Lautaro Martinez scores for Inter in loss vs. Borussia Dortmund


Lautaro Martinez scored for Inter in their 3-2 loss to Borussia Dortmund.

The Argentina striker cannot stop scoring. This time, Lautaro scored the first goal of the match as he received the ball out wide, cut inside and scored. That was Lautaro’s third goal in four Champions League matches.


  1. Good coach, but even better motivator, the south american Zidane, his players listen to him. Cup specialist, but with a lot of luck just like Zidane in UCL, on the other side he has never won any championship with the strongest team of south america, which is a big plague spot, and failed against an asian half-amateur team, which is unacceptable. If Barca want to win UCL maybe he is the right man, but never worked with superstars, in Barcelona maybe he would lose his respect. theres he is not a living legend, only a coach from South America, just like Martino was.

  2. This might not be the right place to ask this question. But since most of the members in this blog follows Argentine league, I think this is the right opportunity to ask this question. Is Marcelo Gallardo a very good coach? What’s his style of play? Does his team play a very attacking football by keeping the tactical discipline?

    • Gallardo is an excellent coach, he uses (usually) a 4-3-3 system where his team plays out of the back (thanks to ball playing CBs like Quarta) and attacks directly though it’s midfield (again thanks to ball playing midfielders like Nacho and palacios).
      Gallardo likes to give his youth players a chance (Palacios, Quarta, Montiel, Gallardo, Ferriera etc) and his teams are highly disciplined and know how to play knockout tournaments and play under high pressure, hence why they’re won 2 copa libs and are in the final again.

      It remains to be seen whether Gallardo is the Bianchi, Scolari type of coach (very good in SA but failed completely in europe) or more like Simeone (who had ups and downs in SA but a HUGE success in europe).

    • Yes Gallardo is a very good coach and also a good DT. In terms of player development he has a very good record of bringing youngsters from amateurs into the professional level very fast. Many of potential young players in the senior and youth NT are there because of his work with them. He plays solid flowing passing football with very little meaningless possession and is not afraid to push with his full backs or keep his CB’s high etc. He is fairly fluid tactically and not married to ‘systems’ like a bielsa or sampaoli etc. You will see high presses, counter attacks, low blocks, back 4’s, back 3’s everything depending on the game and opponent. This might sound chaotic but he is always able to transmit his idea clearly to the team giving an indication of his communication ability. Because of his ability to read and adapt like that and out plan opponents over short times I feel he is better as a tournament coach than a league coach mainly because he is always focused on the big cups and not on the league so much. He is also an innovator in certain areas of football training in argentina like the first one to bring in professional female psychologist to help players break mental blocks etc.

      Watch the libertadores final. Jorge Jesus vs Marcelo Gallardo are the best in SA now and should be a great chess match (there will be nervous tight moments as there always is in Copa Lib).

  3. I am an inter fan and it really hurts to see them playing like this, systematically long ball for their strikers. 0 creativity and almost 0 support for Lautaro and need him to do something crazy to score.

    Very poor performance from Lisandro Martinez and Tagliafico which haven’t happened since a while. Lisandro need more experience in high level. I can understand why Scaloni did not select him yet. Tagliafico I like him a lot but his weakness in his tactical sense has been seen during this match. I believe that he will be a much better player if he is used as left midfielder in a 352 or 343.

    • I totally disagree, Tagliafico had a bad first half but in the 2nd half he came alive IMO.
      As for Licha, I don’t think he was poor at all and is yet to have a poor match with Ajax, he simply had nothing to do for about 65 min because Ajax were so dominant and then the 2 red cards came and he went back to his natural position and defended for his life and I for the life of me can’t understand why Scaloni hasn’t called him up yet he called up a loser like Rojo, which demonstrates again that Scaloni is yet to have a clue. Licha is by far agentina’s most skilled defender and while before he wasn’t called up to the senior team because they were hoping to have him for the Olympic squad, now that excuse is gone and frankly there is no excuse not to have him for the senior squad.

  4. Gallardo to Barcelona after Copa Libertadores. Hope he can hold the championship for the second time in a row, Lautaro will follow him during summer transfer period. Actually Lautaro has scored one of the most sensational goals in this round and again showing his quality and self confidence to the world class clubs

  5. Icardi was unfortunate sacked by Conte, he should shine with Martinez and bring the glory back to Inter.. attitude does matter

    where is my Romance king…

    • It’s just a loan for Icardi. If Psg and no club else buys him, he will need to return to Inter. My dream is to see Lo Celso behind him and Lautaro in this attack. Eventually Tagliafico and Foyth. They need badly a new left winger back and a right CB in this 352.

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