Sergio Aguero, Nicolas Otamendi score in Man City win vs. Watford


Sergio Aguero and Nicolas Otamendi both scored in Manchester City’s massive 8-0 win vs. Watford.

Five goals in the first 18 minutes for the reigning league champions but the game out of reach for Roberto Pereyra’s team. With the score at 1-0, City were awarded a penalty kick and it was regular penalty taker Sergio Aguero who stepped up. He sent the goalkeeper the wrong way as City doubled their lead.

Nicolas Otamendi, who had a nightmare of a game vs. Norwich last weekend got his goal. Following a corner kick, the Argentine was first to react to the loose ball and his header found the back of the net.


  1. Sporting-Famalicao 1:2, visitors remains on the top…wow…Battaglia is back, Acuna played in LB pos, this is his best place, please no more as a midfielder or left winger for us…Vietto scored…Nehuel Perez in the making to be something great (world class potential). Leader, good defender already plus his passing skills seems really good, and only 19. His destiny to be Atletico Madrid star defender.

    • Wow Csabalala it’s abit strange to hear you say something positive for a change but it’s welcomed, you should keep it up, not all is doom and gloom.
      Famalicao is one of my favorite new teams, I started following them because of Perez and to be honest when I heard that Atletico were lending Perez to a team in portugal that I’ve never heard of I thought to myself “oh man and another Argentine talent bites the dust!” but lo and hold Famalicao turned out to be a pleasant surprise indeed, basically an U23 side (only 4 players over 23 and only 2 over 26!!) playing excellent football and as an icing on the cake Nehuen Perez is kicking ass and taking names.

      A piece of trivia for you csablala, the reason Atletico loaned Perez to Famalicao is because the company that owns the club also owns 40% of Atletico!! So don’t be surprised if you see a few young players from Atletico join the club in the future.

  2. Super happy for Messi and as an Argentina fan!!!
    Enjoy till it lasts. I don’t think any of our players will win something after Messi.
    What an ambassador for the nation. Very proud GOAT!! You make the nation proud.

  3. Cox4, really nice to hear from you again amigo as i always enjoy reading your posts, something that is really rare in here nowadays. I know exactly what you mean about River nowadays but still i support the way they play even if they lose. I like all Argentine teams for obvious reasons but i respect and like River a little bit more than the rest because River gave a lot to our beloved Argentina even from the early days with the style of play of the great La Maquina.

    Csabalala, you said that Sevilla and Real Madrid tried to play the correct way, which exactly is that way because it was painful to watch to say the least. Both teams feared each other and were too cautious on defending resulting to very few chances. Moreover, the most successful teams in copa libertadores are Argentine teams not Brazilian so how is that??

    What is wrong with you mate? If Argentina and Argentine teams are so mediocre for you so why do you even bother?

    • my friend our playing style is not what make me sad or angry.
      what make me sad and angry is when i remember what kind of players we had during history
      and what i am looking now and really i feel to bomb.

      yesterday after the game with Velez i was so angry really.
      i wanted to explode.
      Pratto , Borre , Scocco , Alvarez and Suarez all together they are not make even 1 Crespo.


  4. Csabalala

    “Brazil league? every league is better, sky high…how is that?”

    No matter 2 Argentina clubs beat 2 Brazilian in last CL edition. facts. So how is Brazil league better?

    • “General passing accuracy is not everything. For example Brazil league might be better on this and still Argentina clubs wins more Copa Libertadores. How is that?”

      How? Look at whoscored, even in MLS, in China, in Holland and in every other league they monitor have more precise passing game than in PD. Argentine PD close to 70%, other leagues rather to 80% or even over that (best leagues). On average. And dont need statiscts here, eye-test is enough, if you are not completely biased, like you.

      • You bring your own statements to absurdity suggesting Brazil, China, MLS and other leagues are better just because they have better passing accuraccy. MLS>China, Brazil> MLS, Argentina> Brazil – last edition of Copa Libertadores means more than passing accuracy by itself.

