Rumored Argentina 2020 away shirt


The rumored Argentina away shirt for 2020 has been leaked.

Per website TodosSobreCamisetas, Argentina’s 2020 away kit will have a lighter look while also using a different shade of blue. Here’s the rumored shirt:

Rumored away 2020 Argentina shirt.
Rumored away 2020 Argentina shirt.


  1. For the general hate for chileans i think Arturo vidal is really good player. This type of player is really hard to find these days. A team with him has that extra plus with them always. He can play a cb,cm,rb,cf,cdm to great effect coupled with his tenacity grit and fairly good passing,he can be real force from bench and when starting. Today he was employed as cf in front of messi and was covering the whole ground!!. Hoping that our team could have a player like him atleast in 23 man squad. Vamos!!

  2. Based on the playing time with their club, Emilano Martinez, Rojo, Otamendi, Foyth, Paredes, Lo Celso should not be here. I’d rather go for Benitez, Quarta, Buendia, Zaracho and Lisandro Martinez, all of them deserve the national team. Otherwise Pereyra has played really bad with his club, I’d go for Di Maria. The truth is if the player plays well with the club doesn’t mean he’ ll be good at NT. But if the guy doesn’t play at all with his club, it’s impossible that he can be a different player with the NT.

    Based on their form of this start of season, my 11 will be:

    Marchesin-Quarta, Pezzella, Tagliafico-De Paul, Zaracho, Lisandro Martinez, Acuna-Di Maria-Messi, Lautaro

    • Di Maria will always give 9 out of 10 performance for his club. But he wont give a 4 out of 10 performance for the NT 99 percent of time. Its a proven fact. He is over for the NT with all due respect, He is a great player but for NT he don’t and wont cut the cake. If Scaloni don’t call him again, even for the Copa also, that means Scaloni is a wise coach.

      Same goes for Rojo. His time with NT is over. Otamendi and Aguero atleast can play in the Copa. But not Rojo and Di Maria.

      • “Di Maria will always give 9 out of 10 performance for his club. But he wont give a 4 out of 10 performance for the NT 99 percent of time.”

        I really would like to ask this LEGIT question:
        Why Dimaria’s club performance is better than NT ?
        What is the reason that he is brilliant at his club more than the NT?
        mind puzzling !
        some might come and say he does not care about NT which is B.S, but really why?

        • Playing for the Club and playing for the NT is entirely different,In Clubs, The Players r training each other every day, whereas for the NT the Players r training together only 2 or 3 days at best, that too most of the times the players who are playing in one match may not be repeated in the next match due to injury and other reasons (Which we r so much accustomed of).

          That’s the best logical answer I have.

          Now the position, Di Maria is playing his best when he is played in the Right side for his Club, where as in the NT 95% of times he is playing in the Left side, Why? Who is there in the Right Side? Its Messi, he can’t be shifted to the Center to benefit Di Maria? Isn’t it? Messi can’t be sacrificed for Di Maria, whereas Di Maria can be sacrificed for Messi, It’s as simple as that, Di Maria’s best match ever for the NT was (even if it was a friendly) was under Tata Martino (His first match as our Coach against Germany) Di Maria absolutely destroyed Germany that day. Was Messi playing that match? NO, It’s a strange coincidence.

          Whatever it is even nowadays Di Maria is not even clicking for the NT at the Right side too. He was downright poor when he played there during the Copa 2019. So his Chapter is and should be closed as far the NT is considered. It’s better for Argentina NT. We have better Alternatives now, De Paul has been a revelation, Acuna is so good in the Left, Ocampos if continues his good form will sound the Death Bell for Di Maria’s NT Career. Its up to the Coach as always. Lets see. Will Di Maria be back again for the umpteenth time for the next Copa?

