Argentina team announced as Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero return vs. Brazil, Uruguay


Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero are both back in the Argentina team for the matches vs. Brazil and Uruguay.

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has given out his list for the November friendly matches as the two superstar veterans return. Both have not been in the Argentina team since the Copa America. Here’s the full squad:

Agustin Marchesin (FC Porto)
Juan Musso (Udinese)
Emiliano Martinez (Arsenal)
Esteban Andrada (Boca Juniors)

Juan Foyth (Tottenham)
Renzo Saravia (FC Porto)
Nicolas Otamendi (Manchester City)
German Pezzella (Fiorentina)
Marcos Rojo (Manchester United)
Walter Kannemann (Gremio)
Nicolas Tagliafico (Ajax)
Nehuen Perez (Famalicao)

Guido Rodriguez (America)
Giovani Lo Celso (Tottenham)
Leandro Paredes (PSG)
Nicolas Dominguez (Velez Sarsfield)
Rodrigo De Paul (Udinese)
Marcos Acuna (Sporting Lisbon)
Roberto Pereyra (Watford)
Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla)

Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)
Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)
Nicolas Gonzalez (Stuttgart)
Lucas Alario (Bayer Leverkusen)
Lautaro Martinez (Inter)
Paulo Dybala (Juventus)

Argentina list for the November friendly games vs. Brazil and Uruguay.


    • Man, please give us a break, if you have the slightest bit of self respect. Haven’t you ever ask yourself, what are you trying to prove in this forum? It’s no more funny. Hope sense prevail.

    • It’s so irritating that I cannot watch one local league game no matter what cable company I have . I thought TYC or goldtv would at least show one game but nope I can only watch the libertadores on bein sports

  1. Again Scaloni confuses me with selection – why do we need to call Lo Celso…Is he 100% fit..could have called Lanzini or Pavon or Pity Gonzalez…

    Though Gazzaniga should be called…i can understand there is so much competition..

    • “Again Scaloni confuses me with selection – why do we need to call Lo Celso…Is he 100% fit..could have called Lanzini or Pavon or Pity Gonzalez…”

      Why confused mate? That is the clearest decision. Locelso is healthy and poch has been working him into rotation by subbing in at spurs. When available, he has always been scaloni’s go-to midfielder unlike lanzini, pity, and pavon who have never satisfied him.

      • @el Mongol,

        Does this below list make gives you any belief?

        Guido Rodriguez (America) – Not sure, how many minutes will he get..

        Giovani Lo Celso (Tottenham) – Very slow and cannot hold the ball..good when given lots of space..back from injury..

        Leandro Paredes (PSG) – Need the remaining 10 players to be very strong especially defense..many times proving to be a liability..again this is after Copa..

        Nicolas Dominguez (Velez Sarsfield) – need more minutes..

        Rodrigo De Paul (Udinese) – the real midfielder..workhorse

        Marcos Acuna (Sporting Lisbon) – Very good utility player..

        Roberto Pereyra (Watford) – Not in the best of form…

        Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla)..the only hope with Depaul and Acuna..

  2. Report says that..Ascacibar and Lisandro Martinez wont be released for Olympics. Thats why they are not included. Coach wants to test other players. If they can join..they will be called up for Olympics.

  3. Otamendi, Rojo are seriously damaging this selection. I also believe Pereyra is declining and not a good call up.
    In the U 23 squad, Ascacibar is a must. Ponce is a poor selection, should have called Nahuel Bustos.
    Sadly, the 3 times I’ve watched Senesi for PSV, he way very bad. I think he should be left alone for a while till he picks up his game.

      • Most experienced, sure, ‘best’? HELL NO. It’s ok to call him for the WCQ due to that experience you’re talking about but Otamendi is well past his ‘sell by’ date and for me Kanneman, Pezzella, Licha Martinez and Quarta are all well ahead of him in the pecking order even if the former 2 are solid but unspectacular while the lateral 2 need experience with the senior team. Heck if it’s experience you’re looking for then look no further than Garay, who is still very good despite of Valencia’s troubles.

