Gio Lo Celso scores first goal for Tottenham in win vs. Crvena Zvezda


Gio Lo Celso scored his first goal for Tottenham in their 4-0 win vs. Crvena Zvezda.

Lo Celso made it 1-0 following what can only be called as defensive mistake after defensive mistake. Several chances and failed clearances in the penalty area lead to Lo Celso opening the scoring.


    • Once again we see how much more difficult is to win a tournament than just to have technically elite players. You need luck, mental determination and and warlike morale, pression-resistant psychology, calmness.

      • Above all I think we felt too strong and for the reason the team underestimated Paraguay. ANyway I’m sure we have group of talented boys here.

  1. Our problem is our Argentinean style of play. Its great but not as affective in Modern day football. It looks good and i still love it but no result. It has to change and for that we need European coach to bring a variety in our style of play. Kinda like fusion. We keep our style but add up different tactics. We prolly have and had the best players in the game for the last 20/30 years. Its not Maradona era anymore. We have to move forward.

  2. What a bottlejob, the team that won U15 Sudamericana final from 2 goals deficit, and had to win against Brazil with 3 goals on U17 Sudamericana…chokes. Just like U20 ARG team they beat themselves, psychologists ASAP…btw Palacios passing is world class, 2 surreal through balls but Zeballos-Velasco change cost us the match…he was the most dangerous player…plus Godoy with 2 big wasted chances…

  3. Arg u17 – 2 goals up
    A good team. Zeballos, Godoy and Amione are very impressive. Unfortunately Amione (CB) will miss the next match if we are thru. But 1 player who is very especial, he is Matias Palacios, He reminds me of Requelme. Very good on the ball and a true playmaker. This team will be another golden generation.

  4. Palacios =kovacic
    De Paul = Vidal
    Ocampos left midfielder with freedom to run in wings
    Lb unfortunately tagliafico who is yet to prove in nt but I prefer acuna over him
    Cb duo quarta and pazella(need better option than pazella) ,rb foyth
    Parades deep lying playmaker
    Upfront messi and lautato with subs dybala and alario
    And now we need someone like fabinho and jorginho as cdm who are modern destroyers with good passing skills ,can tackle ,intercept , anticipate opponents attack ,start attack

  5. I think many mundo fans here should realize Lo Celso is not a 8, that’s why Setien used him as half 9 or 10 when he played in Betis and that’s why he was so good with around 15 goals and same number of assists. If you ask him to get the ball from a very deep position and hold it until he finds a target like Verratti or Xavi, it’s not his stuff. He likes to receive the ball in a more advanced position and then use short dribble or his vista to make the difference, same kind of player as Pastore. Last night he was used in this position and Alli was more box to box, with 2 powerful holding midfielders, it worked quite well.

    I believe that Scaloni should put a real CM(Palacios, Zaracho, Nico) or box to box winger(Acuna, Cervi, Buendia) as the 3nd midfielder next to his proteges Paredes and De Paul, then let Lo Celso in the playmaker position behind Messi and Lautaro. That makes more sense.

    Some may argue that it should be Messi in 10 but the truth is Messi is not a natural playmaker even though he can do the job. There is 1 necessary quality to be a playmaker that Messi doesn’t have, is to know how to play for the others.

    • LO celso was top 3 on the team in ball recoveries and tackles. so he does have the ability defensively compared to most 10s or half 9s. Also we require more CMs in our team than 10s or half 9s.

    • @canadienroyal – I agree with you..but very much eager and frustrated to see the actual 11 players…for me it is like..we believe these are few players who are going to start..then suddenly they are not available and then another new 5-6 players in squad and again a new set…

    • Good points with Lo Celsos positioning and i like your mid choices.

      For starters, i just couldn’t bench one the planets most lethal strikers for Lo Celso. We lack goal and Aguero is incredibly dangerous and clinical. i’d also put Messi in the hole…he’s just too good and i thought the Martinez – Aguero – Messi trident was great and would like to see more of it.

  6. Heard rumours about Mancity trying to sign Racing’s 16 year old CB Elías Machuca.
    Never heard of him can anyone tell me how good he is and his potential ?

  7. I may be wrong but with Messi there, every other left footed Players who play in the right side may struggle to find space or playing time, (Dybala, Lo Celso, if Nacho is picked ever), All these left footers operating space is invaded by Messi, because he is Messi He can do better than any other player in roaming around all over the pitch. Bar Acuna and Di Maria (Who both have to play in the Left wing) Its strange. Again I may be wrong. I always though 2 great players can easily operate together, but that came wrong with Messi and Dybala. They haven’t shown any spark together I guess till now.

  8. Paulo Gazzaniga should be in the team along side Musso,Andrada. Armani is too old to invest when we have other young promising GK available.

  9. I said before and I’m saying now
    Gio lo celso is the best midfielder player
    Argentina have righ now I hope scaloni
    Make good use of him .

    Giovani Lo Celso’s performance in stats
    102 touches (1st)
    79 passes (3rd)
    Three crosses (1st)
    Three shots (3rd)
    Five tackles (1st)
    Eight recoveries (2nd)

    Note someone said other day
    juan foyth s young otamendi
    no I don’t think so in my opinion
    Juan foyth is like more Sergio Ramos
    type player . Foyth so good on the ball
    Comfortable to play right back
    Ad good as he is very good CB.

    • > I said before and I’m saying now. Gio lo celso is the best midfielder player. Argentina have righ now I hope scaloni. Make good use of him .

      Agreed with Lo Celso. I don’t think Scaloni can make it work with Paredes. De Paul and Acuna seem to work with Paredes the best. Perhaps Lo Celso may do better with more defensive energetic mid next him instead.

        • No le celso will be better than parades as playmaker but not deep lying midfielder because parades is press resistant unlike le celso who need to improve his press resisting skill and pochentinho can definitely help him

        • “I said before and I’m saying now
          Gio lo celso is the best midfielder player
          Argentina have right now”

          based on what? because so far he was not that impressive in the NT? can you name how many matches he was great out of the 20 matches or so he played?

          and Paredes would be better than him in a deeper role.

      • I don’t think Scaloni will come back to his decision in short term. Paredes is his number one DM, De Paul is the box to box, the 3nd player need to be strong defensively enough in order to compensate Paredes and that should be either Acuna or Nico Dominguez. The other contenders are Zaracho, Palacios and Cervi.

        • Scaloni will probably use 4132 in the coming matches. Paredes behind 3 midfielders and Messi with Lautaro in final third. Competitions for places are good to see. Every one will fight for their places in the team. Palacios, LoCelso, Dominguez, Acuna, Depaul…all ready to start.

    • Foyty is definitely better in rb than CB ,he makes rash decisions and error as CB and you always pick half of my statement I said “he is like young otamendi but there is always room for improvement because he is young”

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