Mauricio Pochettino fired as Tottenham coach


Mauricio Pochettino is no longer the coach of Tottenham.

The club released a statement on Tuesday announcing the firing of Pochettino. Tottenham have not had the best start to the season but did manage to reach the Champions League final last season.

Pochettino joined the club back in 2014, managing them for five years.


  1. The fact that Poch was sacked has nothing to do with Argentina. Scaloni may doesn’t have such high profile as Poch, he may has a humble profile but in my humble opinion he has what it takes in order him, the coaching stuff and the players to stop this fucking trophyless drought that we are suffering for years.

    Scaloni may not have enough experience, but we have a new team and him along with our players are gaining experience alltogether, the team is gaining experience as a whole as time goes by.
    Experience is something that you can gain as time goes by!

    Scaloni in my humble opinion is intelligent and therefore able and willingness to adapt according to the circumstances. He is flexible and has the ability to adapt accordingly and he is not afraid to try many different ways in order to utilise his play, according to the opposition and this, as for me at least, is very important!
    Moreover, he is a humble, low profile guy, but with a strong character, as he brought back the grit and the fighting spirit to our team, he rekindled commitment so our players have the will to give their blood for the shirt and i really love that!

    That is why i support Scaloni and i believe that finally we found the right guy to stick with for many years to come!

    Good luck to Poch!

    • Agreed. Most important is able to gel with the team and getting the leadership out of messi has been the main reason that we need to stick to Scaloni and his group..Scaloni has still work to do..but it needs continuity.

      Poch and Gallardo will have many is best to leave National team to Scaloni until Copa 2020.

  2. One bad spell and he got sacked!( or whatever the truth is).That’s football and life sometimes. Anyway, no words will justify the unbelievable work he did at Spurs for the past five seasons. It’s nothing short of a miracle! Arguably the best manager/head coach over the past five seasons if you consider every aspects of the game. Loved and respected by everyone, not just the lily whites contingent but the whole footballing world irrespective of the opposition even the biggest rivals. Not everyone gets that recognition. It’s special! Like the man himself: He’s magic, you know.

    He’s a worldclass manager/coach and it wouldn’t be hard for him to get a new job. But judging by his comments earlier, he might be taking a brief sabbatical for the rest of the season and be getting ready for the summer for his new job. Undoubedtly there would be plenty of suitors waiting for his signature: giants of the game. Bayern, Real, Juve, PSG and Man United. Barca job also cannot be ignored; loyalty can sometimes go out of the window whether you say you’re loyal or not in the past to a club. These clubs are an upgrade to Spurs(barring Man United atm) and defo the ones he’ll be going after not downgrades! Maybe Man City in the future. Not any other!

    • I guess he’ll wait till the summer. The likes of Bayern, Real, PSG, Juve, Man United and Barca may come calling depending on the situations of each club respectively at that moment. Maybe Man City if Pep decides to leave, who knows. Last 24 hours was one of the craziest hours in football, so can’t rule anything out.

  3. Shocked when heard Pochhentino was fired by Spurs.Very bad decision,not a way to show respect to a guy who gave your club so much.But Argentina have Lionel Scolini and that is enough for Argentina.
    Nicolas Dominiguez looks like useless player,the free kick goal was all his fault he did not jump in time or jumped enough high.I thought he was good but he is useless.Now in Left Midfield Mac Allister is best choice even better than Lo celso.In 4 4 2 formation our best midfield will be
    Mac Allister Paredes De paul Ocampus
    we can use Mac Allister Palacios and Acuna in left midfield.
    Lautaro Messi De paul Aguero Otamendi Foyth Tagliafico Paredes Ocampus has now become primary players.

  4. Guys, Any idea how is Tomás Guidara. He plays for Velez and heard he is one of the promising right-backs in Argentine league. Anyone knows about him and his values to Velez ?

    • He is one of the outstanding right backs in Superliga. Mentioned him some time ago, for his traversal attacking runs and omnipresence.

  5. I haven’t commented here in a long time lol
    Since the defeat to Brazil in the Copa America

    But switching topics, I don’t believe the managerial position of Argentina should change.

    I am able to recognize that if anyone wanted Scaloni out of his position, I was probably the #1 person who wanted that, especially after defeats against Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, etc.

    But ever since the Copa America, thiss team has had a major turn around, being undefeated since then, beating Brazil and coming from behind twice against Uruguay.
    And that mostly has to do to giving consistency to players (Paredes, Pezzella, Martinez, De Paul, etc).
    Also adding wingers like Ocampos has helped extremely as well.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this a year later, but this team seems less Messi-Dependant than Barcelona at the moment.

