Angel DI MARIA on Argentina: “It’s time to build a team”


Veteran of the Argentina national team, Angel DI MARIA recently gave an interview with Fox Sports where he discussed the national team, Lionel SCALONI and Lionel MESSI.

A member of three World Cup and four Copa America squads, Angel DI MARIA’s time with the Argentina national team could soon be coming to an end, if it hasn’t already. DI MARIA has stated that it’s time for the team to look to the future. Here’s what he had to say:

“I spoke to Lea PAREDES a few days ago and it’s the moment to build a team. During his time, SABELLA did it and so did MARTINO. You have to put together a team and support them, to lift them. The Copa America has passed and next you have to put together a team.”

With coach Lionel SCALONI announcing his squad for the matches against Chile and Mexico, Angel DI MARIA’s name was left out. DI MARIA commented on his stance with the team:

“I didn’t talk to Leo. I keep working at my club and if he calls me up, I will never say no to the Argentina national team. The most beautiful thing is to wear this shirt.”

In regards to the teams being called to the Argentina national team:

“I really like it, a lot. Not for the older names but for the new ones. You can see that there is quality and a lot of potential, that they can wear the shirt and that is the most important thing for this new step. I like SCALONI, he is surrounded by good, trust worthy people and that is important.”

Talking about Lionel MESSI and why he is more vocal:

“Leo has always had that in him to talk, to express himself. It just happened that during that time, there was MASCHE, who liked to talk and express things more. Leo stayed more reserved.”


  1. Yup for sure we need to build a team. I just hope you Di Maria is not at all be a part of it anymore. Enough of ur services. He was pathetic in Copa.

    I just hope Scaloni somehow makes us qualify for the 2022 WC. Copa 2020 is tough ask. We can’t expect us to be in the lucky side if the draw like it was in Copa 2019. Let’s see.

    • “the guy is so fckin average, but he will shine next time against half-amateurs!!! again…so NT-material…”
      Inch precise…maybe prophecia with your expression? LOL…i will see the Alaves match after Sevilla to see him against professionals

      • So far he is best player of Espanyol every game.

        Csabalala, your problem is not that you are wrong often, what is normal for every human being. Your problem is being unable to admit being wrong. For example now you are talking something about Palacios being that good but who was not long ago laughing at his defenders that if he was that good why Real didn’t took him finally. Without ability to articulate that you just admit being wrong or having some shizophrenic mind.

      • You claim here and there that Gaich or other player should first proved himself in Superliga. Vargas did that as not many does with so many goals and assists. You turn a deaf ear and blind eye to that. So far he is also confirming in Europe not being “average” player.

      • Man you are a Vargas fanboy (and a lot more players), but the guy has a lot to prove and improve, this is not enough for NT call-in yet, Alario so far scored 24 goals and gave 9 assists in 3501 minutes in Leverkusen…not bad…rather good..but you dont give a fuck cause you never liked that player…i dont say Alario is NT-material (rather not than yes) but with same productivity in a european team you would suck Gaich dick every single day, fanboyism is tiring,,,

        • Alario was never enough good to be competition to our best strikers. This is not about liking – simply I never saw in him future NT No.9. Neither when he was in River or Europe. Gaich is other case. He is not another Alario. He looks something more.

          “but with same productivity in a european team you would suck Gaich dick every single day, fanboyism is tiring”

          First, stop with this “sucking cocks” – why in every second comment you use the words? Maybe that is something you practicise in real life as way for show sympathy to others. Mind’s in the gutter.

          Second, here is more Gaich fanboys if you need to name this way

          Third, Gaich is perfect way how you can’t never admit being worng.Tournament after tournament you must create for him new standards of “being ready” just to obliterate his previous achievements.

          Incredible scenario of Gaich being called up in simialr situation as once Mascherano had happend and no need to fight with that, Mr.Csabalala.

          • Mammana was taken by Sabella in last minutes just before injury of senior player. He was there with camp with U-17 boys to spar with senior team.

            Still Mammana can emerge soon. Just like Facundo Fereyra is starting after wasted years in European east.

      • Benedetto fanboyism and so on…you said Boca is half the team without him? Really? Where? Abila has a lot of qualities Benedetto lacks, and scores the same amount of goals (important goals too)…the fair conclusion? A good striker (on that level) scores tons of goals as Boca centre not he is NT-material…youth tournaments productivity the same case (Giovanni Simeone paralell with Adolfo Gaich)

        • Don’t deviate the theme man as always. WHy you never can’t answer straight to my comments instead talking totally out of topic. Now Benedetto, before Alario, yesterday Figal. Why always do that? Because you have not counterargument. Simply. So need to introduce other names to make confusion.

          BTW when I said that without Benedetto Boca is not the same team? Before semifinals of last CL. And you apparanetly forgot who was scoring most important goals for Boca in semis against Palmeiras and in final againsr River. Who? Benedetto. Yes, without him Boca under Schelotto was not the same.