          • You need to learn reading cause I wrote this below long ago:
            “General passing accuracy is not everything. For example Brazil league might be better on this and still Argentina clubs wins more Copa Libertadores. How is that?”

            And you still kept suggesting below that passing accuracy reflects quality of league. So who is actually confusing two things?

    • We are talking about passing precision, not leagues overall strength, but the twos heavily correlate. China, MLS etc way weaker leagues, but their teams play the game in more modern way.

  5. Gonzalo.

    maybe River plate playing attractive football this season in a lot of games and this is something
    beautiful to see from one person from outside look but for me personally and a lot of my friends River fans
    this is something not satisfying.

    yesterday we lost again one home game.
    what to do to play nice football and create chances when i am lose?
    what to do it to see some of my players playing nice etc when the result is defeat?

    the history wrote River plate 1 and Velez 2.
    who win the 3 points?

    good night and sleep well my sweet RIVER PLATE !!!

      • yes true they won more PD.
        but in Libertadores we beat them always all this years and generally even in Primera they can t win us too.

        as about this season we will see but till now the only thing that River is worse is the strikers.
        we don t have quality strikers and this is our big problem.
        this is what we pay heavy this season in the most of our games.

  6. Csabalala, did you watch the Sevilla-Real Madrid derby yesterday? Painful to watch, so by your logic both teams are amateurs, English championship division level right?

    Oh and by the way, where was the Brazilian “wonderkid” Vinicious??
    He was warming the bench again!

    • What? Two organized teamed played against each other, who try to play the game in the correct way. Not in the chicken way. They dont fear from mistakes, like most argentine teams, where defenders and keepers fuck up the ball into no mans land regularly cause the fear of mistakes, its easier than passing ok for me, but this is far far from elite level football. Too much fear, like Gonzalo from statistcs. (facts). Dont panic try to learn from these.

  7. Di Maria is having his best start of season ever in his career. This half winger/playmaker role suits him so well, Tuchel seems to be 1 of the very few coaches who knows using ADM. I haven’t seen Lamela playing so many games on the row. His position behind Son and Kane gives him lot of freedom. A big up to both of them.

  8. What schoked me again in this River-Velez match was the lack of precise passing skills of the players…horrible…english championship quality…chickens running all day long…and these teams are the top, River played some good combinations game vs Racing and Huracan and now this…

    • Because you don’t know local league football specific. These are hectic games with more fervor than reckoning. The way you react on this is best proof this is something totally new for you. Apparently these are your very first full (?) games of Argentina league.

      “lack of precise passing skills of the players…horrible…english championship quality”

      Yes, and within a while these players are showing good passing abilities in European clubs (like Lisandro Martinez) or NT. How is that? Simply you see what you want to see. Class passers are there, always were.

      If they can’t pass how is that Batista team looks so good on the organization when he has so many players from local league?

      • “Because you don’t know local league football specific. These are hectic games with more fervor than reckoning. The way you react on this is best proof this is something totally new for you. Apparently these are your very first full (?) games of Argentina league.”

        LOL psyphopath…crying bitch i said the true and only pesonal attacks from you. River Plate 74% passing accuracy (this is bad even from a counter attacking team in amatch on the highest level) Velez 62% total amateur level. uninterpretable. And every second match is something like this or even worse…if you see the statistics( you are so biased, your eye-test is completely wrong, so the only weapon to stop your constant lies of Primera, Primera passing accuracies the worst from every half-competent leagues, sky high…Godoy Cruz 58% tragicomedy

        • my bad Godoy Cruz mighty 66%, but Patronato 61%, Celtral Cordoba 62% Argentinos 65% amateur values…and no team over 81%, where start the average in competent leagues….sorry this is chicken football…exactly what we see in neirly every match…in Top5 european leagues theres 6 teams from 98 under 70% passing accuracy, in Primera 7 out of 24 LOL

          • And not just passing accuracy, average the least passes in a match, but the most bitching, game interruption…least football. See elite football otherwise you will think Primera is the top level. You live in a bubble atm.

