Ajax not releasing Lisandro Martinez to Argentina U23 team


Lisandro Martinez will not be part of the Argentina U23 team for this month.

After having been announced as part of the squad by coach Fernando Batista, Ajax have announced that they will not be releasing the player for October. Instead, Batista has called-up Brian Mansilla as a replacement.

Another player had to be replaced as Lucas Vera takes the spot of the injured Jeronimo Cacciabue. The team will play Mexico during the FIFA break.


  1. Joaquin Correa with this bad finishing skills will never be NT-material, cant play in deeper role due to his lack of defensive work but in SS he cant score. Immobile has less shots per 90mins and lower xG/90 than Correa, Immobile scored 7 with 3,42 xG, Correa 1 with 3,72, the difference between the two only the finishing. 7 vs 1…Correa should score more…

    • He is not reliable anymore. I don’t know what will be his disposition on Copa but we should prepare replacement for him within upcoming months. Maybe Quarta – Kannemann is the duo.

    • Yes, noteworthy. Hope Estudiantes prepares some real talent with him. Academy of this club is one of the best in league.

    • Sadly it looks like he’s too unreliable – fitness wise – to be counted on, much like Lamela and Lanzini. The good news is that Argentina doesn’t exactly need him with guys like Martinez Quarta, Licha Martinez, Lucas Romero and possibly Neuhen Perez and Juan Foyth all vying for a spot.

  2. Newly ascending team Central Cordoba de Santiago del Estero beat away 4:1 San Lorenzo. Pizzi is big disappointment so far.

    While this Central Cordoba team will got it’s new stadium that is under construction in Santiago del Estero. This will be one maybe most modern in Argentina:


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