On this day in 2004, Argentina win gold at Athens Summer Olympic Games


On this day in 2004, Marcelo BIELSA’s Argentina team won gold at the Athens Summer Olympic Games, winning the final 1-0 vs. Paraguay.

It was a star studded Argentina team which was sent out by coach BIELSA. Star man Carlos TEVEZ scored 8 goals in the tournament on the road to the final. Argentina’s squad consisted of the following players:

Roberto AYALA
Cristian Kily GONZALEZ
Gabriel HEINZE
German LUX
Nicolas MEDINA
Carlos TEVEZ

All of the 19 players would go on to represent Argentina at senior level, with 12 of them ultimately taking part in at least one World Cup.

Argentina’s opening match was a 6-0 win against Serbia and Montenegro, a score line which they would repeat two years later in Germany at the World Cup. Cesar DELGADO, Cristian GONZALEZ, Carlos TEVEZ (two goals), Gabriel HEINZE and Mauro ROSALES would score in that match.

The second match would come against Tunisia with a modest 2-0 win, Carlos TEVEZ once more on the score sheet with Javier SAVIOLA also scoring.

Andres D’ALESSANDRO would go on to score his first goal of the tournament in the final group stage match in a 1-0 win vs. Australia.

In the quarter finals, a Carlos TEVZ hattrick and Cesar DELGADO’s second goal of the tournament were enough for a victory against Costa Rica.

Carlos TEVEZ continued to make the tournament his own, scoring a lovely goal against Italy while Luis GONZALEZ and Mauro ROSALES added one each in a 3-0 win.

Paraguay were the opponents in the final and once more Carlos TEVEZ would prove to be the hero. Scoring the lone goal in a 1-0 win as Argentina would get their first gold medal at the Summer Olympics in football.


  1. I’m not sure if anyone mentioned this before but it seems to me that the fact that Daniele De Rossi decided to play in Argentina in the twilight of his career, even though he could have easily made a tons more money in China or at least in MLS, is a clear testament that Argentine football and league is for the romantics.

    Our football is unique and beautiful no matter what the skeptics and cynics of this world and forum may say…

  2. Csabalalas bigger players of club did not win anything for argentina.but this youngsters who degrade will trophies for albiceleste.

    • Again they show football that is hard to digest. We will see the quality of the team this Sunday when face River.

      • Very tough period for River. traveling to ascuncion and also losing one extra day of rest versus boca and then a big game. feel like gallardo might have to play a slightly weaker team this superclasico. i just hope martinez-quarta and palacios are able to stay healthy next four days, but knowing gallardo he will probably squeeze the most out of his guys before the international break.

    • Being 20 yo, joining Boca to become starter since first game and take all the free kicks is rare thing to happend in Boca. That’s Alexis MacAllister achievement already. Not best his game but delivered 2 key passes.

      BTW he looks like Irish/Scottish, and the surname? No coincidence, his roots are there.

  3. Something wrong happened to Arsenal Sarandi after lost to San Lorenzo in league. Now they are losing to Independiente Caseros.

      • Yes, best league for our players, mid table club. Another time NT call up draws decisive attention from European clubs.

      • ” Another time NT call up draws decisive attention from European clubs.”
        Doesnt really matter alone with the transfers: Meza, Pity, Pavon, Ignazio Fernandez, Alan Franco the list is very long…

        • You must be blind not to see some pattern:

          Pity, Benedetto, Meza, Dominguez, Vargas, Saravia, Tagliafico, Marchesin, Alario, Lautaro Martinez, Lisandro Martinez, Lamela, Funes Mori and more

          if I remember correctly all the players changed clubs soon after NT call ups. Even older ones like Marchesin, Benedetto, Tagliafico gets chances in Europe thanks to NT.

          Palacios, Zaracho, Martinez QUarta, Gaich, Pavon, Montiel and more gets strong attention from European clubs.

          If only player is young and called up to NT he will for 90% leave local league for Europe.

          Not to mention about stepping stone like being called up to U-20 team.