    • Despite a strong European experience Pizzi showed he was 10 years behind in his style. I was not expecting Pizzi to give chances to the likes of Gaich and Palacios if they were flying, but when u struggle then it was a great excuse to give the youngsters a chance. Good riddance.

  4. Lanus is on fire. After away win against Talleres, now they beat Boca 2:1. Maximiliano Moreno is NT level player (however this is not the time to introduce new players, perhaps after Copa). This guy treat my eyes every game. Almendra is playing more now for Boca and I like what I see from him.

    Heinze’s Velez plays beautyfull football with a lot of bad luck. Robertone and Dominguez are pleasure to watch (Almada and Janson as well).

    • Lucas Vera and Lautaro Valenti from Lanus, Agustin Almendra from Boca also should be on Batista’s list IMO. Don’t know why Vera didn’t got another call up while CB Lautaro Valenti is regular Lanus starter (with goals) being in U-20 category. Not many players in the age have such strong position in the league like Valenti and Vera in Lanus.

      • After 11 rounds Argentinos Juniors is unexpected leader of the table. Lanus goes second. Their strong point is maintaining same starting eleven.

    • Totally agree Gonzalo, Velez is fantastic and they’re getting better and better but they need a finisher real bad. Its also good to see Gago doing well cos he’s always been one of my favorites.
      Nico Dominguez is destined for big things if he keeps this up and Robertone is, IMHO, NT team material especially since he has finally found the consistency that he’s been lacking in the previous 2 seasons. Honestly a Robertone——Colombatto———MacAllister U23 midfield looks pretty good to me.

  5. Di Maria will eventually squeeze into the Copa squad becoz of Messi and Aguero. I don’t know when Di Maria gonna stop his NT career. It’s disturbing to see him come back and fail again and again for the NT. He is over for the NT anyone who thinks else, well nothing to say.

    Really have no idea what Scaloni sees in player like Rojo and Otamendi. Hopefully players like Otamendi, Rojo, Di Maria will be thrown out after the Copa 2020.enoughhhhh of their services.

    Icardi should have been there, don’t know when he is gonna be back. We’re as players like Di Maria r given chances 1000 times just on the basis of their club form. Icardi is not over, he will be back, he has too.

    Looks like Musso is the chosen young GK for us. Andrada should start no matter what. He and Gazzaniga r at the right age to carry on for us for sometime in the GKing position.

      • Andrada had kept clean sheet for Boca for a long time this year. He is in great form right now. He is good with his feet becoz he started as a midfielder. Has great reflex and tall too. Having right age makes him and Gazzaniga apt for us right now.

      • Andrada had kept clean sheet for Boca for a record long time this year. He is in great form right now. He is good with his feet becoz he started as a midfielder. Has great reflex and tall too. Having right age makes him and Gazzaniga apt for us right now.

  6. Our U-17 team win over Cameroon is deserved. Though game (their goalie help us on second goal) but we could have been scoring even more. I like our long passing from deep midfield. Our team was more mature.

    Most importantly we win and likely the weakest opponent in last game give us good chances even to top the group. However Spain scored a lot against Tajikistan.

    • Someone in here expected to see Netherlands in final. So far they have 2 games lost, 1 goal scored and 6 missed.

      • They are in group of death. Imo, Netherlands have more u17 talents than any other countries in the world currently. May be they all not playing for this team.

        Still they have chances to qualify. KO… anything can happen.

    • They have been playing as a team for 2 years now and it shows. Though I’d like to see more quality upfront. Sforza was the star at U15 level but has declined sadly. Hope to see a bit of Velasco in the next match.

