Dario Benedetto with two goals for Olympique Marseille vs. Monaco


Dario Benedetto scored twice for Olympique Marseille in their 4-3 win vs. Marseille.

Benedetto brought his tally to four goals in five games for new club Marseille. With Monaco leading 2-0, Bendetto cut their lead in half. A low cross sent into the penalty area found the foot of Dario Benedetto and his left footed shot beat the goalkeeper.

With Marseille ultimately leading 3-2, Benedetto would double make it 4-2 as another left footed strike but more difficult than the first extended Marseille’s lead.


  1. Really enjoyed Benedetto’s reccent performance, he wasn’t just at the finishing but also involved so much in the play. He was the playmaker, the winger and the forward in the same time. I am glad that French people can discover this player. I think it’s the right setup for him in a 4312, he is better when he is not alone in attack, with another striker who stays more in the box so that he can play with more freedom. Actually I think Icardi and Benedetto can be an excellent pair due to their different playing style. I may be too optimistic for Benedetto but I think he could be a legend at OM like all Argentinean who succeeded there(Heinze, Lucho, Bernardi).

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