River Plate coach Marcelo Gallardo linked to FC Barcelona job


River Plate coach Marcelo Gallardo is being linked to manage FC Barcelona.

Lionel Messi may soon be managed by another Argentine at FC Barcelona. A report by TNT Sports states that Gallardo is in line to replace current Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde.

Despite winning consecutive league titles, there are rumors that the current coach could be on his way out. Gallardo is a two time Copa Libertadores winner with River Plate and defeated Boca Juniors 2-0 in the first leg of the semi finals.

Marcelo Gallardo has continental success in South America and a move to Barcelona would be his first coaching job in Europe.


  1. Watching PSG and El Mongol is spot on about Paredes not having any drive to push the ball forward. Constant sideways and back passes. We saw this in NT also, very little vertical or long balls.

    Good to see Icardi score.

    • I feel like some of our current young players are destined to be better for NT than for their clubs (Lautaro, Paredes, Lo Celso, Ascacibar…). Paredes had great game against Mexico and I’m sticking to it. NT matters.

      • @Gonzalo even Dimaria also had a couple of good games, you just can’t judge players based on little data that good for NT not club because club form always matter, we saw Batigol in 2002, Crepso in 2006 or Higuain in 2018 over icardi

      • I wouldn’t add Lo Celso or Lautaro as they do well for both. Martinez is doing well in league and is not only showing his talent but improving. Same with Lo Celso, really good for PSG (Fan favorite) even though he was transferred and kicked ass for Betis. And both did well for NT.

        Paredes for both NT and league, seems be lacking offensive drive and defensive killer instinct. I’m really effin curious to see how Lisandro Martinez does in this role.

      • While Lautaro is better for the NT than for his club (a true rarity) I do think he’s doing well for Inter and is improving. I believe he’s destined for excellence at club and international levels, if he keeps his head straight and work hard that is.

        In Celso’s case I disagree with you Gonzalo, he’s been superb for PSG (yet Tuchel still got rid of him) and then to show Paris what they were missing he went to Spain and bossed the midfield there. For the NT though he hasn’t lived up to his true potential evident by his performances in copa america (even though he some good moments here and there). I think Celso has evolved from CM to AM because of his time in Betis and maybe Scaloni should think about putting up front in the hole behind Messi and Lautaro (or Dybala).

        Regarding Ascacibar, well he’s done well for Stuttgard but hasn’t been given enough opportunities with the NT.

        Paredes is a player that has done well in every club he’s ever been in (Boca, Empoli, Roma and Zenit) but for some reason or another he just can’t hack it in France. What is really important is his performance for the NT and ever since Copa he’s been kicking ass so I want to see him continue to start but he has to either A.move from PSG midseason or B. start forcing his way into PSG’s first team otherwise there are the likes of Licha Martinez and Dominguez who are itching to take his place.

  2. It is very easy to say, watching river or Ajax is more pleasing than Barcelona..Barca strength has always been the midfield and overall skill & play..River has it in them..so it makes more sense to follow the philosophy and get Gallardo…But Barca needs a total change..

    • If thats the case how can we expect Ajax are going to release martinez for pre-olympic tournament?
      Also a winger is replacing a defender?( it is not a big deal for friendlies but still)

  3. Only Jorge Sampoli deserves to be the coach of Barcelona.His playing style suits Barcelona.He will be of great importance to Barca

  4. Yes, true or not – he deserves that.

    He has probably only 2 games left in Copa Libertadores with River and maybe club World Cup. If he win Copa Libertadores again I don’t think is there in SA more to prove for him (if not win it’s not a big difference). The challange that will left for him will be Argentina NT or club like Barcelona.

    • Well he is yet to win the primera, so even if he wins copa for the 3rd time he’d still have some business left to do with River. In any case he’s an excellent coach and deserves recognition and personally I think he’ll end up in PSG considering his history with the club and all.

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