  7. This should be the last chance for Nicolas Otamendi…he has stayed in the team too long without performing, and keeping aside his on field performance, his temperament can cause serious damage in a big pressure match situation…

  8. More than the senior team, the U-23 team interest and impresses me. The team is loaded with talent and potential and they seem to have all bases covered. They also have players plying in the European leagues and also playing for big clubs like Boca et al. Still without players like Perez (selected for senior team this time) and Lisandro Martinez, this team looks solid and destined for great success. Having said that, if they fail to qualify for Olympics (because of the current CONMEBOL format and which I do not event want to think about), it would be a huge shock and surprise. And once they do qualify, they are definite medal contenders.
    Any idea which teams the U-23 team is playing against during FIFA November dates ?

    • I think we need some pace and for that di Maria can be crucial for us. Although He is playing as a playmakers for psg, we can’t deny the fact he still got pace.
      Nico Gonzalez may not be ready for NT ATM.

      We need scaloni to find a way to use di Maria or find some other player who can replace him.

      I don’t want the team to be full of the same type of players( either strikers or playmakers)

      We need variety in attack and midfield.

      Instead of dybala I would like to have di maria.( Dybala plays good with juve but with the NT he plays like a trash).

      And people who thinks de Paul is not useful then they should watch last copa America again.( The energy he brings to the team is priceless and rare for us)

      • Yes . Dimaria for Dybala gives more variety. Anyway Dybala dosent look like he will get a proper chance till Messi retires . With Lautaro, Aguero, Messi , Alario,Ocampos & even LoCelso – the front 3 options is crowded. So having a DiMaria over Dybala brings variety to options Scaloni will have during a match. He can be a super sub RW

      • Why are so obsessed with dimarias pace. This is not a marathon. He runs like a headless chicken and crosses like a stupid . And plz don’t bring his PSG performance here. He has been good for them since he joined and equally shit for NT.

        • Argentina should take there best two lineups which is the two best players we have at every position. DiMaria is at least in our second starting 11 and is a top 20 player for Argentina for sure. He should be included on Copa America 2020 roster.

    • I’m concerned about the midfield other than palacios. They were very unorganized and didn’t control possession as they should. Granted Cameroon runs and fouls like crazy disrupting the flow of the game. Forward Goroy, leftback Amione and ATtacking Mid Palacios were the stand outs along with the goalie.

  9. Guido has been picked over everyone else as our only DM , he needs to be played and properly tested !! He was picked for Copa based on performance of one match and we all know what happened after that!!

  10. Good lists.
    The U23 list infact is superb and Belardi is finally back where he belongs! In the u23 he has a chance to start and get some much needed game time and confidence.
    The senior list is good but (as always) has a few head scratchers:
    No licha still!? Very odd but perhaps Ajax allowed him to go to the olympic qualifiers as long as he’s not called up to any of the friendlies? Just a guess because Licha as a CB or a backup (replacement?) to Paredes is very possible.
    Pereyra and Rojo still there? Although as some of you have stated, once the river boys are back, those 2 will be gone (I hope).
    Alexis is in the u23? Now I don’t mind him being in the u23 but he’d a BIG step up from Pereyra if he were to be called up.
    Guido is there instead of Ascacibar is odd, but Santi is having some off-field problems with his club so that might be a factor or maybe (like Licha) the u23 got permission to use him (in the actual qualifiers and not the friendlies) and so he’s not being called up.
    I’m really glad to see Dominguez back and the inclusion of Neuhen Perez is also a welcomed one (I guess Famaliaco have not given him permission to play for the U23).

    I see we’re back to the Dimaria arguments once again!…..Those never go anywhere. I will say this, the WCQ is a long arduous process and any player who can contribute should be included, hence I personally don’t mind seeing Angel included in the team as a BACKUP. He seems to have enjoyed a massive resurgence in recent times when he was moved to the right side and while I think his league 1 form is irrelevant, his CL form cannot be ignored and so once again I wouldn’t mind him being a back up in tough WCQ games.
    As for De Paul, well I see Casablala is back to his usual self! Last season he was one of Serie A’s best players (according to stats and not just my opinion) and not a peep out of you, but now that he’s had 2 terrible games he’s not good enough for the NT? Have you actually watched any of the copa games or any Argentina games recently? The kid is one of the most reliable players in the team, he runs, creates, defends and leaves his skin, blood and sweat on the field. Honestly he reminds of me simeone and Mascherano. Also the reason why he has 0-0 as you call it is because he is constantly tracking back to cover for Paredes’s lack of hustle and help out the RB with defensive duties, that’s the reason why Foyth looked flawless in the Germany game, because Paul was CONSTANTLY double teaming with him against the German players hence why Germany had ZERO attempts from the Argentina’s right side all game!!
    So in conclusion just because some of you are upset that your boy Dimaria isn’t in the team doesn’t mean you take your s**t out on a warrior like DePaul who is, as far as I’m concerned, indispensable for the NT for the near future.

