South American draw for World Cup qualifiers in December


The draw for the South American 2022 World Cup qualifiers will take place in December.

It was announced earlier that the draw for the 2022 South American World Cup qualifiers would take place on 17 December. Argentina will find out who they will be playing and in which order when the draw takes place.


    • Gomez, Ascac, Lisandro Martinez, Lamela, Gazzaniga, and Benitez omissions never made any sense.

      Ascac i get since he is in german 2 but the rest are a mystery

      • Lisandro has received called up to the NT,just hasn’t made an appearance. Gomez is great but I think Scaloni prioritized youth so he chose Ocampos(who is also good). But I agreed that Lamela, Gazzaniga and Benitez deserved some chances.

  1. Lamela will suffer most then Foyth and then Lo celso.Lamela’s time at Spur is limited.He will be shipped out just like Mohd Salah to Liverpool from Chelsea.Mourinho is strong persanality no room for emotions.But Foyth has ability to win Mourinho’s heart.

  2. the squad for sub 15 sudamericana has come ………..
    why leonel angel coira has been not included he has played with real madrid boys and then moved to boca,….. his movement are similiar to that of messi

  3. As per me only few positions r left for Scaloni to work on. He already has a base set of players while some players don’t have apt back ups. But still the Midfield and Attack looks set.

    Our main worry is Goal keeping. Armani, Andrada, Marches in is the preferred 3 of Scaloni. As of now Armani looks to be the favourite of Scaloni. Whereas i think Andrada should be the one among the 3 to be given more chances. His distribution is brilliant. While his positioning against Uruguay was questionable. That single match decreased his chances of being the Number 1.Marchesin is a good GK. But he is a Number 3 at best for us. It’s ridiculous that all the 3 above perform in such a high quality for their clubs but for the NT they become 50 percent even with their positioning. Which is frustrating to see.

    Players like Gazzaniga, Musso, Benitez etc literally r not expected to start for us anytime soon at least until Copa 2020.They have to be given chances soon. Becoz Armani is 33 and Marchesin is 30 which is on the wrong side of the age group. Whereas Andrada is 28 only so he can carry on for us for some years.

    I think Andrada, Gazzaniga, Musso should be 3 GKs with Gazzaniga as starter. Anyway let’s see.

    Another position Scaloni haven’t solved is the CB pairing. We need to replace Otamendi sooner after Copa. While Pezzella have still time in his side. RB is for now looks a position which will be destined for Foyth(He will improve with each game) and LB is desyined for Tagliafico. But I think we need a better CB pairing. Kannemann should be started more. Along with some more options like Quarta etc etc. Qualifiers is a long process so I think during those process we will be seeing more players…

  4. It’s gonna be a hard process for us. SA qualifiers r literally the toughest Europe has far more luxury with way less quality team. Whereas SA all teams easily among the top 50 in the world. After scoring hatrick against some small teams suddenly some fools who don’t have any idea about football will start to clamor for European players. Especially for the Lady gaga.

    Now we shouldn’t be frustrated becoz we know the truth. But when ever searching something about Messi these annoying news comes. With ridiculous titles. It’s frustrating that still some literally think that Messi is not the best. Frustrating…

  5. Armani,
    Montiel, Martínez Quarta, Pinola, Casco,
    Enzo Pérez; Fernández, Palacios, De La Cruz;
    Borré and Matías Suárez will be our starting 11 tomorrow.

    Gallardo confirm it.

  6. Y Dale alegría alegría mi corazón,
    La Copa Libertadores es mi obsesión
    Copamos Belo Horizonte y Asunción,
    Bostero vos lo miras por televisión
    ¿Qué vas hacer?
    Si vos no tenes los huevos de River Plate


  7. Tomorrow is the one game CL final River – Flamengo in Lima.

    When I see the current form of Flamengo it’s hard to say River is favourite of the game. No way. Flamengo seems to be stronger than Boca in last final. I could even say this is strongest opponent in Gallardo’s coaching career.

    • Feeling bad for chilenos right now. The country is such a mess they had to cancel the FINAL game in Santiago and move it to Lima. Bolivia, Colombia, etc too..

    • Anyway I hope this new formula of one-game final ((both in Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana) will turn out to be for the best.

    • Why so strong? Their best player is an Inter flop, how many brazilian NT players there? 0? A lot of old players Diego Alves, Filipe Luis, Rafinha, Diego etc.

      • destroyed is your mind and reality constantly proves that. Are you drunked again? What has Barcelona to Flamengo?!

        BTW Saravia is flop for you, yet enough good for NT. So no matter their best player failed in Inter.

        • ” I could even say this is strongest opponent in Gallardo’s coaching career.” “What has Barcelona to Flamengo?! ” What are you talking again idiot? Amnesia?

          • I know you are in hard psychical crisis and frustration after recent Argentina performances but again you are shooting at moonbeans. COmpletely irrelevant to compare Flamengo 2019 with Barcelona few years ago. Besides I’m not even thought opponent out of South America.

            Flamengo beat 2017 edition winner (and semifinalsts 2018) Gremio 5:0, their are absolute leader in league… These are arguments.

