Argentina lose to Paraguay at U17 World Cup


Argentina lost 3-2 vs. Paraguay and are eliminated from the U17 World Cup.

Despite leading 2-0, Argentina found themselves allowing three consecutive goals and are out in the Round of 16 with Paraguay advancing. Zeballos and Godoy scored both goals and after Paraguay came back with three of their own, Palacios would receive a red card.


  1. Another stellar performance from Messi! Man the guy is unbelievable! It is not the first time that Barcelona turned to be an one man show, Messi’s show, but the fact that he literally makes free kicks seem like penalties is just unbelievable! Two consecutive free kicks, speechless!

    Argentina is gifted with unique, special talent, always was and always will be, but wrong people on the helm were one of the main reasons that we are suffering this paradox trophyless drought. But as i have said not a long time ago, i am cautiously optimistic, i have a good feeling and i am trying to keep myself gounded at the same time. I know that we don’t have a high profile coach now, but i think that he is quite intelligent, capable of adapting according to respective circumstances, he is flexible which i think that it is very important and he is also accompanied by great stuff, i love the fact that Ayala, Samuel and especially Aimar is around. I think that we are doing small steps on the right direction and this is the way it should be. Coaching stuff and the team are growing as a whole and what is also very important for me is that the fighting spirit and players willing give their blood for the shirt is there! There is a very nice and interesting article in golazo argentino about Hermes Desio and if someone in here has not read it yet i recommend to so.

    Mundo is a great place, accompanied by different people from different places from around the world and it is my honour to be just one of them, one of everyone in here, because all of us, no matter how different we are each other, no matter if we agree or disagree, we all have the same madness, the same addiction, we all love the same team and we all share the same dream which is witnessing our beloved team being on the top of the world again!

    I hope we all celebrate alltogether soon,


    • Its strange that Messi looks far more comfortable with Free kicks than Penalties (As per him too). Well the main thing i can see is While taking Free kicks there is no pressure(Even if he scores or not scores no one will blame him) Where as penalty if he don’t score, its an embarrassment. That pressure makes him miss some.

    • Tuchel rotates Icardi with Cavani so no chance, Messi doesnt give a shit, Lewandowski will, before he flops in UCL final stages and on Euro again. So who cares?

  2. What i see in every match Lautaro in 2nd is not even 50% of the Lautaro in 1st half, scaloni should not hesitate to sub him off with Alario or Dybala if his performance detoriates in 2nd half.
    He should also give a try to Lo celso and Ascacibar pivot in midfield for atleast 45 mins in some friendly . Although we dont a player with paredes profile (holding the ball) but he is weak defensively and his passes are not dangerous enough.

    • very true… and Inter played like Lautaro is second best after Lukaku…
      Lautaro has better finishing quality than Lukaku…

      from PSG game => Icardi is scoring goals every game..good luck Mauro

  3. Was just thinking How long we all have been waiting for a Senior NT trophy.

    What will happen when we finally win the WC or the Copa. (2 Titles I think is the most prestigious in World Football along with of course Euro)

    It will be wonderful when we finally win something. It will be more enjoyable because of the waiting. An unexpected win would be great. When will it be?


  4. We lost too many chances and unfortunately in football when a team does not convert its chances this kind of shit usually happens. Frustrated..

    So much annoyed by the fraud yellow team supporters as well. Those guys are something else! Every time we had the ball they were booing and every time the opposition had the ball they were cheering! But one of the many proofs of how pathetic they are were in 2014 wc final where they were rooting for the team that humiliated them by 7 goals in their own backyard because they couldn’t even think that we would have been champions in their own country! How we missed that!

    I expect Argentina fans booing the yellow frauds in 2020 copa at every single touch of the ball in every single game!

    • we lost because as i told you my friend some days before we was not serious team.
      big talent in our kids but the talent is not enough to be a strong team.
      in every game we played only one half.
      the most of our kids didn t listen to Aimar.
      they played for their selfs and not for the team.
      they play without order and keep the ball only for themselves to show their skills.
      for get future transfer.

      and in end MY FRIEND we lost because we play with ARROGANCE.
      this was the key word. we pay our ARROGANCE.

      as about Brasilians they behave as they behave always.
      what exactly shock you in their behavior i don t understand you.
      this was normal.
      they don t like us and OF COURSE we don t like them.

      • I was not shocked my friend, i was just annoyed. I expected that from the yellow frauds anyway, but still annoyed. I agree with everything you said my friend. For example, about Palacios, the kid has tremendous talent, although i like Zeballos a little bit more, but i got quite many times irritated by his arrogant and selfish actions. The kids are very talented but quite undisciplined if you ask me.

