Argentina get 3-1 win vs. Cameroon at U17 World Cup


Argentina won for the first time at thw U17 World Cup in a 3-1 victory vs. Cameroon.

Pablo Aimar’s team drew 0-0 vs. Soain in their opening game but mabaged the three points in their second. Argentina were trailing 1-0 at half time and it was three goals in the second half which propelled them to victory.

Aimar’s team would let in the first goal off a set piece as Cameroon would score early in the first half on a corner kick. Argentina would reply with a corner kick goal of their own to draw level. Francisco Flores would pounce on an open header and score Argentina’s first.

Exequiel Zeballos would win a foot race agaunst the goalkeeper and would unselfishly pass it to Juan Pablo Krilanovich who scored an open net.

Lautaro Cano would beat the offside trap and play a low pass into Matias Godoy for the third.

The next game for Argentina is on Sunday, November 3 vs. Tajikistan.


  1. our centerback pair are not promising but i think Foyth will be very good CB instead of RB.Montiel is good for our RB position.We just need to find partner for Foyth in CB pair.

    • A Quarta-Licha Martinez pair excites me. I’d also use Montiel instead of Foyth because the latter -talented he may be – isn’t ready to hold down the fort at the back, like you guys said he has alot of Otamendi in him and he needs to be more like Garay or Ayala. Foyth IMO is made for DM, he has the ball skill, speed and tenacity to make an excellent DM and in that position he won’t risk penalties with his reckless tackles.


      This looks good to me (on paper atleast) and I’d make sure that either Depaul or Acuna or maybe someone like Cervi (he’s doing great) is on Tagliafico’s side to help him out otherwise we end up with another awful Germany performance from him.

  2. It’s devastating Otamendi is first choice CB
    For arg nt. Him rojo will Costa arg big time
    If scaloni doesn’t come up with new CB pairing.
    Both are relegated to the bench for thier clubs.

    • Agreed.

      Really hope that Pezzella and Kannemann end up being the starting duo for Copa.

      We know at this point that unless Ottamendi is injured or relegated to Man Cities 2nd team – he will be on the list of 23.

      What we can look forward to, is our defense once we move past 2020.

      Perez, Balerdi, Foyth, Quarta, Romero, Licha, Medina, Montiel, Ascacibar, and many more…

      This is the most high level (potential) talent that Arg. has ever produced in defense.

        • My friend no one say they re world class
          I probably agree with you both are
          Average but they are more reliable than
          Otamendi & rojo for sure.
          Best arg CB is ezequiel garay but is not
          Getting call up whatever reason .
          The best pairing available for the nt
          Are Lautaro Gianetti & Martinez Quarta.

          • Gianetti from Velez was always talented one. One of top defenders in league for years. However always risky with decision making, like Otamendi. For the reason he had not good Olimpic Games three years ago.

    • Otamendi plays good if he is rested well.Last match he was superb.Otamendi was good in Copa because that time he rarely played for Man city.

    • Otamendi is the most crucial defender in Scalonis tactics so far. didn’t you notice every freaking play started with him??? It was so obvious how much Scaloni and Paredes rely on a guy like Otamendi. Kanneman and Pezzella are cannot satisfy role …maybe Martinez and Quarta. So theres a problem now as Ota isn’t easily replaced.

      (my main problem with Ota is mental…after the guys tantrum in WC, i lost some faith)

      • I know you want Martinez at CB but i think players should play their same club positions. If all year he’s practicing and gaining experience at CDM for AJAX, Scalni should use him the same role.

    • Main thing is that…CB pair need experience. They have to cope with world’s best pair. A single error can defeat your team. So experience against world class players is very important.

  3. For our Left midfielder position Palacio and Mac Allister looks good.Acuna should be a substitute and Lo celso is very overrated just like Dybla.You score in one or two games vs Big Teams you are overrated.

    Lanzini and Lamela are also suitable for that left midfield.

    • Don’t come here…with Lo Celso over rated comment. Lo Celso is the best Argentine midfielder currently. He can be used anywhere from DM to striker positions.

      Dybala overrated too..? You are big zero in football.

  4. Cox4, about avoid getting early excited with players because you have an age that witnessed many of those players ending not living up to the expectations or even totally disapeared as time went by, i know exactly what you mean my friend but the first thing that came to my mind while i was reading your comment was not the players but our beloved team and i will explain my self..