            You are rude, uncivilized man no one asks this question. Stay away bitter man. No one need your crazy standards before every game. This is boring

    • football is football.
      i believe we can win.
      as everybody inside RIVER we believe we can win.

      just to inform you that the cost to travel in Lima with airplane became huge for the majority of River fans because some pigs travel agents find the opportunity because this final to increase the travel cost to Lima this days.

      i know because of that reason huge number of our fans started by BUS to Lima.
      i am speaking about 4000 km of travel by BUS.

      all this people believe to our win and that is why they make this trip.


      • > i know because of that reason huge number of our fans started by BUS to Lima. i am speaking about 4000 km of travel by BUS.

        No surprise after the 2015 FIFA club world cup where 15-20,000 river fans traveled to Japan! such amazing support.

  8. I haven’t commented in a long while but I’m on here everyday, I know some people have mentioned this name before, but I logged in again to comment and say , Lisandro Martinez is a missing piece , I have watched all the Ajax game this season, this player could be used alongside Paredes because he is a great defensive player ( Original position is CB, nowadays midfielder ) and he is so creative for a defender , personally I have rarely seen anything like this especially for 21 years old, He can also play cb his original position , we lack in CB position and midfield from what I know and I’ve read on here , and he can do both . I’m going to link 2 videos of his highlights in 2 matches and you guys judge , why the fuck is this guy not with us. ,

  9. The best formation for me with our current players will be a 3412,

    Team A:
    Quarta, Pezzella, Lisandro Martinez
    De Paul, Zaracho, Paredes, Acuna
    Ocampos, Lautaro

    Team B:
    Foyth, Kannemann, Otamendi
    Buendia, Nico Dominguez, Palacios, Tagliafico
    Di Maria
    Alario, Aguero

      • With respect, I think that’s wrong statement. I thought Bilardo used this system with success. Scaloni also tried 3 back line…even against Germany in second half.

        • Its so risky. Everything depends on the fitness, depth and health of your wing backs basically. And not for just one game or two. Because there is no real concept of starter rotation in month long tournaments it basically is playing and depending on our weakest core group (wide wingers/backs) for every game every fourth day. Many managers have a 3ATB solution when they fall behind in games to add numbers in final third. I think its good scaloni has that plan for 25-30 minutes or a half but I’d rather trust that acuna and saravia and whoever else is chosen for that to cover the entire length for just that much duration only for specific instances and not 90 minutes every game.
          Even major international teams don’t really play that anymore. I think Belgium is the only one even southgate dropped his. I just don’t think it’s a good tournament wide strategy, maybe in a qualifier here or there.

        • With respect to you, Bilardo’s system was 30 years ago, different time, different age, different football.
          As for the Germany game, well the 1st half was so bad that in comparison the team looked good in the 2nd that doesn’t mean that 3 is the way to go.

          There is a reason why most national teams choose to go 4 at the back instead of 3 because very few teams have the players required to pull off 3 a t the back.

  10. Mac Aliister should be left midfielder for Argentina.He has got an edge on attacking.Nico Dominiguez is useless for right now and Nico Gonzalez needs to be groomed.Do not know why Scaloni did not give chance to Mac Allister in Left midfield do not use him on right side that is not his natural position.Our center back is Otamendi,Pezella and Quarta martinez .One spot is up for grab.I still want Romero between the post.

  11. Now that the year is up, im curious which games are generally thought of as our best performance in 2019.

    I think our last 2 games and Chile for 3rd were the best with Uruguay as #1. Overall, poor record against the strongest SA teams but I feel good about SA teams now. Next up, hope AFA setup friendlies against strong Euro teams.

    Argentina played in 2019:
    March 22: Argentina 1 – Venezuela 3
    March 26: Morocco 0 – Argentina 1
    June 7: Argentina 5 – Nicaragua 1
    June 15 (Copa America Matchday 1): Argentina 0 – Colombia 2
    June 19 (Copa America Matchday 2): Argentina 1 – Paraguay 1
    June 23 (Copa America Matchday 3): Qatar 0 – Argentina 2
    June 28 (Copa America Quarterfinal): Venezuela 0 – Argentina 2
    July 2 (Copa America Semi-final): Brazil 2 – Argentina 0
    July 6 (Copa America Third place match): Argentina 2 – Chile 1
    September 5: Argentina 0 – Chile 0
    September 10: Argentina 4 – Mexico 0
    October 9: Germany 2 – Argentina 2
    October 13: Ecuador 1 – Argentina 6
    November 15: Brazil 0 – Argentina 1
    November 18: Argentina 2 – Uruguay 2

    • Yeah, agreed, the team is born since the 2nd half against Germany. During the copa, fortunately we played against Qatar and Venezuela. The copa result help him to keep his job and achieve the progress that he realised now.