  4. I can see now why u people were telling lisandro Martinez to play as a DM.
    He is someone who can become a good DM but ATM he is miles behind paredes in DM position……may be in couple of years he can overtake paredes.

  5. You csabalala have big problems
    Why not wait few more games before

    You say those will be bench warmer.
    I guarantee you lo celso will start
    In spurs weather eriksen remains
    Or goes .. as paredes is unfortunately
    PSG is overhype overrated team
    Including marco verratti the guy
    Is big flop when comes champions league
    Games even Italian nt I don’t see
    Why he is better than parades
    Angel correa if he goes ac Milan
    Will be starting if he stays Atletico
    He will still plays more game than
    Overpriced sh..t player Lamar..
    Lautaro Martinez will be main starter
    At inter a long side lukaku..
    Dybala is world class it’s only matter
    Of time before starting playing regular
    Weather it’s juve or another club I hope
    Is not psg.
    Icardi I don’t give f…k about him
    I don’t want Him to see no way near Argentina nt.

    One more thing mr csabalala
    You not even man enough to
    Proud or mention which country
    You from that is what is call cawrdnes

  6. I like what I saw from Lisandro Martinez on LCM in the first half. He needs more starts there to accomodate but I see in him material for great DM rather, more that partner for DM like today.

    Now need some rest before Boca – Quito semifinal.
    And maybe one eye at Arsenal de Sarandi in Copa Argentina.

    Sabarish, will you going to watch Sarandi today?

    • About to watch Patronato – Independiente now.. Bustos played a great fullback game last week, for him and guys like Brinone and Barreto of Patronato.. Not sure of Arsenal’s match as it’s already 90 mins. past midnight in India. But I’d be eager to know who all performed well. Nico Gimenez😍

    • To be honest lich Martinez looks lost
      In that position he didn’t do anything
      Meanfull.. when he plays CB
      Looks joy to watch… not tonight.

    • Benedetto vs Benitez.

      Not watching Colon but Ajax and Olimpique a bit. So I Need to pay more attention to the Pierotti.

      • I am following them after those days when Lucas Mugni looked like a young Roman. Colon is our only hope at Sudamericana this time. I will back them to win the cup.

  7. I said long time ago csabalala is not
    Argentina nt supporter but he loves
    Those arg players whom plays big
    European clubs .likes messi adm
    Otamendi aguero icardi rojo and

    Csabalala one question for you
    Which country are you from?

    • He is from Hungary. The country I had positive opinions till I met Csabalala. But problem is that he not only is not Argentina supporter: he simply seems to be awfully rude, ill-mannered and mean person, full of bad revanchism feelings, unhealthy rivalry and venom as if he just left jungle.

      • Thanks man gonzalo..
        I knew long ago csabalala wasn’t
        Argentina fan when I read his
        contradiction comments running
        Subject after subject plus he is not
        Man enough to admit that he was
        Wrong on several things. But he Loves
        The old guard because they played
        Big clubs in Europe.
        But he doesn’t know we will very
        Soon see Argentina players playing
        Big European clubs in next few years .
        for me I won’t Wast time this guy no more
        I was just Curious which country he from..and Thanks for telling me ..

        • No real argentine fan hates that argentine youngsters fail on the highest level and will sit on the bench next year: Paredes, Angel Correa (will stay in Atletico) Icardi, probably Lautaro, Dybala, Lo Celso if Eriksen remains…..and hate every not ARG football fan laugh at argentine squads….

  8. ‘Csabalala, the tale of fallacy of a European idiot’.

    Had not been able to stick to a discussion until one is over yet, but still manages to get away demeaning the continent of someone’s origin and then with a sigh of relief – “LOL, I won” – 🤣🤣 – lost for words – for his complete ineptness, Simply POOR oh POOR!

  9. old good times.
    what wonderful memories.

    we won gold and in basketball too.
    little before Messi era begins in football and in the first years of Manu Ginobilli golden basketball era.

    i miss those years 🙁

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