          Why you can even dare to compare this Boca with that team?
          Did you know this Boca has new coach with completely different tactic?

          Rossi, Olaza, Magallan, Izquierdoz, Buffarini, Perez, Barrios, Nandez,VIlla , Pavon, Benedetto – this team has started against River in CL final. Who of them started yesterday? Only Izquierdoz!!!!! Plus new coach.

          Ignorant, how can you compare this two different Bocas to say they are better or worse with Benedetto.

          • Counterarguments? your counterarguments is “Alario was never enough good to be competition to our best strikers.” Gigalol…sorry you are a joke…Alario lead River to PD trophy and Libertadores than not failed in Bundesliga, ofc in a normal world Alario should be much higher in the pecking order than Gaich, who has zero ecperience or archivement in San Lorenzo ecxept youth football…

          • And? Benedetto played in Boca under Alfaro too, and we clearly see he is not better than Abila. Abila didnt give the same amount of chances under Schelotto to say such fanboyism statements.
            +”Benedetto was never enough good to be competition to our best strikers.” Abila and Benedetto are on the same level, Gaich

          • Again you introduced Alario theme to deviate the discussion. Alario has nothing to do here.

            “ofc in a normal world Alario should be much higher in the pecking order than Gaich, who has zero ecperience or archivement in San Lorenzo ecxept youth football…”

            So you can’t understand the only reason why Gaich is already in NT is level of his talent and not his senior football achievements. Of course for you only numbers matters. Everyone who has eyes see both Gaich and Benedetto are better than Alario. With your standards young promising players should never be called up early because always is somwhere there other senior player who has more achievements in senior football like Alario – Gaich. But everyone, except you, see Gaich has much more too offer.

            BTW How Benedetto played under Alfaro? In preseason with disorganized team, without giving a shit with having already speaking with Marseille people. You simply are not enough prepared to the discussion and losing with lack of knowledge.

  2. Let’s hope River will make good result on E Monumental today cause this time Superclassico would be even more interesting except the fact it’s not in final.

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  4. Leo balerdi is very very good
    I gave the nt coaching staff big
    Credit that they spotted him …
    Because Argentina are in desperate
    To find quality young defenders
    In oder to compete with likes
    Brazil and the big nations
    Argentina main problem was lack
    Quality of good defenders and midfielders.
    For the Last decade.
    Now looks like arge are getting good punch
    Of young midfielders and defenders..
    It’s funny if leo balerdi was Brazilian
    Some will say Borussia Dortmund had
    Paid 15.5 million euro before he even
    He played for his club… praising him
    It doesn’t matter if he is currently 5 choice
    Of his club.. the soon he starts arg nt.
    His stock will raise and probably will
    Get his chance in Borussia. because the season Is long..

  5. ““It’s time to build a team”…Scaloni doesnt understand that… rather he calls in Dortmund 5th CB in the pecking order, and Argentina 20th? best centre forward Gajics, only the top of the iceberg…and some idiot cries for Reynoso..btw i saw Espanyol-Sevilla because of Vargas…the guy is so fckin average, but he will shine next time against half-amateurs again…so NT-material…

  6. Marcos Senesi from San Lorenzo is on his way to Dutch club Feyenoord, currently being managed by Jaap Stam formerly of ManU. Rumored transfer amount is 7 milion euro’s.

    • I don’t know if Jaap Stam has developed any young defenders so far, but he was a world class defender and one of the BEST in his generation. Hope the deal goes through and Senesi learns a lot from him.

  7. Yes . Scaloni needs to build a new team based on the youths, the old guards have passed their peak time. The upcoming friendly is crucial as how the new generations are ready to step and shown what they have. Although we will missed the golden generations with 1 final and 2 Copas. Best of luck and welcome


    Anyone who’s was keep saying
    Argentina will be done after
    the old generation…
    See what your legend says about
    The new generation.. I like the fact
    that he Likes scaloni and his coaching staff .
    Always there is light in the tunnel…
    Argentina will always produce
    Very good football talents…..

  9. It is always refreshing to see a veteran player giving support to younger generation even when not called for the NT, it is called UNITY and SUPPORT for a common cause . Thank you Fideo for putting the heavy shirt on and representing the nation, regardless of insults towards you and the others. and thank you for standing by and supporting our young players and the coaching staff to carry on …

  10. Icardi is going to Napoli and the main man of Argentina.
    Maradona: utha le re mujhe baba, utha le

  11. We can’t get over with Di Maria. Why not interview with some player called up currently. Di Maria is past.

      • Yes, that’s so much informative… LOL As always a half of interview touch Messi…

        I’m afraid you will enjoy NT at all only if Di Maria and others will stay there forever.

        • Nagh. I’ll be fine, man

          I don’t know how you do it. It’s tough living as a hater for the past decade. must have been emotionally draining. lol

        • So why you was so angry about last call ups?

