Lionel Messi two goals, two assists, surpasses Cristiano Ronaldo in club goals scored


Lionel Messi had two goals and two assists in FC Barcelona’s 5-1 win vs. Real Valladolid.

Messi put on a performance only Lionel Messi can as he captained his team to victory. With Barcelona leading 1-0, Messi provided a sublime cross in to Arturo Vidal as the Chilean double their lead.

Barcelona were awarded a free kick and Messi made no mistake as he scored free kick number 50 of his illustrious career. Messi would go on to have a similar second half. Another goal meant that he has scored more career club goals than Cristiano Ronaldo despite playing many less games.

But even at 4-1, the Messi show wasn’t over. A pass which only he can see sent Luis Suarez in on goal for the last one of the match.


  1. San Lorenzo lost 5 of last 6 games (now 1:3 home against Defensa). Pizzi prefered to start kid Alexander Diaz instead of Gaich. This absurd will end probably soon with end of Pizzi as it was with Beccacece in Independiente. Big names, big clubs, big expectations, big disappointments.


    GOD give you health to stay together with us and be our biggest living LEGEND .

    Thank you for all the memories from my childhood.


  3. “Right now, you need to ask Messi to make short bursts of effort. He can’t run for the sake of running, no way. If Leo ran like he ran in his first season with me he’d be injured every three months. Managing legends of 30 and above is the hardest thing for a coach.”


    I hope Barcelona and Scaloni hearing this words and utilizing Messi more effective and safe way.

    • I don’t care about Barcelona but Messi should work hard for argentina. If our captain runs then I m damn sure the whole team will work hard.
      It’s time for our captain to lead from the front.
      Neither we play possession style nor we have kante or ascasicbar so I can’t see Messi not running.

      And pep also said,” if any player can give me guarantee of scoring 3 goals per match then I’ll make an exception for him to not work hard for the team”.
      Not even Messi can give this guarantee.

      • Shubham, my friend, you really need to read this. great article called “MESSI WALKS BETTER THAN MOST PLAYERS RUN”. Its all about high value locations.

        I can’t imagine any coach purposefully draining Messi’s stamina (also increasing injury risk) just to spark energy in other players. If that were to happen, thats the coach’s fault, not the player.

        Its funny though because Messi is actually really good at defending. love seeing him chase down and dispossess opponents.

  4. According to AS Barcelona keeping and eye on Santiago Ramos Mingo of Boca. Heard of him for the first time. Is he any good or just an avg player ?

    • There were transfer rumours about him some time ago. He already made his debut in A team if I remember correctly.

  5. I believe this Barca cannot allow him to play his best football. I think the coach tried to play Griezemann behind Messi and Suarez recently and get slightly better. But I think if you use him in Griezemann’s position and you put 2 fast strikers in front of him, he would be even more efficient. However he’s more used as right winger.. Besides according to what I have seen, Messi is much more comfortable with Sergi Roberto, a box to box able to play on the right, but unfortunately the coach prefers De Jong, who is not even a box to box, to the Spanish player. Otherwise, for the rest, I think it’s kind of ok.

  6. Roberto Pereya,Angel Correa and Kannemann should not be in the squad.They are average player.This time Balerdi should start in CB role.

    • Martinez quarta and balerdi this two should be paired in upcoming friendly,
      Quarta/c.romero/foyth—balerdi/perez/lisandro martinez
      Foyth can use as cb rb dm same
      Lisandro can use as cb lb dm
      Best combination in cb willbe

      • Balerdi was superb in Boca, he played 7 minute against Ecuador his 7 minutes was promising, with time I bet he will shine, balerdi need to stay with team.

  7. What an insane performance. Goes against the stupid narrative that he’s declined significantly. The goals were great Especially the free kick and the assists were remarkable

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