  11. Why are the likes of Pereyra, and Rojo still on the team? Why isn’t Walter Benitez been called up ONCE? Ascacibar and Mammana could set the team alight but here we are with these two guys.

  12. I am happy that Ocampos has finally arrived.
    Was really impressed by Nicolas Dominguez.
    Lisandro Martinez is missing and I hope sometime in the future Ascacibar makes the cut.
    Rojo should never be called but hope after the River players are eligible he vanishes.

  13. I get that the list will not make everyone happy. But I’m baffled to understand why Scaloni keeps giving chance to Pareira and Rojo while ignoring the fact that Paredes is a defensive liability and we need to look for another option. I wanted to see lisandro getting a call for whatever position he suits. Regarding DeMaria and Icardi, you can ignore them but I can bet they will make it increasingly difficult for Scaloni and the partisan supporters. I also regret that Palacios is not paying with the team as much as he should have for whatever the reason it is.

  14. As much i hate but to be honest.
    Both Di maria and Icardi Deserve a call. They are at least better backup than Pereyra, Nico Gonzalez, i dont mind rojo he is doing quite good for United.
    Di Maria always gave his best for the National team. He never got a Chance in that RW. He played out of position all the time and still helped us many time…

  15. Re: U23 – anyone know why batista doesn’t take Benjamin Garré from MC into consideration?
    It’s unfortunate he’s never included, I think that kid is a phenomenal player and has a bright future!

  16. For Di Maria’s hatets…!

    His stats:

    Champions League: 72 matches 20 goals and 25 assists.
    Argentina: 102 matches 20 goals and 22 assists.

    Show me one Argentine player, who can perform better than this… of course other than Messi and Aguero.

    If he doesn’t deserve in 23…tell me who else deserve..?

    • These are his last matches, every player fail in Di Maria place, Correas, Vargas, Gonzalez only Ocampos seems usefull. Scaloni will go only with Foyth, Quarta, Palacios, Nico Dominguez and Lautaro from the youngs to the Copa. The others will play on U23 matches.

      • “These are his last matches, every player fail in Di Maria place”

        yeah, and then Di Maria fail in major tournament. As always. King of club football and flop in NT. I heard that story too many times before every tournament to be naive because of his PSG performances. How long ago he failed another time in NT. Just few months ago, and it was Copa America.

          • “De Paul current level Atalanta-Udinese 7:1 Udinese-Roma 0:4”

            And this is best prove how club performances can be irrelevant when it comes to player value for NT. Di Maria’s PSG is winning by 6 goals, De Paul’s losing by 6. Yet the second is so reliable in NT while Di Maria certainly not.

        • “King of club football and flop in NT.” Mr Robert Lewandowski, king against amateurs in qualifiers, and useless on Euro/WC, and this old motherfucker is still there, but on Euro he will flop again as always. So why?

          • You are not consistant, you hate Di Maria call him a flop…OK but in this case you MUST hate the old polish flop too, if not something wrong with you. So you hate him or not? Cause nobody cares his Bayern form, we know he’ll flop next time on the big stage again.