          • Laughing out loud. Csabalala unleashed his bag: abstracted numbers.

            General passing accuracy is not everything. For example Brazil league might be better on this and still Argentina clubs wins more Copa Libertadores. How is that?

            If this is league of poor passers where from players like Palacios?

          • “Laughing out loud. Csabalala unleashed his bag: abstracted numbers.”

            Brazil league? every league is better, sky high…how is that?
            “Laughing out loud. ” Gonzalo statistics are facts and you fear from facts, its OK for me, make you a fool every time…you dont laugh you cry inside in the mirror of facts. Fraud.

        • “LOL psyphopath…crying bitch i said the true and only pesonal attacks from you”

          It’s really funny to heard accusation of personal attacks from someone who use such words in very the same sentence. I didn’t use personal attacks in post above.

  9. “So you dream about forward line with Messi – Aguero – Di Maria. 33,32,32 next year. Good to hear. If you dream about that just little reminder: so was our attacking line against Colombia in Copa America, idiot (0:2).” “Yes, Di Maria is no brainer for another COpa. Finally he had tremendous Copa just few months ago. Benched after 45 minutes of first game and never more starter (while we looked better and better in the tournament after first game). Will he be so much good on upcoming Copa too?!!! LOL”

    Yes vs Columbia was 0:0 with this trio, than brilliant goal and assist machine player of the tournament De Paul in (LOL) and 0:2 in the second half. Interesting…better and better? Messi step back in deep lying playmaker role cause our midfield was unable to pass the ball forward and Aguero-Lautaro duo built some chemistry…better and better…zero team play, zero passing patterns, counter attacking schemes or good build ups…better and better and scored 7 goals in 6 matches against half-amateur teams LOL idiot…so please dont lie…De Paul was the reason vs Columbia…Di Maria still a feared player, then came De Paul and Columbia defense get calm down, who the fuck fear from this uncreative hard worker poor mans Matuidi? Nobody and they started to attack…idiot…

    • “Yes vs Columbia was 0:0 with this trio”

      LOL. It looks like you thought about the post 2 days just to find some fault. Unfortunately fact is fact and you fall in devious logic:
      O jeez, you are right it was 0:0 as long as the ATTACKING trio was on the pitch. You are right, they keep it all, defending well. No matter they were attacking trio and their job was to score goals: score goals – not keep the clean sheet. So for you that was real success for attacking trio, that 0:0!!! LOL What a logic. And then De Paul came and fuck it all, yes?

    • @Csabalala, the great players who plays in the top level with consistent quality can play till they are 35,36. Have u seen the Dani Alvez performance on the RB in copa america. He was superb throughout in attack as well as defence at the age of 35. So, age till 35 won’t matter in case of ADM, Kun and Messi because these 3 are great players without doubt.

      • If they played with Germany it would be 8:0 . Copa America is not a very good tournament. Latin America is in hell.just pray . I won’t be able to go out from my house if Germany humiliates Argentina.

    • Just finished watching the match, a lot of fun and Velez really closed shop in the second half and were really lucky not have conceded atleast 3 goals.
      Nico was very good overall, not just because of the goal but also for his instinct to go into the opponent’s box and try to pounce on a pass, also his own passing is excellent and precise, always looking to drive the ball forward. Didn’t deserve the 2nd yellow but was partially culpable for River’s equalizer where he was jogging besides Quarta instead of trying to take the ball from him but that’s my only complaint. With the NT he better be like DePaul and husstle/haul ass every single time the opponent attacks Argentina.
      While Nico was good, Nacho and Quarta were excellent, Nacho should’ve been given more opportunities during the last 2 years, even though his form has been up and down (down last season, WAY UP this season) but I still think he can be useful in the WCQ if he gets called up, though obviously not one for the future.
      Quarta, wow what can I say, honestly if I was watching River for the first time I’d think that Quarta was an AM not a CB. I really hope he gets more chances with the NT cos he could be Argentina’s backline anchor for the next 7-8 yrs, figers crossed!!

