Pity MARTINEZ scores for Atlanta United in U.S Open Cup final win


Pity MARTINEZ scored for Atlanta United in their 2-1 win against Minnesota United.

Atlanta United took an early lead through an own goal in the U.S Open Cup final. Pity MARTINEZ would double their lead. Justin MERAM cut into the penalty area and passed it to MARTINEZ as the former River Plate man hit the ball with his left foot into the roof of the net.

Another former River Plate man, Leandro GONZALEZ PIREZ made news during the match but for a red card as he received a second yellow.


  1. Have you guys even see Lautaro Martinez ?
    Conte would be mad to Bench him….
    Lukaku’s goal was a rebound. And that shot came from Lautaro martinez.
    Alexis Sanchez is a Backup… He is going to inter on loan with no options to buy… Also united is going to pay 7mil of his 12mil wage….

  2. “Brazilians have at least tons of players in big clubs. We?”

    Csabalala, in the first place, I really wonder whether anyone here is ever willing to expend time or energy to deal with your eccentric levels of flimsy arguments that romanticize everything. With all the negativities you share here time and time again, usage of ‘we’, ‘us’ to showcase a sense of self-inclusiveness is proving nothing more than sheer hypocrisy.

    Srop faking a fan among us. May be you want to follow the developments of NT for the sake of few of our players who have an indexing of 95-100 on your favorite playstation – Messi must be the epitome, although you know his days with NT are counted(though most of us would want to see him lift 2022 WC for the NT taking it as the last chance). I’m sure you’re on your way to support NTs that has more players playing in the top clubs with the FIFA/PES index of 90+. No complaints. But at least with the plethora of double standards and negativity you share on this group with regard to the legacy of Argentine football, I honestly believe you should stop being a shameless impostor. We’re all almost very sure that’s the best thing you can do to the benefit and happiness of everyone here.

    • First of all he should admit that was wrong in suggesting after Messi’s Generation Argentina will step down to dark ages by scarcity of talent. It’s clear already we will stay competitive. To talk such things sounds like profound ignorance of Argentina history and legacy. Messi’s generation was great, so great that I can name it Silver Generation but they did not win for us any of 2 WCs and 14 Copas titles.

      • > I call them silver generation

        Here we go again.

        You call them silver generation cause your’e a hater.

        So again…. “golden generation” isn’t defined as the actual silverware. Golden Gen refers to “expectations” and that crop of players were always expected to win.

      • You are nothing but a delusional moron of the highest order to think that the shit you throw around is ‘counter-argument’. Your name and each word you type here is a misfit as for labelling it ‘argument’. You know nothing about life and humanity, let alone football. You the biggest POS on this platform can’t argue or even stick to a discussion without picking riders and caveats point after point and then demeaning the continent of someone’s origin in a last ditch attempt to show you still cling on to your dumb opinions. The European idiot, dig your foul smelling head in that staunchy reservoir of queef, moron.

  3. If lautaro benched by finished Sanchez then R.I.P young blood fans even at this stage Higuain is statrer for the club.

    • Icardi >>>>>>> only there is tension between the management and icardi otherwise noone can bench Inter top scorer from last 5 season as well as best player and top scorer in Serea A last season

  4. He begin to deliver. Simply needed some time to accomodate. You can’t expect every player will do his best straight from first game in new club, especially it it different language and culture. Still for some people it is beyond their reach to understand

    • No MLS is such an easy league better players instantly perform…old Zlatan, Giovinco, old Rooney, Vela so on and a lot of argentine players with the same problems as Pity: Valeri, Federico Higuain!!!, Alejandro Gamarra, Mauro Diaz, Sebastian Blanco, Brian Fernandez, Gustavo Bou, Maxi Moralez, Cristian Espinoza!!!, Gaitan played better and more consistent (some for years) than the record signing, south american player of the year, NT player Pity…

      • Bargain Hector Villalba was not worse for years than record signings Pity and Barco…22 goals and 18 assists in 81 matches (with a lot of sub matches)…So maybe Pity is overrated, simply not better than above players, imo very likely or still very inconsistent, mentally unstabile

        • “So maybe Pity is overrated, simply not better than above players, imo very likely or still very inconsistent, mentally unstabile”

          yeah, just best player of South America last year while you talk as if he just emerged somerwhere there. Argentina league is better than MLS, Copa Libertadores is so much stronger competition than MLS – while Pity secceded in the competitions so it’s clear his only problem is acclimatization in USA.

      • Suddenly i cant name one argentine player who would have failed badly in MLS…every MLS teams want argie players, they are cheaper than old stars but plays great, for them playing there like Fifa or Pes in easy mode

        • Anyway it’s a better league compared to China, Japan or Korea that are flooded by your favorite Brazilians like Hulk, Renato, Elkeson, Oscar, Pato and many more.

          • my favourite idiot? brazilians have at least tons of players in big clubs, and we? period Dybala sub, Paredes last sub, Icardi-Lautaro likely subs, Lo Celso sub till Eriksen is there and De Paul still in Udinese…only the old guards…

        • You must be really poor at whatever you’re doing. Even the name you mentioned Paulo Dybala is just a 2nd division player in terms of his profile in Argentina.

        • Real life is regularly refuting Csabalala extreme standards, he just can’t admit that. Pity Martinez was shit for him long before, then he won CL and South America Player Award so Csabalala need to find another excuses.

          Good players are everywhere, mostly in Europe but that doesn’t mean we should have so much closed football horizons as Csabalala.

          Brazilian players like Renato Augusto and Paulinho were vital part of Brazil playing in China.

  5. Great talent of Arg. Our less talented coaches cant understand how to use these talents. Pity is a grt forward arg. must need his effort.kind of plyrs like lanzini pity dybla correa should play besides messi .it will creates sone good chemistry between them…messi needs fast players along with him…

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