        • yes it is exactly my point. Palacios and 2-3 of our bigger talents they was playing for their selves and not for the team.
          did you notice Aimar face when tv show him?
          his face show everything during second half.
          specific 2-3 times tv show him in the moment that Palacios and one other that i forget now (maybe Zeballos) that they lost ball from selfish actions and Aimar irritated from their undisciplined.

          i was very angry yesterday. not because we lose but because our arrogance.

    • I love aimar and think he’s done a great job training this team in basics and his mindset was obvious in how the boys tried to play out when in trouble.
      But really in my view his substitutions and approach effected the game in the end. Obviously the zeballos move effected the game offensively. But even before that there was trouble.
      I identify this with (a) the way he chose to use luciano vera in a wing/wide midfield type role and (b) the particular midfield subs he made and their timing. vera obviously has potential and it was clear he is good when deployed in channels (after all his training is in full backs). The best place to see this was in our first goal where he found room to play that great cross onto zeballos head.

      But in the second half when the Paraguayans pushed further higher into the pitch to press our base centrally, the support from the wide mid/wing did not come in time. I don’t really blame the boy as defending in the channels is different from defending centrally coming into the middle. At that point I thought the like for like sub of ayala for fernandez was curious. Throughout the first half fernandez was holding deeper and medina was positioned higher, involved with more interchange with palacios in sort of a inverted triangle. At 2-0 and under attack I thought the sub should have been ayala for medina instead for more solidity. When the base was disturbed the mids of medina-ayala-vera was confused. This is very clear in the build up of first Paraguayan goal where there is a duel right in the middle but these guys were hesitating in challenging before the ball was lobbed forward into our box. He did try to fix this then by moving vera to LB and bringing sforza in the middle. but both ayala and sforza could not settle in such a heated moment as they were not in the rhythm of the game. you can see this in their slower reactions in the second goal, sforza in recognizing the cross field ball and ayala in stepping out to clear the lines. Again at 2-2 aimar wanted to go for the kill but by subbing everyone by 70th minute he was caught now. So he had to actually use ayala now to push up the pitch to add numbers leaving sforza behind and opening a hole in the base allowing Duarte to suck the CB’s out.

      In contrast the Paraguayans did not make their second and third changes until injury time to kill things. they just used some patience to hit at right times. So a little bit of inexperience substituting a game combined with a desire to play a certain way in my view. But whatever its a kids tournament and if he is able to drill skills (which he is) rather than strategy I am more than happy.

      edit: i agree with cox about the show off skills part. the rabonas by medina and vera made me angry lol. a rabona always make me angry. you should be able to use both feet unless your name is messi.

    • This lost is carbon copy of lost against Mali in U-20 WC final stages. We lose against team we are clearly more potent.

  5. But one thing is for sure: Mundo is a great place isn’t it guys? I have been regular to the site from its old site maybe from 2009 when Seba and co were running the site and till this day, everyday I log in to check news and when some of the frustrations which I have gets reflected in other members comments, it gives some kind of comfort lol…

    As I have some serious energy today to write down something here which I seldom have, I want to say something which makes Mundo quite a place. Some members who make Mundo no less than a movie:

    Wisest of the all and whose comments I look forward to: mamoun elpipita

    Encyclopedia about local league and handy information: Gonzalo

    Old fox who rarely comes out these days but when madness and nonsense gets out of hand he emerges: Jack!

    Sensible guys with accurate analysis: petro,Insider, Mik, Godin11, Choripan

    No bullshit to the point ( Nice and straight) : Tony Montana

    Nice Sober guys with proper analysis: Munawar Choudhury, Shubham_V , SulaV \, amit, Ghostdeini

    Finally an Argentinian residing in Argentina which gives whats its like there plus a die hard River fan: coz4

    Twin Villains for most: Csabalala, Mrinal1235 ( I do think they have diff. perspective and we must respect that)

    Tom and Jerry show: Csabalala and Gonzalo

    Ultra Positive one and nothing can hamper his optimism: Taufan Yudhistira

    When things gets tough we need some humor and here comes: Romance King

    When humor get overdosed and we start to get irritated: The One and Only Romance King

    Overall a complete package and I love it! 😀 (No offense to anyone ;))

    P.S. I do miss old time poster specially pablo.d! Where are you bud? Hope its going down well down there in NZ 🙂

    • Waveride, Canadien Royal, and EnganChe are also great Mundo members whom I personally read their thoughts and analysis as much as I like reading Mamoun and Vimal’s. BTW, haven’t seen Chalz and Mostiaque for quite a long time, hope they are doing well.