    Another thing, is that Scaloni or the team, have made Messi completely dedicated to the national team like never before, showing more passion as captain for us than for Barcelona.
    In Barcelona he always has his head down, not here.

    Yes this team is not the best in the world right now, but it has shown major improvements.
    Yes there are some other things i would like changed as well, for example why have Lo Celso play as a left midfielder/winger of sorts, when we have guys like Matias Vargas who can fill that role probably better.
    Also, I believe that Romero should be called back into the team, as the goalkeeping department has not look the part in this transition.

    But overall, this team is headed in the right direction. And hopefully, next year can finally be our year!
    Vamos Argentina!

    • Agreed. i too was the biggest Scaloni hater. (my hate was justified though as he FUCKED up Copa America big time and he seemed clueless). Recently though, i do like what i’m seeing especially against Uruguay.

      • “my hate was justified though as he FUCKED up Copa America big time and he seemed clueless”

        Choripan @choripan

        This is exactly what’s wrong with this world right now. Any unsavoury act committed, burying and ignoring the truth, false propaganda projection etc will be justified even further. They won’t even realise (or maybe intentionally) they’ve done wrong and instead of aplogizing and correcting the mistake, will go on and try justifying the unsavoury things they did and make the situation even more toxic and the world.

        Just look at the Joe Gomez incident at the England v Montenegro game. Media, some ex-players and fans added fuel to the fire and created a toxic environment and that boiled over during that game. Like mentioned above, the sickening thing, that the morons who booed Joe Gomez for apparently no reason, didn’t apologize and people were justifying that unsavoury act and suggesting this will continue to happen.

        Spreading of lies, propaganda and hate! It’s the norm nowadays. Create as much “toxicity” as you can…

  6. Never want pochettino simione as our argentina coach..they are just money monger and they never express their interest as a coach of argentina in crisis period..and i will say that ayala samuel are far better player than pochettino and as well as simione…but scaloni done great job as a coach to convert the team in brilliant shape who giver nightmare to opponents…

  7. Those who think pochettino is available so he should take over from scaloni Either they don’t know nothing about football. Or don’t have common sense. Make My word pochettino will highly unlikely to manage Argentina anytime soon.
    Scaloni is perfact fit for the nt now.
    He will make Argentina great again
    Him a long with the coaching staff is just exactly what Argentina needed.
    As pochettino is great coach he will have All top European clubs after him
    My wish is to go arsenal and make
    Danny Levi cry. Do you know how much
    Poch spend for transfers just net spend of 90 million and what he achieved with spurs is for phenomenal.

  8. Erik Lamela Giovani Locelso Juan Foyth & the argentine goalkeeper Gazzaniga …

    all eyes will be on Tottenham’s new technical display by Mourinho..

    hope Mourinho gives more playing time to our players ..specially Foyth & Locelso

    when a new coach comes..surely some players lost their position and some gets chance in starting XI ..

  9. I am quite pessimistic for Lamela and Lo Celso, they don’t seem to be the usual players that Mourinho likes. His style is 433 with 2 wingers and 2 box to box, no room for creative midfielder.

    • Celso is a box to box midfielder that also happens to be creative, I have little doubt that he’ll do just fine. As for Coco, well he’s the type of player that Mourihno likes but because of his injury record I doubt he’ll get much playing time.
      Foyth is the player that will suffer the most under Mourinho sadly since Jose has rarely shown faith or patience with youngsters.

  10. It’s funny people even consider Pochettino could take Argentina NT now. No way. The speculations are completely idle and not worth your time. Scaloni will stay.

  11. Levy is a disgrace for firing Poch and now he is paying double wage to Mou. I don’t want Poch to coach Argentina NT now because most of the players are blended with Scaloni Style whatever it may be and they are looking confident. I think Poch may go to Bayern/Arsenal/Milan or maybe take a rest till next season but not Barca. Hope Mou gives good playing time to FOYTH GAZZANIGA and LO CELSO

  12. To be honest, I would hate if AFA sack Scaloni right now. Don’t get me wrong, Poch is 10 times better than Scaloni, but he hasn’t won anything. Why should we change the manager for someone who can’t guarantee silverware. It is like changing from 4th to 3rd, which is definitely not what we want. We want silverware. And it is not like Poch would improve us straight away. He has to try out different players, build a team that fit his philosophy,… etc. It would take at least 6 months to form a decent team from scratch and at the moment, we can’t afford to give him that amount of time as the WC Qualifier will start soon. Scaloni is building something very positive and for now, we should support him.

