Atletico Madrid negotiating Mauro ICARDI loan deal


Atletico Madrid are reportedly negotiating to get Mauro ICARDI of Inter on loan.

Per a report by ESPN FC, Diego SIMEONE is interested in getting the Argentina striker on loan with a €70 million option to buy. ICARDI has not had the best reputation with the club after things went sour last season.

Mauro ICARDI has since seen his number 9 shirt go to another player, stripped of captaincy and even left out of games.

Per the report by ESPN FC, Inter would prefer that ICARDI leave the club for good this transfer window rather than a loan with a buy. Furthermore, it would appear that SIMEONE would not tolerate the same behavior by ICARDI at Atletico.


  1. Argentinos Juniors -Gimnasia 1:0.

    Our U-18 man Matko Miljevic had outstanding performance (great prospect) and scored the winning goal.

  2. Best line up: Armani – montiel Otamendi Pazella Tagliafico – lo celso no5 Palacio/Zarcho De Paul – Dybala Lautaro

  3. Argentina management have not guts to take risk, calling GK who are either above 30 or turned 30 in next World cup. Why not try GK who is u20 or u23. Venezuela called up their u20 GK showed world class performance, didn’t Argentina that kind of talent. Answer is no, just Argentina team management don’t want to take risk pecking young GK in meaning less friendly too.

  4. Aguero is the best striker of Argentina by a distance then Icardi comes close, if finished Sanchez bench Lautaro then depending him as main no9 will cost like crepso 2004-2007.

    • Now many will come with stats like Lautaro NT goal average with Icardi/Dybala then i am going to tell them Crepso also had good stats but noone fears Argentina post Batigol time though after maradona era Argentina popularity down drastically now Argentina earned new fans as well as fears because of superstars in big club. Chile came into world map as good footballing nation because of superstars like Vidal, Bravo, Sanchez. When bench warmer crepso was Argentina main man no team fears Argentina, post 2007 when Crepso was kicked and messi arrives Argentina popularity increased as well as other superstars Dimaria, Higuain, Aguero, Mascherano etc. But Argentina golden generation over without silverware as 3 times runner up. Amoung new generation Dybala/icardi are genuine superstar if Lautaro benched by finished Sanchez and behind the pecking order of worst striker ever Lukaku then Argentina must find new no9 and not to seduce by Lautaro NT goal average if unable to score 20goals in a season for his club.

  5. Gaich haven’t done anything special neither with his club nor with Argentina u20 which messi Aguero did it in past.

      • I’m not comparing, don’t know why in Gaich hype in Mundo. Even Lautaro also did same at u20 label but he was awarded his call up for outstanding performance in Racing which helped him to move in Inter. But Gaich called up on the basis of nothing, Messi Aguero did extraordinary in u20 label.

        • There’s nothing wrong in calling new faces to meaningless friendlies, although I agree that there’s nothing particularly exciting about Gaich.

          • Mr Bodhi, friendlies are the only opportunity for players to build chem and understand coaches tactics. All players especially starting 11 should be playing. New faces should be called up but only given 1-3 spots during friendlies

  6. There is nothing on TV when I write this message, so I am watching United vs Southampton, what a horrible match, I haven’t watch Manchester playing since a long time but seems nothing has changed. A midfielder like Lanzini, Palacios, MacAllister, Nico Dominguez or Zaracho could have huge impact on the midfield of this team.

  7. Thank’s God Ezequiel Palacios didn’t went to Real Madrid. He could be nowhere now while in River (yes, in local league), under Gallardo, is s developing deliciously. Must starter:


    ………….De Paul…………Lo Celso……..MacAllister


      • Macallister doesnt deserve a starting spot yet, no wing players in this lineup, Lanzini and de Paul can play there, but maybe Ocampos or Correa instead of one

        • MacAllister is starter in his club and in-form player – two important things (however not crucial). In Boca he takes often LM/LW position (optimal for him is AM), so this is not problem. He can play also RM (so was in Argentinos sometimes Juniors) with De Paul on LW. ATM he deserves starting spot more than Lanzini. Lanzini might take RM/RW position insteado of De Paul which is anyway must for Copa just like Lautaro.

        • Lanzini, De Paul, MacAllister, Zaracho actually none of the players is winger par excellance – all they prefers more central position, they play there rather just to give space in starting line up for other important names. I know this is a little bit artificial to play with them in position close to winger but we are doing that regularly in NT.

          De Paul were seen a lot on the right side during Copa. Playing there he is more hardworking type while on left side more creative looking for cut inside to cross or shoot.

          • I wait from Scaloni an A-team lineup: Lo Celso-Paredes-De Paul-Lanzini-Lautaro-Dybala and one Macallister-Palacios-Dominguez-Zaracho-Correa or Ocampos-Gaich and not hybrid ones

          • Being protagonists in their clubs on this stage of Copa Libertadores (despite young age), Palacios and MacAllister, deserves serious attention. The first is starter to me as ideal of versatile CM while the second serious contender for LM/LF,AM position.

