Lautaro Martinez scores for Inter in 2-1 win vs. Cagliari


Lautaro Martinez scored for Inter in their 2-1 win against Cagliari.

The Argentina man scored the opening goal but not without controversy. Lautaro headed the ball to give Inter the 1-0 lead but different replays showed that he may have been offside. The goal stood and Inter would go on to win the match.

Speaking to Inter TV after the game, here’s what he had to say:

“My first goal at San Siro also came against Cagliari, I’m happy with today’s goal but the most important thing is that we won, because getting a result against this team is never easy and winning also brings the confidence to continue the season in the best way possible.”

“Last season we played with a different system, I think that the team has more confidence playing with two strikers, there are more players in the opposition area and this is important because it creates so many more chances to score.”



  1. “Lanzini is unique and can bring so much added value with his capacity to press, to keep the ball and to create”

    I agree with you on all the points you mentioned. Lanzini is a MUST player for Argentina midfield when he is fit and in form. Manu’s finishing skills is also worth mentioning, when compared to the rest of Argentina’s midfielders only Lo Celso is a better finisher than him. I still see his goal vs Italy before my eyes. When this guy has the ball at his feet he reminds me a little bit of Pablo Aimar who is his idol like Leo Messi. Hope he stays free from injuries

  2. Icardi may be seen as long term solution to replace Cavani as Mbappe would be likely to leave after this season. He may have only little playing time at this beginning but will probably get more progressively. I hope he stays calm and work hard.

  3. Here is my top 11 players in good shape at this moment(3412):

    Benitez-Otamendi, Quarta, Lisandro Martinez-Zaracho, Lanzini, Nico Dominguez, Tagliafico-Lamela-Lautaro, Benedetto.

      • Oh yes, forgot him. Maybe over Zaracho but not Lanzini. For me, Lanzini is unique and can bring so much added value with his capacity to press, to keep the ball and to create. Btw, Lisandro Martinez is becoming a great DM(as many fans here expected). Paredes will not be the only solution.

        • Lanzini was once one of my favourite players and the only reason why I lost something of my excitation over him were, that’s a little brutal, his constant health problems.

  4. Armani is not a goalkeeper we need to start.His decision making is not good.It looks like Armani draws himself out of position where no goalkeeper could save the goal.He looks like he is not matured enough.His hands mostly fails if it is a threat.
    Sergio Romero is the only option we should use otherwise we are not gonna to win next Copa.Goalie is the most important position.I do not know why Scaloni is making such serious errors.Armani can flirish in superliga but not in top level football.

  5. G.Pezella Marcos Acuna and Roberto Pereya are of no use for the team why the hell they are in squad.Scaloni should have not chosen them.Addition of Rojo is best.Lanzini J .correa are also best addition.But we also need a player who can make his teammates perform better and his name is Lamela.Against top teams Lamela is very influential just like in Tottenhm.

  6. As predicted Lisandro Magallan has left Ajax and moved on to Alaves in Spain. He simply was not good enough, lacked skill and pace to cope with the Ajax system. Lisandro Martinez is doing much better.

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