    • No Scaloni has his system related to Paredes and Paredes needs to start with a destroyer by his side like Nico/Ascacibar/Battaglia. De Paul should play in CM like he played last two matches not on wings. Saravia is better than Montiel.
      Saravia ??????? Otamendi Tagliafico
      —De Paul– Paredes– Nico D
      Messi——- Lautaro——Ocampos

    • I agree with you. I like Paredes and De Paul performance during the last 2 games but for longer term, we need a pair of midfielders who can offer protection to the defense. I will like to see Zaracho with Lisandro Martinez. Or eventually your pair Palacios-Nico Dominguez. De Paul I’d use him as defensive winger on 1 side.

  13. Pochettino will never coach Barcelona as he was a player and manager of Espanyol. For the same reason, he may not join Arsenal. He himself said this. Coaches like him have a philosophy and a long term approach. He led successful seasons when the club was in crisis. Without any big transfers he even led them to the CL final. Now they have new stadium and abundance of resources and they sack him! This is harsh but not unusual in EPL. With new players, it would take time to adjust. He had to shift to 4-3-3 instead of his preferred 4231. None of these were considered. Anyway the sporting director of Bayern was spotted in London even before he was sacked. Better he learn some German now. Wish you all success!

  14. It’s good for us …..he will push scaloni in the copa America….. argentina has to perform well in the copa otherwise AFA may consider out of work pocch.

    • Well this would be really unjust for scaloni to be sacked, the afa federation should be reasonable and logical with their decisions, anyway they won’t be able to pay him the money he wants/deserves, so forget about it, however I agree with you that he is miles better than scaloni in terms of credibility but that doesn’t mean that scaloni would go nowhere with the nt.

    • “not world class by any means”

      Yea, taking an average Tottenham side to a narrow 2nd place in the EPL and a stellar run in the Champions Legaue is par for the course for all coaches in the world. Everyone is taking average teams and turning them into top clubs in the world. Right?

      I worry about the future of the human race when I read comments like yours.

    • I am not worried about Lo celso he is still on the loan . Just worried about Foyth, Lamela and Gazza.
      Daniel Lewy is an idiot anyway Mourinho is the perfect medicine for that baldy. Cant wait to see Lewy bying player which Mourinho wants.

  15. the leaving fee for the 12m did bring Poche have a plenty of time to decide his next destination.
    However , we hope that Lamela,Lo Clelso, Fyoth and Benitez did have more plenty time to play in the starting XI under the new coach

    • exactly..correctly said @Ayon

      we are ok with Scaloni..

      AFA seeked help from all possible argentine coaches but they had not taken the job then..
      so we are ok with Scaloni..

  16. Personally I would hate to see the coaching position be given to someone else at the moment. I know scaloni started off a bit rocky and we (speaking for myself) were concerned at times of his decisions, but personally I think scaloni is working on something great here for our future. He still might not know what he’s going at times, but it seems like he has a plan, thank god something positive is happening. If the NT was still doing really bad, then maybe yes I would throw Pochettino’s name out the way as a possibility, even then I would still want gallardo instead. I like that fact that Scaloni stays in the loop with the U17-U23 staff. Great project.

  17. Incredible how a team can reach the CL Final and then get fired a few short months later.. pretty sad, I know the PL is cut throat like The Argentine league but damn give this guy some slack!!
    Has Tottenham EVER made a CL final in the past?! Clearly he was doing something right.
    I’m sure he’ll be picked up big a major club real soon. If The rumors of Gallardo going to Barca doesn’t happen, I’m sure Pochettino’s name will come up.

  18. I am surprised nobody called for him to take over the Albiceleste! yet! but i’m sure the discussion will happen soon.
    There are far less talented coaches out there as we speak so finding another gig is a no brainier

    On a different note, it wasn’t that long ago when Messi was called a loner, shy, UN-captain like, never speaks out yada yada yada …………Messi always let his play do the talking except now he doesn’t take shit from anybody, On or off the pitch……told Tite to shut up few days ago and Cavani to bring it on when he cynically asked him if he wanted to fight.

  19. Well my Friend…Barcelona might open up soon..there are Clubs in Italy – Roma, Napoli..England – Arsenal, Man United – Germany – Bayern Munich..not sure if you would be interested in PSG…

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