          Here’s strrong group eager to get informative news about Argentina players all over the world. And at the end of the day they get another interview with Di Maria. Same words, same topics, Same names, still same names.

          Please notice some names about NT changed.

      • The only reason why some older players raised any bad emotions from many mundo members is the fact they overstayed in NT. If you don’t know when to say “thank you” you might not have solemn farewell but raise bad emotions. Now it’s clear if the generational change had been carried out 2-3 years ago we could have been in other place now. We lost 2-3 years (poor qualifiers under 3 coaches and poor WC were proved that)and some mundo members still can’t admit they were wrong supporting whole the old generation of players and suggesting the shit “there’s no better options so we must stay with them still”.

        I could have say you, Choripan, are one of those who still can’t admit that, if not the fact you are here only about year or two (at least under the account).

        Please be so honest and admit finally the generational change was long overdue.

        • Gonzalo – Clearly you’re not reading or comprehending my response if you think I was angry at “names”. My frustration was that Scaloni fucked up last Copa because people like you wanting to see new faces instead of building a team. I recall even on the last day before Copa, you were asking for a new face to play. We didn’t even practice one game with starting 11 before Copa yet you were still calling to test new faces. As a result, we failed at 3rd place. That’s my frustration, do you understand??

          I just hope scaloni starts soon to focus on chemistry, organization, and style while maintaining a healthy balance of integrating new faces. If not, well suck again at next Copa.

        • Gonzalo – Also, the only person that can’t admit or unable to self reflect is you.. King of all haters. You can’t even realize how much of hater you truly are. Look at how much your blood boils simply by seeing the name ADM. Like I said, must be exhausting! 🙂

        • So find definition of hater that suits me. You can’t forge any.

          Choripan, your football horizons are narrow. You are active when Premiership plays or old names are floating around. Some people here are more like Premiership worshipers than Argentinos followers all over the world. Several youth tournaments with Argentina – no interest from you. Just top of the tops of European football and this is the reason why you are most pleased with Di Maria and other topics. We have plentifull of talents called up to NT and some still stick to the same names, same interviews, questions and players even if they are not releveant anymore.

          There’s straight corelation between being interested with Argentinos all over the world, having knowledge about our potentiall all over the world and being more open to new players in NT. No wonder you were one of those who wanted to convince us we have not alternatives to the old generation players. With your attitude we would have still suck with Mascherano, Biglia, DI Maria, Higuain and other most popluar names disfunctional today for NT.

          • i responded to your comment about being angry and you respond with something completely unrelated.

            > So find definition of hater that suits me. You can’t forge any.

            Hater = Gonzalo. Is that forged enough for you?

    • I don’t find anything suspicious in his comments though. He spoke like a man, maybe , he had finally interpreted his future with NT , like , his time with NT will be over in the next few months .
      But the thing is that, I am happy he supported scaloni and his decisions .loved the fact that he emphasized more on the formation of a proper team , that can function at it’s highest level.
      You know , at one time I always felt a bit of disappointment with him, but submerging those ill- fated feelings , I feel he gave , what he could .
      No hate , but my respect to di Maria for your presence was ,so crucial to break that quarter- final jinx in wc 2014, and many more memories .
      Gonzalo , I know it’s boring for you to ear the same player again and again , but mind not , am not a oldi supporter , but arg is yet to find a proper 9 who performs consistently , in that case , if you don’t judge , the cursed higuain ,as according to people , may have missed those three humungous chances , but he performed like a everlasting angel consistently in the no 9 position .
      We have l.martinez right now , but we can only judge him after 10 years. Something higuain have done as if it’s like it’s a training ground drill.
      No hate , no disrespect .
      Welcome the new generation , and heavenly respect to the veterans who ate our insults , but never left their hunger and desires to appease us .

    • Now as much as I like to follow your thoughts and agree on almost everything this is a ignorant comment. You truly sound like that lala guy. Di Maria wore the short with passion and did his best. Was it enough for us ? No. But are his intentions questionable ? Hell NO !
      For someone as talented and committed as he was it is important that we the younger generation of players know what we thinks and bloody hell important that he thinks positive things.
      So speaking like this is demeaning a player well deserving of praise. In short you spoke like a typical hater.

      • I have never said that I hate young generations and balloon up the oldies, never did that.
        I think you was misleaded to another direction , you totally blundered yourself by perceiving it in a different way. There was no hate or insults intended towards either of the generations.
        It was my deep respect to the oldies for what they have done and my blessing and best wishes to the upcoming new generation .
        I don’t know where you got triggered.

      • Som : just want to make sure that Argentina is much more than Messi , maradona and many great players , Argentina is bigger than these gods .
        I love Argentina and so with it comes it’s players , I love players who I adore and respect players who performs poor .
        I don’t know why you hate me , anyway it’s natural and you can do it.

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