    There have been 33 years of waiting for a world cup and 26 years for a trophy. Insane, paradox for a team such gifted as Argentina. Just think about the squads we had throughout those years..94 squad, 98 squad, 02 squad, 06 squad, 10 squad, 14 squad..EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME i was excited and waiting for the one and only aim that matches Argentina quality and history to be fullfilled and this is winning the wc. But all of us know what happened..So many heartbrakes..
    After so many heartbreakes because i am not that young either, i learned to think and hold myself grounded just like you and ofcourse..i am still eagerly waiting.
    As for now, i feel ok about our team and Scalloni, i feel happy of course because i see things go and progressing well but if you ask me i will tell you just this: I am cautiously optimistic and of course i am waiting, i will always do as i will always love our team.

    And about el fideo..i totally agree with everything you said my friend.

    • my friend you and me we have similar way of thinking.
      this is something not new of course. from the time i start post here in May of 2018
      i have realize it.

      anyway. as for the present i am like you cautiously optimistic and i am waiting too.
      we have few people inside our staff that know the football well.
      if AFA and Tapia let them work free and give them the time they need then i believe good things are in front of us. first about Copa next year and after more important for world cup of 2022.

  5. One player who could solve a lot of our problem is Lucas Ocampos. Ocampos on Right wing and Acuna on Left wing will help us a lot (Offcource depending on what formation we are playing) But if Ocampos show the promise, He can keep that position for long time, As his competitions are the likes of Angel Correa, Pavon, Di Maria, etc r not at all shinning for our NT, I just hope Ocampos keeps on giving good performance. He is tall and strong too.

    Paredes, De Paul are set to be the starting pair in the middle as of now, Add in players like Palacios, Nico Domeniguez, Lo Celso our Midfield looks in good hands. Whatever all say Paredes does bring something in the middle which we may not like but Scaloni likes it (Which is what matters). Paredes has been the key player for Scaloni whom he seems to trust. Forget his club form . We r seeing how Club legends like Di Maria keeps on flopping for our NT again and again. Paredes was one our key players in the last Copa. One player we really missed during the Copa was Palacios. I still be leave we haven’t seen the best of Palacios for us. Its a shame that every time when we r playing he is either injured or River will have something big, Palacios – Nico Domeniguez r the players who can rejuvenate our Midfield a lot. Its strange that more creative midfielders like Zaracho, Vargas, Lanzini r not that much given importance by Scaloni…May be he looks for different profile which suits his ideology, Players like De Paul, Palacios, Nico Domenigues seems to fit his bill.

    Another player who we may need ASAP back is Battaglia. He is better than Guido. he will solve our DM dilemma.

  6. @Petro, I love these points. They make us think about the structure of this squad.
    @el Mongol,
    Does this below list make gives you any belief?
    Guido Rodriguez (America) – Not sure, how many minutes will he get..
    Giovani Lo Celso (Tottenham) – Very slow and cannot hold the ball..good when given lots of space..back from injury..
    Leandro Paredes (PSG) – Need the remaining 10 players to be very strong especially defense..many times proving to be a liability..again this is after Copa..
    Nicolas Dominguez (Velez Sarsfield) – need more minutes..
    Rodrigo De Paul (Udinese) – the real midfielder..workhorse
    Marcos Acuna (Sporting Lisbon) – Very good utility player..
    Roberto Pereyra (Watford) – Not in the best of form…
    Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla)..the only hope with Depaul and Acuna..
    Guido – Scaloni seems to think he is enough to serve as DM back up. But is he right? We have only really seen 90 minutes against morocco, 60 minutes against Colombia, and the rest is just 120 minutes here and there between various teams. To convince us, he has to give more minutes to guido in the next two matches to show he is suitable. To me, the question in DM right now is not Paredes vs Lisandro but rather Guido vs Lisandro for Paredes back up.

    LoCelso – Is he slow? I like to think his style shows the ‘calma’ personality that we all admire in traditional argentine mids. If he is not going to play further up in 10 where messi will live then in a certain sense i think he is indeed more suited for CM in possession oriented teams. For the direct style that Scaloni prefers I personally think Palacios is better to play with Paredes and DePaul. But we will often run into teams that sit deep and park and LoCelso might be the right answer for that.

