Javier Zanetti speaks about the Argentina national team, Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez


Football legend Javier Zanetti was recently interviewed and he gave his thoughts on the Argentina national team, Lionel Messi as leader and Lautaro Martinez.

Speaking with La Oral Deportiva, the former Argentina and Inter man had this to say about the Argentina team:

“What happened at the 2018 FIFA World Cup had to happen for us to realize that we must present a serious project and to support it. What Argentine football can never lose is its raw talent and for that we need people that are capable and people that love the Argentina national team.”

Regarding the Argentina captain Lionel Messi:

“I see Messi very anxious and eager to go through his last step with the national team. He has to keep his essence in the team. I believe that when we talk about the Argentina national team, we all imagine him as a leader on the pitch. Hopefully when he comes back it will be like that.

“We can’t forget that there can only be one winner and to win you have to have travelled (gone through things). First of all, we must focus on the work and not to just to win.”

On Lautaro Martinez:

“I see him working hard, he has a great future in European football as well as with the Argentina national team. Hopefully we will have him for a long time. We are talking about a 22 year old and has a lot of growth ahead of him.”


  1. Germany will probably the biggest test for Scaloni since the Copa, If i am not wrong, since appointed Scaloni even haven’t faced a European opponent too. And Germany is one of the best u can ask for from Europe, Its good that at least we can sometimes play against European opponents rather than the usual South American and North American teams. Its better to test ourselves against tougher opponents moving forward.

    One thing have to admit we have now a core set of players like Paredes, Lo Celso, De Paul, Pezzella, Tagliafico, Lautaro, Acuna who are the backbones of the NT, And in addition players like Palacios, Nico Dominguez, Foyth, Kanneman, Montiel, Macllester, Vargas, Lisandro Martinez etc etc who can Revolutionize us. Players like Lamela, Lanzini, Icardi, Dybala, Angel Correa, Joaquin Correa, Pereyra, Battaglia etc are wasting valid time to cement their places, they r getting older too. Now all Scaloni has to do is fix a GK and flush out the likes of Otamendi, Di Maria, Armani. Aguero and Messi can carry on for us till 2022 (use those 2 wisely).

    Scaloni is an open minded coach. That’s for sure. Players who play and inform he do select, Apart from some minor misses like BENITEZ, I really like how he demolished players like Romero’s ego, Who thought he is the Number 1 of NT whether he play or not for his club, Whether we like his system and approach or not. He is better than Sampaoli(Whom we had huge expectations) and of course better than Bauza.

  2. Soy de River y lo sigo a todos lados
    Donde juges siempre te voy alentar
    Con los bombos las banderas el redoblante
    Esta banda caminando siempre va

    No me importan esos malos resultados
    Porque a River yo lo quiero de verdad
    Nunca vas a ver una bandera negra
    Esta banda nunca te va abandonar

    Yo te aliento de la cuna hasta el cajon
    Porque yo Dejo todo por verte salir campeon

    Y al jugador Que deje la vida por esos colores


  3. Armani;
    Montiel, Martínez Quarta, Paulo Díaz or Pinola, Casco;
    Enzo Pérez; Ignacio Fernández, Exequiel Palacios, De La Cruz;
    Borré and Matías Suárez

    this is the possible formation of River tonight.


  4. “we are talking about a 22 year old and has a lot of growth ahead of him”

    The amount of el toro hate on this forum from certain places is quite ridiculuous. Who else is a better pure #9 at 22? marcus rashford (who will be 22 this month)?, luka jovic (22 in December)?, andre silva(23)? mbappe, timo warner etc don’t count as they are more wide players than pure 9’s. gabriel jesus is probably the only worthy comparable. And while jesus has been twice as efficient in Europe (scoring every 125 minutes compared to 215 for lautaro) is it even worth comparing pep guardiola’s goal generating machine to whatever spaletti was pretending to be football. Let’s give the kid some time before killing him.

    • “The amount of el toro hate on this forum from certain places is quite ridiculuous”

      You have the Csabalala guy who talk about Lautaro and other our prospects as if he was judging 30 yo players that have not the reserve of years to come. If someone is so harsh on young players either he don’t know much about football or has very bad intentions. Or both the things.

      • Too harsh for the Hall of fame of benchwarmers…Lo Celso…Paredes…Lamela…Angel Correa…Dybala…Icardi?..Cervi…Foyth…Mammana…and underperformers J. Correa…Lautaro…Vargas…our most talented players…yes too harsh idiot

        • Quote: [yes too harsh idiot]

          Come on man, surely you can respond to someone without insulting them.

          As for bench warming, I think you seem abit confused as to the meaning of the word. Bench warmers are players who don’t start or come off the bench for most of the games in a season, which doesn’t apply to alot of players you just listed.

          Lo Celso is injured not bench warming otherwise by your lack of logic Messi is bench warming because he’s not playing due to injury.

          Paredes, yup I agree with you there, he’s totally bench warming and has to move mid-season otherwise he’ll have to bench warm for Argentina also.