        • The two of you are arguing about De Paul vs Di Maria but its funny because you’re BOTH wrong. De Paul is a lock for starter and Di Maria should included in 23

          • they are not the same, so comparing them don’t help. one is right footed the other is left footed. yet you get people comparing them. both will not be used under the same tactics. using one over the other implies changing tactics. one might fit one tactics while the other will not. both can not compared in LW because of the above. using depaul on the left means he will be cutting inside and give numerical advantage to the midfield- go back to Argentina vs Colombia in the last COPA and see why DePaul did good while DiMaria did bad- But using Dimaria on the Left means having him play out wide for crosses. but still some will keep comparing them as a LW not mentioning that Depaul is not helpful as PURE LW, but as inverted winger who cuts inside. a winger needs PACE. I actually like to see him as Box to Box midfielder because he puts high work rate. same with DiMaria, either play him as an inverted right winger or more of a central role, which is tough-but doable- while Messi is there.

  17. Scaloni was not paying attention last time. Rojo should not be called again. Terrible mistakes and bad positioning against Germany. He is however correct to skip Correa who did not defend and caused so many problems for Tagliafico who faced 2 opponents against Germsny.

    Messi and Aguero will be determined to get the team right. Next years Copa is probably their last shot at a prize with the NT as the next WC is 3 years away.

    • “He is however correct to skip Correa who did not defend and caused so many problems for Tagliafico who faced 2 opponents against Germany.? What? Correa is one of the best defending winger, Tagliafico was simply bad again, if skip Rojo, Tagliafico too.

  18. Pavon is not a player that should be selected. Do some of you even bother watching games or do you just go by name? He was god-awful for Boca and he now is in the MLS. No more Pavon talk, please.

  19. Only Gonzalez can replace di Maria……I like the decision of selecting Gonzalez.
    Nehuen Perez is also an exciting name.

    When I see the personnel in defence I just can’t see any kind of light at the end of the tunnel.

    I like the names in u23…..very exciting.

    • Gonzalez will be sent to u23 after this two games. I thought Pavon can replace Di Maria…but that’s not going to happen in near future. Nicolas can’t replace Di Maria. May be Buendia can.

  20. Roughly for 2 or 3 year period in 2016-2018 or so approximately we did not have a good process of how to insert young players into the senior squad over a long term bit by bit. Scaloni’s project is doing a good job of giving youngsters a small flavor of the national team to see how these camps and preparations function at the highest level and to get lessons and confidence directly from their seniors so that they can go back either to their clubs or youth NT squads with this richer experience to help their growth. Armed with this lesson the youngsters can see what the path in front of them is.

    We see this with the way he gave gaich, lisandro, balerdi, alexis, vargas a taste of this before sending them off to the junior squads again. Looks like nico gonzalez will get one more taste of this plus this time nehuen perez will also get this experience. But my guess is when time comes for tournament those two will also get sent to youth camp until maturity for senior squad which will propably be post olympics and copa 2020. It seems to my eyes the only youth names scaloni considers absolute must-have in seniors and not needing rotation with the the juniors are foyth, palacios, and nico dominguez (and of course lautaro).

    The only question mark to me in this rotational system is lisandro’s status. Its clear that ajax is blocking his u23 call ups and will probably block the olympics qualifier call up as well. In that case I am of the opinion that scaloni should just call him permanently into the senior squad for these type of friendlies where you don’t have a number limit to teach them a lesson.

  21. They removed Lamela and Vargas from the team. Both Correa also out. Clear sign that Di Maria will comeback. As there is no replacement for him still.

  22. For fucks sake get off Di Maria’s dick. He always plays like shit with us. He always loses the ball and can’t make a good pass in Argentina to save his life. How long will it take for you people to learn. Rojo sucks ass I’d rather have Lisandro Martinez but we don’t need Di Maria

    • “He always plays like shit with us.” Shut up you clown . Di maria has scored and assisted most important goals for Argentina which these useless players like Pereyra , de paul can only dream of. Tagliafico is the most useless player for NT still getting called everytime. When Dimaria played well argentina looked most threatning.

      • Lol playing with Di Maria is like playing down a Amman. He has never showed up in a major tournament. And ALWAYS GETS INJURED YOU FUCKING MORON.