  12. While most of Scaloni’s team is taking shape, the biggest question since even before the 2018 World Cup is Argentina’s back line. Two of the four spots seem to have been secured with Nico Tagliafico at left back and German Pezzella as one of the two center backs. But the second central defense and the right back spots are still not set.
    At right back Scaloni has tried Renzo Saravia, Juan Foyth and Gonzalo Montiel. At center back, Otamendi continues to get the majority of the playing time but Lucas Martínez Quarta, Walter Kannemann, even Marcos Rojo have also played. While Martínez Quarta looks like the best option to be Pezzella’s partner, no one has stepped up to claim the right back spot and it remains open for the taking. I personally think Tomás Guidara from Velez is the best right back currently playing in Argentina and deserves a shot with the national team.
    Scaloni’s ability to find the right men to fill those two spots will play a significant role in whether or not Argentina can end it’s nearly 30 year trophyless drought at the 2020 Copa America.

    From: Golazoargentina

    • Otamendi is our co captain and is a lock in at central back for the copa America 2020. It’s pezella that is not a sure beat with Rojo and kannemann looking to partner with Otamendi.
      Tagliafico is one of the one that needs to be on the hot seat as he is consistently in the middle of defensive breakdowns.

      • Don’t know if coach change will be benefit or not for Foyth because I think Mourinho will prefer Aurier as right back and tall CBs. So I think 3412 without a real right fullback will be the best. In addition to Pezzella and Quarta, I would put Lisandro Martinez as the left CB, who is the passer along with 2 stoppers.

        De Paul and Acuna as winger backs, Paredes and Zaracho as the pair of CM. The b2b could be either Zaracho, Dominguez or Palacios. I think Acuna is at the same level as Tagliafico in this role, maybe even better.

        Messi as half 9(Di Maria as sub) behind Lautaro(Aguero as sub) and a winger who can play as 2nd striker. Could be either Ocampos, Vargas or Joaquin Correa or De La Vega. I think Ocampos is the best fit for the current team. Will be a team full of energy.

  13. One of Argentina’s many issues at the 2018 World Cup was the midfield. To sum up just how bad it was, Javier Mascherano was still a starting. Now just 18 months later, the middle of the pitch looks as solid as it has in years. The star of the group is without question Leandro Paredes who has an uncanny ability to pick out the perfect pass and connect the entire team together.
    Along with Paredes, Lo Celso, de Paul, Acuna, Ocampos, Mac Allister, Palacios, and Dominguez have been able to work together to make Argentina’s midfield the most stable part of the squad.

    From golazoargentina

    • The killer combination is when you pair Paredes and Palacios in the center. Palacios is a workhorse with tendency to be a box to box midfielder.

      • 4132 with Paredes.
        Starting time Scaloni used 433 with Paredes, Palacios and LoCelso. Now Depaul and Acuna is there. Most probably Scaloni will use 4132 as his main formation. And players according to opposition.
        4312 will be used in emergency. 352 also will be in Scaloni’s book as alternative.

    • Paredes is the hole that is enough to sink Scaloni’s wonderful ship,he is the weak link.You can’t ask for a place when you aren’t a starter for your club, had that been the case why shouldn’t Romero be given the chance?
      CAPALDO ,MARCONE ,GIMENEZ needed to be introduced asap.

  14. We need many convergence factors to win, including luck. The scaloni coach is doing great. There are some people who wonder about a coach.Why do we have to change when things are getting better?

  15. Why change the winning team; Scaloni last 6 games without losing talks about itself. He turns the N/T into one unit and play together after the disastrous WC. Give Scaloni and his team time till COPA and forget about replacement.

    My opinion Poche is just another Hector Cuper, impressive but never wins anything

  16. I believe scaloni has done a good job but when a coach like Pochettino is available you at least explore the opportunity! I’m not saying AFA should at this point but there should be a discussion.

    PS. AFA wouldn’t have to pay him as much as he normally would demand because he was just given $20 million buy out and I’m sure would take a “discounted price.”

    • You are very ungrateful person look at what scaloni as done for Argentina team and also AFA was calling pochettino and he turn down offer you are something else pochettino is not a good coach not even a fighter not a game changer look what happen at champion league against Liverpool coke😒😒😒and you want him

      • Never said I want him but contrary to what you think, Pochettino is a good Argentinean coach of the highest level. Hence, in being so, a discussion will he had by the heads of AFA.

  17. really it is amazing that some people really believe that just because Pochettino fired from Tottenam
    AFA will make offer to be our coach.

    among the dozens reasons that it is impossible really you believe that AFA have the money to make offer to him?

    • The following is what I said when the story of his firing posted on this site:

      “Dfox1942 November 19, 2019 at 11:07 pm
      I am surprised nobody called for him to take over the Albiceleste! yet! but i’m sure the discussion will happen soon.
      There are far less talented coaches out there as we speak so finding another gig is a no brainier

      On a different note, it wasn’t that long ago when Messi was called a loner, shy, UN-captain like, never speaks out yada yada yada …………Messi always let his play do the talking except now he doesn’t take shit from anybody, On or off the pitch……told Tite to shut up few days ago and Cavani to bring it on when he cynically asked him if he wanted to fight.”

      • Besides, he can go screw himself along with Simeone because all they did was run their mouths, “oh I hope to coach ARGENTINA one day, its a great honor to do so BUT i’m not ready blah blah blah” all talk and no action.

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