Javier Mascherano joins Estudiantes de la Plata


Javier Mascherano has joined Estudiantes de la Plata in Argentina.

After spending most of his career outside of Argentina, Mascherano is back and at a new club. Despite beginning his career with River Plate, Mascherano has left China and joined Estudiantes.

Mascherano confirmed it all after taking to Twitter where he posted a picture alongside Juan Veron.


  1. I miss mascherano. He was a great player. He had too many responsibilities, as he played in a time where we had no defenders playing above average… Leaving him to do all the dirty work and along with it he had to Take all the criticism.
    Mascherano is in my all time starting 11 for Argentina without a doubt.

  2. It’s nice to see El Jefacito play in Sperliga after a very long spell in Europe. Whenever Masche’s name mentioned I see THAT amazing tackle he made in the dying minutes vs Holland before my eyes. Wish him good luck with his new team!

  3. It’s frustrating and big shock how the title slipped out of River’s hands. When luck isn’t on your side this and worse than this happens. What happened yesterday reminded me of these matches:

    Man Utd vs Bayern (1999 UCL final)

    Italy vs France (Euro 2000 final)

    Argentina vs Brazil (Copa America 2004 final)

    Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid

  4. Paulo dybala again clinical with Juventus ,while Lautaro Martinez showing why he is worth 100 million , Gonzalo higuain with two beautifully taken goals and as well as icardi and di Maria too, who are slaughtering farmer league opponents.
    It’s been quite a good week for the argentines both in club and internationally.
    I think ,it’s time for paredes to pack his bags and land somewhere else , tuchel has showed little faith in him from the start of the season , only 2 starts ,while mostly sub-ins .
    Should move to Italy , it’s a defensive league and obviously he would improve his defensive traits ,which only will add a plus in our midfield.

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