River Plate against Flamengo in Copa Libertadores final


River Plate will be looking for their second straight Copa Libertadores trophy when they play Flamengo in the final.

The entire football world will come to a standstill as River Plate will be going for final win number five as they will want to lift South America’s most prestigious club football trophy. Their counterparts Flamengo have only one it once.

For the first time in the tournament’s history, the final will not be played over two legs but in a one off final. It’s being played in Lima after last year’s debacle in Madrid.

Argentina hold the record for most Copa Libertadores wins with a total of 25 compared to second place Brazil who’s clubs have won it a combined 18 times.

Marcelo Gallardo has won the Copa Libertadores two times as a coach, the first time in 2015 and the second last year. He will be looking to make it three times since taking over as coach.


  1. I see believe this is still a good result for River..showing their consistency in reaching finals..Gallardo needs to fix the mistakes and make changes to be a winner like Barca of old days..

  2. Atletico Tucuman – San Lorenzo 2:2. Gaich has started. SL promotes young players with Palacios and Sequeira getting minutes. However that’s not Matias Palacios but Julian while 16 yo Sequeira is even younger than Matias (category 2003).

  3. Now River’s the only chance to play next edition of Copa Libertadores is to win Copa Argentina final against Central Cordoba.

  4. What a disappointment, the cup was ripped off at the last minutes, this time not because of the Brazilians but because of us. 1-0 win was always not enough in the world of football especially when its an early opening goal. The team didn’t play good football in the second half and everyone in the team including the coach thought that is a winning game. The subs in river plate are shit and couldn’t keep up with the game tempo. I blame the coach for this loss for sure & also the wasted chances cost us a lot… River plate gave me an impression that they don’t want this title.
    Anyway hard luck for Argentina and it should be a lesson learnt to always keep the momentum and stay focused during big games moving forward coz any slippage or mistake would be disastrous

    • “Argentina’s interior complex to Brazil”?
      Yeah, both of our senior and u23 sides showed our complex to them in the previous week, LOL!
      Man, just for your own information, go and search how many copa libertadlres trophies has River in respect to Flamengo and you may realise how huge this gap may be by 2039!
      The only embarassement thing in here are your own comments that embarass yourself!

  5. Man so disappointed. Turned out it was a winnable game after well.

    The midfielder for forward sub (nacho/alvarez) was risky but I can see it. The game was well in his favor at that point and he wanted to kill it with a second goal. But man he made a big mistake finishing all his subs by the 75th. Why? The last few minutes needed another midfielder desperately with all the space opening and he had nothing. Why the diaz/Casco? Was there an injury? I didn’t see.

    I guess the only good news is if he is now less desirable in Europe.
    Sucks. So close.

    • That was winnable, in fact. But River players and Gallardo too early thought this game is done and we are the champions.

      What a pity. That could be great to see Gallardo with three Copa Libertadores cups.

  6. Absolutely a wasteful chance. Our coach always lost the confidence and control on the important games. Disappointed and so frustrating with the attitude of players , when mostly needed.

  7. That sucks big time!!!
    When I saw Gallardo rallying the crowd, I thought about Simeone in the CL final 2014. Shit happened then, the same way, even worse this time. Why Argentine coaches always choke at the most important time? And who the fuck is Paulo Diaz? That Chilean motherf*cker ruined it all. He was at wrong position in both Flamengo goals.
    It even sucks more when it was the shitty Brazillian team won it this way again, after Copa 2004. They have nothing but luck against us!

    • What are you talking about? Gallardo reignited River into a continental powerhouse. This is the 3rd final in 4-5 years and they almost had a repeat. Also the biggest game was the River Boca Final last year, which River won. Lastly that Flamengo team was stacked.

      The team played very well in the first half and through the first 15 to 20 in the second half. They could have but failed to score again. Sometimes you lose. It was disappointing, but truthfully the team ran out of gas and were punished for it.

  8. Well, That’s beatifull detronization of River. Gallardo and River are class but Flamengo as well. They showed more determination.

      • “but he has not enough quality players”

        during almost 90 mins River was the better team, yet you want to say he has not enough quality players? You are funny. These were two quality teams.

      • All the RIver starting eleven and even bench players of River have NT caps or even goals and you say they have not quality players to beat Flamengo?!!! LOL So suddenly Flamanego is quality team for you?! Yesterday you were talking the opposite. How self-contradicted you are.

      • I think that is right. The starting 11 was a masterclass except Fernandez for 45-60 minutes. The gas ran out and he did the best he could with his subs. A disappointing but dignified defeat to a more talented roster.

  9. Chokers.Pinola was man of the match then missed, Pratto OMG what a fckin shit player, Gallardo anti football neirly succeeded again after Boca away match. Liverpool will trash this Flamengo ofc.

    • “Liverpool will trash this Flamengo”

      Again and again I hear from you these words about “trashing”, “destroying”. That is good mirror of your ill, toxic and self-destructive mind. Sport is not about destroying man.

  10. Shit man…
    Why he brought Alvarez should HV brought a midfielder.

    And pinola played better than Lucas martinez.

    Now I can see why otamendi is still our best cb option.

  11. River should have scored 1 or 2 goals more.
    I hope those booking won’t hurt us in the second half…
    The intensity of river is unmatched specially palacios.

  12. I think on paper flamengo looks strong…..they have very good mixture of youth and experience….
    I think river plate is missing a quality striker I know borre is good too but still I have my doubts.
    Nonetheless, I hope river show them who is the boss of South America.

  13. This is the more exciting cause at least 2 player of this River should be IMO starters for NT: Palacios and Quarta. Montiel is contender for RB spot. Armani not my favourite but certainly in Scaloni’s squad.

  14. best of luck River plate…

    Another clean sheet by Juan Musso, he is in great form…

    I’m really scared about the playing time of Foyth and Lo Celso after beginning Morinho era at Tottenham

  15. today is the big day.


    and as my favorite song saying….

    Soy de River y lo sigo a todos lados
    Donde juges siempre te voy alentar
    Con los bombos las banderas el redoblante
    Esta banda caminando siempre va

    No me importan esos malos resultados
    Porque a River yo lo quiero de verdad
    Nunca vas a ver una bandera negra
    Esta banda nunca te va abandonar

    Yo te aliento de la cuna hasta el cajon
    Porque yo
    Dejo todo por verte salir campeon

    Y al jugador
    Que deje la vida por esos colores

    • Yes, this is much more nervous:

      1st – that’s only one game

      2nd – one year ago only Argentine team could have win the final, now we face Brazilians

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