    Paredes – no comments. I agree.
    Dominguez – no comments. i agree.
    DePaul – no comments. i agree
    Acuna – no comments. i agree
    Pereyra – no comments, but I am not worried. I think he will end up getting cut when we go from 26 to 23.

    Ocampos – this is the big one for me. In the end the question will end up being between DiMaria and Ocampos in my view NOT diamaria vs Nico Gonzalez or DiMaria vs Pereyra etc. Certainly right now after Ocampos performance against Germany and Ecuador he cannot be ignored. But will he end up permanently taking this position? I think we can only wait and see.

    • You guys analysis wrong point
      The main problem Argentina having
      Is centre backs you could criticise
      Or blame the midfielders.
      I don’t understand why scaloni still
      Maintain to call or trust otamendi & rojo.
      You can’t win with nothing with otamendi &rojo together. I believe any other pairing will do Much better than those two.

      I agree paredes no comment.
      Robert pereyer will make way
      When palacios come back so
      No worries about him

      Giovanni lo celso is the most gifted midfielder
      Argentina have at this moment time
      I would love see him play as deep lying playmaker. Instead of paredes he is more mobile Quicker than parades.

      This midfielder I would love see

      …….. lo celso…….
      …. de pual…………. palacios/Dominguez

      …………. .. MacAllister


      …………… Dominguez
      De pual……………………… palacios
      ………….. lo celso………

  7. Ligue 1 is the fifth best league in Europe, there is little doubt of that but the interesting thing about DiMaria is he had been playing more centralize in midfield. He actually has been a creator from CAM position.
    Makes me think that maybe he can play in scolaris 4-3-1-2 system as the enganche position with Messi and aguero/Lautaro upfront. He has proven that he plays great defense for a midfielder and tracks back well, more than Messi would as a “10” at least.
    And dimaria on the wing, I think we all have seen enough of that. But as dimaria gets older he is evolving into a player that might contribute in scolaris system better than before.

  8. Cox4, this what exactly i also watched about the game my friend, i totally agree with you. Nevertheless, i see great potential in our boys and in my humble opinion, my favourite one is Zeballos. But i also agree with el mongol that maybe the biggest problem is that our strikers have not seemed such clinical in front of the goal as for now at least, as the majority of finishes were rather poor.

    About the neverending debate about Di Maria, as i said many times before i always liked this player and i believe that he is pure class, but when he wears the nt jersey he becomes a different player so i guess that both sides, the ones who want him at least as sub and the ones who don’t want him back to the national team, both sides i think that they have a point. I personally tend to agree with the former ones but still i am not sure. Anyway, the player i am very glad seeing him doing good is Ocampos. I was talking about this player again and again, i was following him since his early days in River when he was supposed to be one of Argentina’s next big things but he somehow he didn’t live up to the expectations. I am very happy watching him finally showing his great talent, he is Sevilla’s top scorer already and if not the best surely one of the best and i hope he continues his grow because in my humble opinion he is a type of playet that our team really needs currently.

    • my friend i see potential in our boys too. they have talent this is sure.
      i don t have favorite personally. just i watch our future.
      those kids is our future. i see the point of el mongol. he is not far from my opinion.
      just honestly yesterday in the first half i get so angry with the picture we had.

      about Di maria as you see i don t speak.
      this subject make me tired really. i read all the posts and i avoid to open my mouth.
      i don t care if somebody like or not Di maria. they are free to have opinion. i respect every opinion.

      the only i don t like and i will be against is if somebody speak rude or use bad words about Di maria.
      be in the team or not in the team is other thing but to not show respect to one Argentine player that give his blood for the country is something unexeptable.
      i am able to know that Di maria is one very good guy with pure heart that love the country so so much.
      he cry when we lose and he is somebody that start from very poor and despite he arrive to be very rich the money didn t change him.
      i will never speak bad about him. little or much he offer what he offer to the national team and for that he will have my respect forever. about be in the team in the present my humble opinion is that his time is over.

      as about Ocampos i wish he will continue be like this and more in near future.
      just i am not exited my friend. not about him only. i am never so much exited for anybody like him.
      the reason is that i arrive to one age that i have see dozens of players like Ocampos which all of them started with huge expectations to be one new Maradona, one new Batistuta, one new Passarella , one new Kempes etc but in the end the expectations became……

      so i am keeping my hope for all those players BUT i am very sceptical anymore and i don t get exited easyly.