      • I didn’t said it’s first team, however mostly these are players of first team to me. To me Lautaro is ahead of Aguero and Gaich in pecking order and must for Copa, but this time I want to see more Gaich because we are looking for third striker.

    • Lo Celso and Macallister too similar players, occupy the same spaces, but Lo Celso seems more hardworker, Palacios-Paredes duo still not the strongest defensively, rather Lo Celso, behind Macallister 2 defensive midfielders protect in Boca…but who will run into free spaces and give pace from this team? Lo Celso and Macallister are good with the ball not without it, Lanzini little bit better without the ball, De Paul maybe ok

      • MacAllister is working off-ball too. So was in 1/8 of CL.

        Palacios is better defensively than Lo Celso so he might be the one for Paredes.
        Lo Celso and MacAllister are similar but not necesarry occupy same spaces. Actually every of Lo Celso, Lanzini, MacAllister, De Paul might play everywhere in midfield except pure DM.

        Correa might start instead of MacAllister of De Paul, being more natural winger, however this time I’d like to see MacAllister.

    • I’d go for 433, Zaracho-Palacios-Lanzini in the midfield, Dybala and Lo Celso as half 9s behind Gaich. I’d like see Lanzini as left CM, agreed with you on Palacios, Zaracho can bring the balance, defend well, can attack on both side.

    • -how is palacios defensively playing in a holding midfield position? as parcedes is already a defensive liability.
      -I still would like to see Lamela and Lanzini in the enganche position before locelso but it is good that we have opinions.

      • Palacios is perfect as partner for No.5. Most versatile of our current CM midfielders along with Dominguez.

  8. this place is about football but just because it is for Argentina i want to inform for those that
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  9. Romero—Rojo—Mammana—Otamendi—Foyth—–Lamela—Paredes—Lo Celso—Angel Correa—Icardi or Lautaro—Dybala….very likely the team of the bencwarmers this season…unbelievable…no words…Tuchel plays with 17 years old kid ahead of Paredes…and a lot of midfielders still injured

    • Tuchel is shit….
      He dont even know what is he doing…..
      Paredes might go to real betis on loan with option to buy….. If this happens he will get regular play time……
      Lo celso needs time to settle as he didn’t train with team in preseason….
      Lautaro will get time….
      Icardi and Dybala is going to suffer for their own fault.
      lamela is inconsistent…
      Correa needs new team….
      Rojo is done….

    • Fuck Tuchel, he clearly fucked up on Lo Celso, who could have been so useful last year when they had all midfielders injured. Paredes to Real Betis? don’t think it’s that great spot for him, there are too many good players in his position, I don’t think he can make it.

  10. Anyone know why Angel Correa stays at ATM?
    Felix is just superb, I think Angel Correa has absolutely no chance to compete with the super Felix.
    I believe Felix+CR7 could bring Portugal their first world cup in 2022.

    • “I believe Felix+CR7 could bring Portugal their first world cup in 2022.” LOL CR the legendary WC player…2016 was the luck of the history…this lucker wont win WC not even close.

    • Yes totally agreed, Felix on the right hand side, with Morata or Diego Costa as fwd, Vitolo or Lemar on the left, it’s very strong. They spent so much money on this kid, don’t think they will put him on the bench. So yes, I wish Correa can find a good club, like Sevilla who just lost Ben Yedder.

    • I was already a big fan of him when he was player. Trezeguet, who used to played with Zidane and Gallardo, said that he preferred to have Gallardo behind him because of his better passing and great intelligence of the game. I wish to see him as coach soon, with Scaloni as assistant.

  11. easily one of the best options for Icardi and the NT.

    Simeone would turn him into a soldier. No room for antics or ego. Simeone style also relies on attackers pressing and defending. Liga >>>>>>> Serie A and he would get exposure competing against Real, Barca, and top euro teams in CL.

    If he doesn’t make it to Juve which I believe is his priority, I hope he ends up at ATL.

  12. Icardi should be chosen. Aguero and Icardi upfront will be lethal if our midfielders provides proper supply.
    Lamela and Paredes would be best for our midfield. Lanzini or J. Correa as left winger. We should prepare for Copa 20.Fullback is still a problem. Rojo is best choice for LB.Otamendi Foyth as CB.

      • TAGLIAFICO is not best option but I like his attitude but he lacks forward run and clinical forward passes Rojo is more physical and a good shooter. By the way best option is Ansaldi but he is lost in spaces for Lionel sometime I think he is blind

      • If one does not get playing time that does not mean he is finished. In world cup in every match Rojo played we conceded just one goal in 90 minutes against France he was substituted that was bad decision against France fast attack we deployed slow Roma center back(I do not know his name) Rojo is best for LB.Otamendi he does care on putting his body in line

        • Last time Rojo played well was in 2014 dude, that is 5 years ago. Tagliafico may not be spectacular but Rojo is not a left-back and never was, just a left-footed average centre-back.

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