    • Nice one man
      El Mongol is another great guy
      When comes to analysis the nt.
      EnganChe very good guy easy and nice.
      Ghostdeini: is the one enjoy most reading his posts. Even though
      He doesn’t post that much now days.

    • Thank you for acknowledging my existence ! I have been part of this family since 2011 and have learnt so much about the beautiful game and our beloved team!! Thank you everyone! 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words Jazz.
      As for the u17, well I won’t lie it was a painful loss, especially since this team was superb and the loss itself mirrors that of the U20 team just a few months ago. However I am seeing continued improvements in the youth sides and I still have hope for the olympics team.
      I would also like to add that I think Pablo Aimar has potential and I hope he uses this experience to continue his growth and maturity as a coach.

    • Where is the legendary Kidulthood. I like his long write ups.

      El Mongol is another brilliant analyst.

      Ebo is another cool guy.

      Sabellista is another one. I miss some names.

      As per me Everyone has an opinion different views, some which we may like, some we may not. we can’t always expect others to say things which we like. Vice versa too.

      Mundo is nice place to hang out, I have been visiting here since 2012…Time flies. I have taken multiple breaks from here like everyone.

    • Oh Yeah lots of epic names got missed out like EnganChe and Batigol and Oh boy one of my fav Mr. Sabellista but was trying to showcase how versatile has Mundo become in a decade!! lol @ about Kidulthood’s ghost still hunting this place. How can I forget him! His only downfall was being obsessed with the certainty that Ghana will be beating Germany and Germany bumping out of the WC2014 in the group stage 😉


  6. Any guys remember Dortmund vs Inter Milan champion league match this week only Icardi can able to bring silverware for Argentina

  7. Posting here after an era. I was really pissed out after today’s morning result as u-17 is the only significant trophy which is missing from our cabinet plus thought AFA got it right this time by putting Aimar and co. in the helm. But it seems the trend continues: Being one of the best team in paper, few good games and all of a sudden puff.

    I miss those old days when Argentinian players were badass and opponents were afraid to face us. Even though this is just an u-17 but Paraguay were more physical and acted like a bad boys!! I have noticed this trend from 2006 WC of us being nice and decent guys accepting defeat gracefully. I like Scaloni for the fact that last Copa it was different as despite losing to Colombia and Yellow Shit, we fought like animals and were unpleasant to opponents. But the sad part about u-17 was Aimar and co being too nice and no urgency after going 3-2 down in the final 10 minutes ( Some thing similar to Messi’s awful free kick without even testing Neuer in the WC final dying minutes.)

    • Bad luck too, but I think it’s more of desregarding of opponent, being convinced we are much better so we can afford to play rabona’s and others instead fight for every inch of the pitch. Paraguay will of win were prevailed.

    • It’s not via bad luck…..we loose because of lack of hard work especially in the midfield.
      And why aimar subbed off zeballos who was the best player for us in the tournament.
      He was always taking on defenders , getting into the box time after time ,always running behind paraguayan defence and was also working hard.

      Matias palacios didn’t impress me in this tournament.( I don’t like playmakers who can’t work hard for the team). I hope he find a right coach to improve him in the future.

  8. Thanks, Boys… The result will be a good experience for Argentina in the next matches for all the categories (Senior and Junior)…

    No matter what…., Go Tango! Vamos Argentina!!!

    GOD bless you all…

  9. old style romantic passing argentinean football overrun in the second half by a practical team in the base of midfield and by quick breaks. Those boos and whistles from the brazilian crowd definitely worked on unsettling the team a lot as well. though to me u17 loss does not hurt like the u20. after all even nigeria has won u17 like 6 times or so. good news is still the prospects out there – palacios, zeballos, godoy, lomonaco for me personally.

  10. Same crap keeps happening when it comes to these U-21 20 and 17 teams……good and solid teams winning and all of a sudden something happens and its OVER!

      • I was traveling tonight and the best I could do was watch the game on my phone, jumping up and down in the car after the two scores BUT and I STRESS BUT, I had this feeling that something bad was going to happen and sure enough, it got bad, worse and then BULLSHIT and then I stopped watching.
        U-20, the frgging game was won, then they let them back into the game into extra time and that same MOTHERF***** Ref. from Copa was referring the game and his UNCLEAR instructions to both teams is what caused that comeback score that led into PKs

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