        • Di Maria is not a Choker, not at all, in fact had he played in the WC 2014 final, the outcome may have been different, may be or May not, we never know, He is a great player, the most creative after Messi even now also for any Argentine player out there, It’s a shame that he hasn’t even tried in the Centre for us, I remember there was a time in ever match Di Maria will have an assist for RM.

          But I don’t think Di Maria can take us anywhere now, moving forward. Acuna, De Paul deserve more playing time than Di Maria. He had his moment he had his time, For a long time. But like everything in life, there is a timeline for everything. The show must go on with New players.

          Choker is Higuain if we are looking for a player to fit that tag that is him.

          • I think your description is valid and logical. Of course there comes an end time for every beginning. as I said Scaloni should pick players who fill his plans, and should also play most players at the position they used to daily in their clubs. with very few exceptions for players who are multi positional. like depaul for example

      • Unfortunately, no coach tried Di Maria as 10 in a deeper and more central position, Messi as right half 9 with another striker like Lautaro, kind of 3412. I believe strongly that will work. The whole point is to put 7 hard workers especially the midfielders who are comfortable with the ball and can run and win back the ball easily. You give total freedom to Di Maria like what Tuchel does, it’ll be at least 1 assist per match.

        • I think it will be tough for DiMaria to take a deeper Role, he spent most of his career as a forward, and a forward instinct will always drive him to go ‘forward’ , I don’t think he can track back as needed. it will be tough to have 2 players roaming in a free role -I am talking about Messi and Fideo-, just like my friend Mik said, who would sacrifice Messi for Dimaria? unless Scaloni can unlock his potential and replicate his ‘club’ performance for the NT, he should think twice about using him and in what role. He might be helpful in the WCQ as it is a long process but def. he won’t be there in 2022.

  3. I think our CB pair are good may be they
    are going through bad phase in their club.Quarta Martinez is good.Otamendi needs some rest.Rojo needs to be disciplined he has got skills and experience.Pezzela is difficult to judge but his pace is problem for me

  4. This looks good, I was hoping the Black kit may bring us a change in fortune, Well that didn’t go as expected, Back to the basics… I always liked the Gabriel Batistuta era Jersey. The First World cup i saw was 1994. So that jersey and the 1998 Jersey hold top place in my heart.


    I hate that arcade game, but their potential predictions would be interesting. ARG players on the list:
    GK TOP Donnarumma 92 Roffo 82 Olses Racing Club 82 Pourtau 80

    Defenders TOP De Ligt 93 Nehuen Perez 84

    Midfielders TOP Havertz 92 Sancho 92 Thiago Almada 92 Macallister 89 Palacios 87 Urzi 87 Maroni 86 Ferreira 86 Almendra 85

    Strikers TOP Mbappe 95 De la Vega 88 Alvarez 85

  6. Yes we are in dire need to replace Tagliafico.Gonazalo i think E.Gomez is better choice for Argentina national team.He is fast good crosser and work horse.He is perfect for Argentina.

  7. Lanus with another win, away against Huracan 1:0. While Maximiliano Moreno and Lucas Vera are continuing their form, this time the winning touch was part of Pedro De La Vega who cam off the bench.

    • I was mentioning the two players before here and there but must to repeat that Enzo Diaz from Talleres and Elias Gomez from Argentinos are interesting leftbacks. Especially Enzo Diaz, with his physical conditions.

  8. I have always liked all Argentina jerseys , but has to say that , the away jersey of 2014 wc has to be the best one of all time , especially that mixture of dark and mid blue colour ,along with the golden markings , it was the best .
    Wondering , how’s goona the home jersey look like ?

  9. This away kit is dope.
    Of course I like all Argentina jerseys but the worst ones have been 2012-2018. Best jersey was 1998-2002, especially on batistutas model like face and figure lol

  10. i like this away shirt.
    unique as i am able to remember.
    i like it very much but for my personal taste a little bit more i prefer the away shirt of 2018 world cup.

  11. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
    What about the home?? Footyheadlines said that a home kit will also be released in next year..

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