Lionel Messi finalist for The Best Player and Puskas Award


Lionel Messi is a finalist for the Best Player and best goal, the Puskas, award.

Not for the first time and probably not for the last time in his illustrious career, Lionel Messi is a finalist for the Best Player award. Messi makes the top 3 alongside Virgil van Dijk of Liverpool and the Netherlands as well as Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus and Portugal.

Messi is also nominated for one more award. The Puskas award is given to the player with the best goal of the calendar year. Messi’s lovely rainbow chip goal for Barcelona vs. Real Betis is up against Juan Quintero’s free kick for River Plate vs. Racing Club and Daniel Zsori’s goal for Debrecen vs. Ferencvaros.

Best of luck to Lionel Messi!



  1. Haven’t seen this mentioned here, but esteban andrada broke boca juniors club record for longest time without conceding a goal. Last record was from 1969 – 50 years. Of course it helps with a defensive coach but congrats to him.

        • i think different qualities. armani very good reflexes and shot saving. but andrada i always feel more comfortable with high balls in box and in positioning. also i think andrada better with long ball distribution. this very important for us because we will not be playing like jurgen klopp from the back.

          anyways its good competition between them for us. but based on their current form and performance 1 and 2 spot very hard to break into in my view. #3 is open for someone.

      • i call myself Argentine fan of River plate that vote one Colombian player that playing in Argentine team and not in one Argentine player that playing in one Spanish team.

        • Haha so you mean one foreigner is more close to you who plays for different national team lol
          I am a die hard barca fan but whenever it comes to choose between arg nt and barca ,I will choose the former

          • what exactly you don t understand?
            i believe i was clear.

            i choose one goal from one foreigner that playing in one ARGENTINE TEAM than one goal from one Argentine that playing in one SPANISH TEAM.

            in this case especially that player playing to my beloved RIVER PLATE. so one more extra reason.

            this subject has not to do with national team.

        • Its ok to support your River players No problem but
          “playing in Argentine team and not in one Argentine player that playing in one Spanish team.” Statement of a typical argentine i had never seen A french player , Spanish, Italian, Brazilian,Belgian player has been hated only because he plays for some foreign clubs. Even your god maradona and Caniggia played in Italy. You people should support if any players goes to europe in big leagues it will only benifit NT , No team can win a WC full of local league players in mordern football.
          BTW Messi deserves the award even Scone’s free kick was better than Quintero.

          • first of all i am typical Argentine.
            second and most important you use the word “hate”
            which is something very far from me and very wrong.
            I DON T HATE NOBODY.

            how much more one Argentine player.
            as about my God Maradona and Caniggia i supported them as i am doing for every Argentine player.

            Just even then if Napoli suppose play against one Argentine team
            i will support the Argentine team even if play against Napoli of Maradona.

    • Personally I would vote for the goal that was IMO more beatifull, no matter of Argentino or other nation. Keep being human, not blinf fanatic and don’t lose your mind just because you support this or that team. Being River fan I would not vote for his player’s goal just because I root for them and on the other hand I would not vote for some Argentino goal, not being convinced his goal is really the best one, just because I’m big Argentina fan. Don’t lose your mind

      • i am not human and i am blind fanatic why? because i love my team?
        or because i support somebody from my team?

        all this don t make me nothing from all you accuse me. my mind is ok too.
        anyway if you don t like me don t speak to me and ignore me.
        simple as that.

      • cox4

        that was not against you personally. No offence. I just don’t understand why anyone expect and demand this kind of loyalty in voting basing on clubs or NTs sympathies. So still I caan understand you are voting on Quintero simply because he is your favourite team player (however my attitude is different what I descrived above), but I hardly can undersstand why people think you are OBLIGED to vote for Argentino just because you are on Mundo Albiceleste. This is difference between voting from sympaty or from being obliged like in order. Above all the two attitudes I prefer voting according to how reason suggest you.

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