Gonzalo HIGUAIN scores for Juventus vs. old club Napoli


Gonzalo HIGUAIN is back with Juventus and scoring against his old club in a 4-3 win.

After spending last season on loan at both AC Milan and Chelsea, the Argentine is back with the Italian league winners and scoring. HIGUAIN received the ball in the Napoli penalty area, spun around the defender and scored a lovely goal to make it 2-0 to Juventus.



  1. That is great oportunity to watch today in one game 6 players currently called up to NT (Andrada, MacAllister, Armani, Montiel, Martinez Quarta, Palacios), plus others called up to Batista’s Olimpic Team – Capaldo, Weigandt (Alvarez and Centurion did not make the list), plus the likes Cristian Ferreira (I was hoping to see him in starting line up after last performance in CL, however rather on the bench) or Reynoso (some chances to start). Plus some recent call ups like Casco, Suarez.

    This time the quality of River – Boca is even moree overwhelming.

    BTW El Monumental capacity is risen to 70,000. That is sold out

    • His passing was always that good. Always. You can see houndreds of passes from him like the today’s assist he was showing in Defensa y Justicia.

      However the only reason why we should think about him as midfielder is the possibility he can one day be better option than Paredes (having the passing abilities just like Paredes he seems to be better defensively). The idea to play with Paredes and Lisandro as double pivot makes no sense because none of them is type of running CM which we need (like Palacios or Lo Celso). Reasonable idea is to play with one real DM (Paredes or Lisandro) + two B2B midfielders around: let’s say Palacios (Dominguez) and Lo Celso that gives much more movement than Paredes and Lisandro which are delicious on the ball, always looking for creative pass but cannot give the amount of movement running to and fro.

      So Lisando should be considerd only as alternative for Paredes, no way partner for Paredes. If not – he should rather back to defense line either as CB or LB.

        • “grounded through balls, short passing, possession play”

          I saw some of the grounded through balls today. Currently Paredes is better on this but that might came from experience and playing time spended on DM position which Lisandro lacks so far. This is something he can adapt with the time, learning the feeling of passing tempo in central areas what Paredes was getting with the time too (remember his first games after shifted from LM to DM).

          On the other hand Lisandro’s long air traversal passes seems to be more precise than those of Paredes which are often intercepted by defenders.

  2. Marcos Senesi to Feyonoord is done…
    He is in tears while leaving…. Was one of the best CB last couple of season in SA…. I hope he shines in Europe….

    • Apparently in Holland they saying
      He is more highly rated than lich Martinez.
      If that is true than Argentina nt re getting.
      Some very very good young CBs
      Whom all could develop a world class.

      • Godin,

        Personally I don’t need the Dutch opinion nor even the transfer to be convinced to Senesi’s abilities and generally Argentina always abundant with talents local league.

        • Gonzalo
          How good Marco senesi
          Personally I don’t know much
          About him.
          This what I read last week

          “Good Morning Eredivisie Feyenoord-target Marcso Senesi is discussed, the Argentinian left-legged central defender who according to Hans Kraay Jr. has even more potential than Lisandro Martínez of Ajax”

          If he has more potential than lich Martinez.
          Than Argentina nt defences crisis
          Will soon end that is for sure.

          • No need to compare potentiall of the two. Both are extraordinary talents and NT material. Senesi’s long passing is noticeable as well.

    • Both are different…
      They got their own traits in defending….
      Wont say one better than other….
      But i see licha as a CDM….
      If he can learn how to play on the CDM…. With his passing ability he can replace de jong…..

  3. Banfield have fired Hernan Crespo. Just what I was being afraid of. His style was too aggressive but not enough results. Too bad because he was developing a lot of young players.

  4. Gonzalo, I wont say I hate you, BUT FUCKOFF.
    When asked about who is best, Messi or the Bitch! he refused to give an answer! can you say ungrateful?!!

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