 12/14, Galletti 10/12 Simeone 10/12 Esnaider 7/7 Marcelo Torres 7/10 all scored more regularly than Gaich (8/13)…and which of them was special striker? Neither…

          • Still Gaich scored more goals being our best or one of best players on 4 youth tournaments. THis is serious premise to be called up to senior NT.

            “and which of them was special striker?”

            you see, you missed deliberately Saviola (and probably other names that scored less goals on youth levels but became class strikers in senior NT). Because he was worth of senior NT. Most of young players always will not stay longer with senior NT but even if 1/10 will be enough good then this is worth of experimenting.

          • Saviola was rather second striker, just like Messi yes they were beast too Saviola (7/11, Messi 18/14) but no relevation with Gaich. Marcelo Delgado scored 8 goals in 7 matches of Preolimpico 96…our strikers always score a lot of goals in youth levels, only good not great strikers too, time will tell…

          • “time will tell”

            If your argumentation was always like that I could hardly polemize with such humble statement. But you already have said countless times arbitrary: Gaich is not NT material/mediocree/B-class striker and others the likes.

          • Yes Messi got an early chance too after his brilliant U20 WC vs Hungary (i was there, the legendary Vanczák Vilmos red carded him LOL) but Gaich is not Messi, he carried Argentina neirly single-handedly to glory, the whole world described him as the biggest talent of the world, and this was a gift even for him…and later next call ins were due to his club performances, not youth success.

          • Messi is not only player called up early to NT. The wrong thing we were doing in last 5 years was just not calling up most talented players as early as Gaich, MacAllister, Dominguez, Lisandro, Lautaro and Palacios recently.

          • Early call ups one thing…playin regulary the more important another, Saviola struggled in Bielsa era to get fair minutes before 22, and he was voted best south american player in 18 years old. Since the Bosman era i cant name one single player who was regular starter before his 21-22 years. Except Messi and Mascherano. Not even Aimar, Riquelme, Ariel Ortega, Aguero, Crespo, Cambiasso, Tevez, Saviola our young prodigies. And there were a lot of experimenting Copas (97, 99, 2004).

      • We know nothing about Gaich period, only the charasteristic: good physic and lack of a lot football skills, time will tell against world class defenders how he develops and performs or simply be useless…and zero chance he will be in Copa squad without good performances in San Lorenzo, when we have Aguero, Lautaro, Icardi, Dybala etc

        • 5 of world 20 best forward, if Gaich cant compete with Bareiro or who and Blandi, it would be the biggest injustice of the world, like Scaloni instead of Zanetti in 2006

          • ” if Gaich cant compete with Bareiro or who and Blandi”

            WHo’ve said he can’t compete? Season just starts.

          • If he WONT play besides these caliber strikers=zero chance to Copa…what dont you understand? If Gaich will be the new Lautaro the monster of Primera (maybe, 10-20% if some injuries happen)

          • To be monster of Primera is completely relative for you. Vargas was monster and you still can’t admit he is good instead trying to find out another standards for him. Lautaro didn;t fulfilled your 20 goals-standard in Seria A and was our best striker in Copa. Live Football has more imagination than you.

          • We are talking about centre forwards, Vargas was not a monster, a lot of good and bad matches without pressure in a mid table team, didnt even play in Libertadores, where Lautaro was great against brazilian sides too, but we clearly see how much harder to score in Serie A

          • Lautaro Martinez also had weaker games between those when he were scoring.

            “A lot of good and bad matches”

            this is lying, trying to confuse the fact he was hottest talent/ along with Lautaro in league. So many goals, assists and outstanding performances.

            “a lot of good and bad matches without pressure in a mid table team, didnt even play in Libertadores”

            and still this is not problem for you to create other player of the mid table team, THiago Almada, for next big thing which is according to you better than 99% of the league. DOuble standards because Almada never did what did Vargas in the same club.

            BTW I consider Almada as pure talent (at least top 10 in Argentina) but as you see you have not more logic creating Almada for star and denying that Vargas or Gaich.

        • “and zero chance he will be in Copa squad without good performances in San Lorenzo, when we have Aguero, Lautaro, Icardi, Dybala etc”

          Suddenly you are Icardi and Dybala supporter? SHould I bring your extremally depreciating comments about the two, especially Icardi?

  22. Santiago Sosa should be there in Enzo’s place….. The mid of Palacios Nacho and Sosa…. Sounds interesting to me….btw another amazing performance by nacho and Palacios

  23. I like Ferreyra found his forma after so many wasted years. Not that he is NT material but group of our players in Espanyol is something to follow.

    • So many wasted years? 1 wasted year arrogance and ignorence idiot with Benfica…he was not enough good player in such a bigger club, this mid table team without expectations and pressure suits him a la Alejandro Gomez or De Paul…small team players..

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