        • Di Maria is still one of the best three Argentine players currently playing in the world. Do you champions League games…? He should be properly used. In his first position, that is right not in the left side

          • Please stop this di Maria things
            Who cares what he does for PSG
            You say champions league
            Really? we all know how desperate
            PSG want to win champions league
            And he couldn’t do nothing to stop
            PSG getting embarrassing exit
            In round 16 against sh..t utd last year.Di Maria don’t deserve to play arg nt.Scaloni and coaching staff acknowledge That.

          • ??? He played brillianty vs MU, gave 2 you blame Di Maria but not De paul after Atalanta-Udinese 7:1 and Udinese-Roma (with 10 men) 0:4 really? (and these was not even top teams)He is the leader and the face of Udinese, but his level is beyond imagination, never ever will score or give assist in NT, Di maria 20 goals 22 assists, poor mans Matuidi 0+0 when will he start to perform finally?

        • “He has never showed up in a major tournament.”
          Scored against switzerlaand in r16 wc 2014.
          Scored against France in R16 in wc 2018.
          Helped Higuian to score against Belgium .
          Assisted to messi against against Ecuador and all of those goals was in much needed condition.
          After Dimaria’s injury Argentina could not score a single Goal either in WC 2014 or Copa 15 and 16. Dimaria has always been one of the most important player for NT.

          • Di Maria played much better in important matches even if he was put out of his natural position. This messi generation won olympic gold. Who scored in the fimsl? The Angel Di Maria.

            The stupid hate towards Di Maria is toxic.

          • Lol and what?? That was all messi bro. The pass was what did it. He is not worth having on the team. He will be out of position will misplace a lot of passes do his headless chicken runs and at the end of it will get injured.

  23. Scaloni is disastrous with the team choice. Emiliano Martinez should not get call over Gazza. Icardi and Di Maria should get call considering their form. Roberto Pereyra is poor as well as Rojo. Lisandro Martinez over Rojo anyday.

    Now, I am hopeless with Scaloni.

  24. Never we are going to understand how our national team coaches brain works..Gazzaniga played a hell of a high intensity match against champions League winner.. Martinez is playing trivial league matches for Arsenal.. but he is picked over Gazza..if Gazza adds good ball distribution skills and little bit confidence he is our valueable asset.. painfully he is not given his deserved experience.. still say we are gambling with a coach who is in learning curve.. nothing wrong with that but those learners must be learning and honing their skills in club football not in national team..

    • Maybe he is not called because of Loris’ injury. Imagine if Tottenham loses Gazza in the middle of the horrendous season start?

      Maybe Scaloni is giving Pochettino a proffesional, Arg to Arg courtesy?

    • Gazza needs to move to club where he is No1 GK . While he played brilliantly against Liverpool , regular play shows the level of consistency.

  25. I don’t know why scaloni is ignoring pavon. We don’t have pacy wingers who to stretch the defenses. This dude has some serious pace and is a good dribbler as well as a passer. He can be effective during counter attacks. No need to call 3-4 strikers.

    • Normally I would wholeheartedly agree with you, but neither Pavon or Pity have played very well since their last national team call ups.

      They should be running the MLS like Zlatan, Rooney, and Vela if they were to be considered again.

  26. Saravia, Rojo, Dominguez, Pereyra, and Gonzalez get one more chance to impress. Nehuen..may be just to get motivated and work hard for the future.
    I think rest are sure bet except GKs.

  27. It’s ok team except Alexis MacAllister missed and Rojo included. MacAllister should be there instead Pereyra. And again: one of Ascacibar/Battaglia should be there.

  28. Why dont scaloni search a proper replacement of paredes. Guido is not a proper back up. There should be one more holding mid fielder. In defence i expected Balerdi.

  29. Zaracho, Vargas, Romero and Balerdi in under 23… Okay…but why Nicolas Dominguez still in NT. Nehuen Perez in NT and not in 23..…?

    4 GKs.. still Gazza out.?

    This u23 can compete against senior team. Why Ascacibar not there.?

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