      • > the only i don t like and i will be against is if somebody speak rude or use bad words about Di maria. be in the team or not in the team is other thing but to not show respect to one Argentine player that give his blood for the country is something unexeptable.
        i am able to know that Di maria is one very good guy with pure heart that love the country so so much.

        We’ll said. Blood, sweat, and tears for the NT. El Fideo deserves respect no matter what.

  9. in the first half our team was a joke.
    they was playing something look like football.
    but not football.

    in the begin of second half the picture change with our kids try to do the basics.
    we succeed score and make 1-1 early of second half and we had the luck to score after the idiotic
    mistake of Cameroon goalkeeper.
    that change everything because our kids take psychology and after that we became one normal good football team. one very good football team actually to say the truth.

    this is the story of the game.
    i hope in next game we will be serious from the beginning of the game.

    • Is this first time di Maria playing well
      For his club has been like that
      But when it comes the nt is completely
      Different player or you don’t know that?

      • 20 golas and 22 assists for NT…is that bad for a midfielder?…for a player played mainly out of position.

        Club level..he already has around 150 goals and 200+ assists..did you notice that..?

        • Did he play as midfielder for nt
          Or as one of the three forwards?
          I guarantee you di Maria
          Will disappoint you when he wears
          The nt colours.
          His past suggests that.

          • He was not forward. He played mainly in left side as midfielder. But because of his speed and energy he helped offensively and defensively. Still we have to find a replacement for him. Until that time…Di Maria should be in NT..if hes playing well. He has improved his goal scoring ability lately.

          • Is Di Maria that much awful for Albiceleste? His goal against Switzerland in 2014, goal against France in 2018, his goal against Nigeria in olympic final and the assist against Equador for all important first goal scored by messi in the 18 qualifier compel me to assume that Di Maria contributed well enough for national team.

            All ppl judging him for poor performance in last copa where the team was going through a transition.

    • game completely changed now with his sub lol. theough they will still win comfortably i think.

      he seemed to be walking ok so hopefully only to be careful for next week with this lead

      • Game completely changed after his sub. Two goals from that side for opposition. It shows how important he has become in short period for Ajax.
        Tagliafico needs a support from midfield. Acuna gives that. Lisandro can give that.

        • “Tagliafico needs a support from midfield. Acuna gives that. Lisandro can give that.”

          Actually I disagree with that. My view is that Tagliafico plays deeper in NT because they need to support paredes. his average positioning at ajax is far more advanced and they pretty much leave him alone without help behind. in fact you can see it in the build up of the first goal of this game.

          thats the main reason i am cautious of using acuna as starter instead of tagliafico as that might isolate paredes too much and only to use acuna in LB if chasing a game or result.

  10. Nicolas Dominguez: I think we can already move him into the group of our great young players. He has all the quality of a modern midfielder, offense,defense, stamina..everything..! He will be playing in Europe next season. We can see him with NT for long years.

  11. Ayone knows if the Uruguay game got rescheduled for the 18th as I need to plan to take a vacation day to watch it not sure if it is 18 or 19 Nov.
    Thanks in advance.

  12. First 10 minutes or so of the match I was worried as it seems the Cameroon boys were physically sharper and stronger than our boys. They were quicker to the ball and snappier in challenges. In youth level that can be a worry as that’s one of few ways to judge basic athletism. But it turned out to be only a slow start as the team grew into the match, finally ending it with being dominant in possession and chances.

    The same three boys struck with me as last time – zeballos with his quick, tricky feet, palacios showing he has the gift of vision which is great to see at young age, and lomonaco with physical ability to cover very large areas up and down for 90 minutes at young age.

    There are some finishing problems with this team as the central forwards are not that polished in finding the net and positioning yet. But at least there is creativity, vision, ball skill and patience in many of the players.

  13. Things are happening quickly. San Lorenzo’s interim coach, Monarriz, already making deep changes for sunday’s match against Independiente. Gaich planned to start.

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