      MOTM is Hoyos!

      • “Quarta, wow what can I say, honestly if I was watching River for the first time I’d think that Quarta was an AM not a CB. I really hope he gets more chances with the NT cos he could be Argentina’s backline anchor for the next 7-8 yrs,”

        This kid is good.

      • Mamoun,

        it’s so good to hear you again commenting regularly.

        I recommend Arsenal Sarandi. They are most beautifull to watch team in the league currently (along with River). Yes they lost some games recently (due to lack of expericce of some players on highest division I think) but the positive impression is there always. So much good overall organization. I think they will high in table n the end of the season. Nico Gimenez is one of 3 best players in league now but it’s not just about him.

  10. Nico Dominguez is clinical finisher so far in the season. 7 games, 4 goals as for CM is nice feat. While Velez 4 wins in a row, icluding River and some solid teams like Newell’s, Estudiantes, Atletico Tucuman.

    • For some reason I always prefered Lucas Robertone over Matias Zaracho in the mould of players. Robertone forgot about Sporting Lisbon for now and shines both for U-23 team and Velez.

      • I believe that all of them will be in the team 2022 for the world cup. I prefer Zaracho to Robertone because he can play on 1 side too, like Buendia and De Paul, kind of half CM half defensive winger. Very useful in modern football. Robertone should compete with Lo Celso, Palacios for the more creative CM role.

    • It’s good to watch in one game so many players currently or once associated with national teams, senior or youths: Quarta, Armani, Montiel, Palacios, Casco, Enzo, Suarez, Nacho, Alvarez, Gimenez, Dominguez, Gianetti, Ortega, Almada, Robertone, Romero.

    • sometimes heinze is so aggressive it takes me longer to understand what he is trying. Yesterday while watching and writing here I thought the almada sub into the middle was an error and he should have maybe switched out bouzat and put thiago in wider and made a second like for like sub in the 9 spot. with the river back line continuously advancing up, controlling possession and choking the middle of velez out, a conservative manager would have approached it that way using the threat of a 9 to keep them honest and release pressure. I thought he was going to blow the game and at the equalizer surely felt like error.

      but he went for the kill using jansson and robertone instead to hit the wide areas behind the full backs who were so focused on getting the winning goal and playing up. A traditional 9 would have been pressed up on the CB’s to receive ball probably making it easier to intercept. But with Thiago running in from deeper behind the play the CB’s were caught off balanced and he entered the box with a beautiful move fooling quarta and zuculini finishing the game.

      It was actually the second or third such play on the flank and el muneca did not respond. great use of counterattacking false 9 to kill game. good job heinze for a big victory.

  11. City beat Watford 8-0 AND LOSS TO Norwich A WEEK AGO, Barca loss to Granada; it looks like an invincible hands fixed the game or is it the team performance going downhill.

  12. great midfield battle between palacios and nico going on.
    cool finish by dominguez but sadly that goal once again showed a long present armani problem. you press him with the ball on his feet and bad things have a chance to happen. maxi romero had been pretty much invisible but he pressed at the right time to cause that poor clearance that led to goal.

    speaking of pastore below and watching nacho today i wonder what would have happened if in 2016 we would have given el flaco’s chances to nacho instead and reversed history. of course i was a pastore fan that time but seeing nacho’s quality keep growing you just think ‘what if’.

    • heinze second half decisions are always so confusing. taking out romero who had poor half is fine but putting almada in a false 9/strikerless type formation? why?
      with no pressure on the CB’s and target man martinez quarta just drove the ball down the wing into box and got an assist. and followed up with a karate kick volley into post from edge of box.