          Lamela, started the first 6 games in the EPL so not bench warming.

          A.Correa, right now he’s a sub not a bench warmer, although being a sub doesn’t warrant a call to the NT.

          Dybala, started the last 3 serie A games and is getting back into form so again, not a bench warmer.

          Icardi, was injured the last 2 weeks and just got back into fitness. He started today and scored a goal so not a bench warmer.

          Foyth, just got back from injury, although he may end up bench warming or maybe not, in either case he’ll have to fight for a spot and I think he can do it.

          Cervi and Mammana are bench warmers that’s correct but neither were anything more than fringe players for the NT who were called once or twice, so no big loss.

          Lautaro can do better (and I believe he will ) but he is doing solid (if unspectacular) for Inter, although he’s kicking ass for the NT, which is what counts for me.

          J.Correa and Vargas are under performing but they are playing regularly in strong leagues and I dont see either being starters for the NT anyway.

  5. The huge difference between last year and now is we have many more mobile and agile players, especially in the midfield, like De Paul, Robertone, Lo Celso, Zaracho, Buendia, Palacios, MacAllister Nico Dominguez …etc. Lisandro Martinez can also play as DM like with his club. They are good with the ball and work hard, additionally we have this Lautaro Martinez who can make the difference. The only position that left me skeptical is DM, Paredes still struggling with his club. The main problem with this type of regista is you need to play you need 2 very defensive box to box next to him, which means you gonna give up Lo Celso or eventually Lanzini for him, and not even a guarantee, it’s tough.

    With the players that Scaloni chose for the next 2 friendlies, I guess he may wanna try 4231, with Nico Domingez pairing with Paredes in the middle, Lamela, Dybala and De Paul as attacking midfielders, Lautaro the only striker

    • “I guess he may wanna try 4231”

      things are so tricky to adjust with and without messi. I really believe a 4231 is the best way for a young international starter team to set up for the first year or so while chemistry grows. even look at the versions of france and brazil in their winning runs. but you know when messi is around and opponents sit back it will fail as it did in copa with no desire in paredes, guido and guido to move and drive up. but I do feel this is still worth exploring ( I think against chile was a missed opportunity) and just needs the right person to sit on paredes shoulder.

  6. Mac Allister and E.Palacios are one of best midfielders.A little time ago i thought Palacios does not deserve to be in NT but in such a short period of time he got better and better.He has vision ,balance and speed,Palacios is better now.Mac Allister is good too both can score so we have good midfielder in them.Mac Allister should be played in his position.


    Correct statement from the legend
    People think all the new generations
    Of the arg players weather they are
    Local or outside Are mediocrity .

    • Who said all are mediocre ? I guess fans are against inclusion of mediocre players over deserving ones just like we can see omission of talented players like buendia ,benitaz ,pappu Gomez and inclusion of average players like pereryra ,m Suarez ,meza etc

      • What special about emi Buendía?
        Pap gomez is over 30 now
        Arg must build young squad
        Benitez I never watch him play
        So I can’t talk him but what I know
        Those goalies scaloni has been calling are good. people must know
        The coaching staff can’t call anyone just like That. They have plan and players they are following closely.
        As said before it’s impossible to call
        All arge inform players.

        • @godin11 I am not fan of Buendia but he impressed me in every match.. just see his stats, already he dose many assist for his team and also scored.. and consistently he played well so why not he will be called?


      Yes Zanetti, we saw a trainwreck of a crazy coach Sampa driving a luxurious cruise ship drunken shitfaced and crashed into rocks sinking the ship. If that wasn’t a wake up call for better management, i don’t know what would be.

      • Yeah, I agreed with you at 100%. Sampaoli is a believer of Bielsa, which I respect because myself is a big fan of Bielsa but it’s impossible to replicate this kind of football with few gatherings and training sessions. Most of all, he forgot the fundamental, Bielsa’s football need every players to work extremely hard to cover each other and huge efforts from midfielders and strikers. But we didn’t have players for that. He started to understand the gap since the 1st match but was already late.

    • 2010 world cup will also be remembered ……….
      for the snub of zannetti and cambiasso.
      I will always say that we would have won if maradona called them to the national team and played them. Just watch the first 30 minutes of the Germany match in that tournament and you will see why we needed them.
      Instead of calling zannetti, maradona called a bum player from newcastle, and at that time newcastle was relegated to the second tier league in England lol

      • There was also Lucho Gonzalez who was on fire and wasn’t given his chance. Samuel was unfortunately injured at the early stage too. I agree with you in 2010, we really had finest players in every position, who were at the top of their form: Demichelis, Burdisso and Heinze in defense, Cambiasso and Masherano as DM, Maxi Rodriguez and Zanetti on each side, Lucho as 10, Messi and Tevez in attack, in a 3412, we could have beaten any team including Spain.

    • Godin bro check out status buendia has much better status than any other midfielders in the current selected list ,Walter has highest save % who should be ahead of old Armani and regarding papu Gomez he should have been there in 18 wc team instead of meza and pavon who were terrible

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