  13. Ultimately Scaloni and Team are going to Select players from River, little bit from Racing, Boca and Velez..I wouldn’t be surprised if majority of the team are composed of River players..

  14. Sebarish,

    Nico Gimenez shows class again. Vs Racing. The game does not seem to be like match of current champion with newly promoted team.

  15. I am surprised so many Dimraia haters on mundo which is obvious because in his peak always injured before crucial matches or not 100% fit which ultimately cost Argentina now Di maria past his best days so Argentina also look beyond him but I’m huge surprise to see the supports towards Lanzini who isn’t even 5% of peak Di maria always injured and can’t able to play back to back two matches, same for Lamela too. There is no need injury prone players in the team and i think scaloni never call Lanzini again after poor performance in last friendlies same for pareya though Lamela get call up because of no River/Boca players in the team.

    • Lanzini and Lamela are most talented among our young breed.They are injury prone but above that they are most creative player after Messi in the team.Lamela is doing well at Spurs,Spur’s fan are praising him.In creatung real chances Lanzini is just behind De Brune in Premier League.Creativity is everything either in football or other sphere of life.Every player has some positive and sime negative.We can use them atleast they are reluable when fully fit unlike Di Maria who was always inconsistent and was a CL player

    • English player always gets preference in PL over foreign players , Young over Rojo makes me laugh. Young is horrible his crosses are shit and often gets humuliated in defence, he would be a bench warmer even in mid table cllun in league 1.

      • Young is horrible. He is not even a hard-working player… Does not put any effort…. On the other hand rojo put in lots of efforts… Rojo should be the LB… He is working hard and he realizes that he needs to improve…
        If ole dont want him why he didn’t let him go to Everton… Where he could be a starter….

  16. Otamendi, Rojo, Fazio do not fit in the starting 11 for Argentina anymore..But Argentina need one senior CB with a sense of positioning..

    Pezzela, Kannemann, Garay, Mussachio etc shoud be tried more..they may not have strong legs to challenge the speed of Mbappe, Neymar, Rashford etc..but can be intimidating..

  17. Manu Lanzini is out for a month and won’t be part of the team facing Germany next month. Repeated injuries riuned this guy’s career so far. This is really sad!

    • For the reason I have lost my excitation about him and not sure is there any sense of calling him up. At least till the time something will change with his fitness.

    • He is like Santi Cazorla. I like Lanzini personally, but I don’t see the sense in calling up a player who cannot maintain basic fitness. He is a good player but unless he does something(like get more buff etc.) he won’t really do much for us anyway because everything he does will he injury prone.

      • It’s true Manu’s injury history is very bad and cause real dissapointment, but his great skills make him a must-have player in Argentina’s midfield. I hope he is NOT in the footsteps of Pastore and the likes of him.

        • Yeah, Pastore was such a shame. He could have been our Iniesta but we wasted 4 years and missed our chance. He was a rare type of midfielder. Very skillful, good awareness, and elegant.

    • Sad to say that I’ve pretty much given up on Manu, the kid is pure class and would infact add so much to the team but he’s sadly just another Gago (full of talent but made of glass).
      On the positive side Lamela is doing rather well and it’s been 6 games with no injury so fingers crossed.

    • I like his role with his club, he plays in a deeper position with more freedom because they have now 2 good wingers and a decent striker. No need for him to play as winger and false 9 again. I really found his profile is what is missing in the national team. Comparing to Lo Celso and Palacios, he has better dribbling skill and has this capacity to hold the ball and keep it under pressure.

  18. San Lorenzo – Boca (0:2) and River – Velez – two matches of the round. Disappointed with San Lorenzo, however they had good opportinity for equalizer in 90 min. Gaich gave good sub. With this result and Bareiro play I hope Pizzi will give him finally start soon.

    Let’s see for Velez – River today.

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