Dario Benedetto scores for Marseille in win vs. Toulouse


Dario Benedetto scored for Marseille in their 2-0 win vs. Toulouse.

Benedetto is back to scoring for Marseille. With the score at 0-0 and full time approaching, Benedetto would score the first goal of the match.


  1. I think under mourinho lo celso foyth both are benched for the rest of the season..they will change the club coming in January transfer window otherwise they lost their form and tempo which is not good for us..

  2. Gazzaniga became no.1 under Morinho, if it continues, NT is going to be surely benifited!
    Besides, Dybala, Icardi become more sharp day by day. Our defense & midfield are more organized as well! Go ahead…. Vamos Albiceleste! 💙🇦🇷🇧🇩💪

    • Am I missing something? Didn’t Gazza start or was that someone else who looked just like him.

      Lamela is always injured, so he’ll be a sub at the most, which is understandable.

      You’re right about Foyth though, he needs to move and quickly cos he’s not gonna get any minutes.

      Celso is an interesting case, I personally believe he’ll force his way into the starting line up like he did at PSG, but it does seem like the special none is intending to freeze him out, probably because Celso is a symbolic signing of Pottechino. Still as I said before I totally believe that Celso will force his way through and if not then no harm done, he’ll just go back to Spain and kick ass like he did last season.

  3. Messi will win Ballon Dor according to Mundo Deportivo, Van Dijk odds were 1,3-1,4 some days before now Messi odds are between 1,2-1,3…Van Dijk over 3,5…more than false info.

  4. Franchu played well for Castilla last weekend and he’s been superb since the return from last year’s season ending injury. Hope Zidane manages to see the improvement he’s made and consider for the bench at least. He’s so special and has definitely come a long way since those scattered pre-season minutes he got in 2018..

  5. Even though the striker position is too full for him to be called to the national team, I’m always happy to see another talented Argentine player doing well for himself abroad.

    Congrats to Dario for playing to his potential and making a good life for himself / family

    • my friend don t believe whatever the journalists saying.
      especially some Argentine journalists which they have private agenda.

      RIVER PLATE is not super market for anybody to come and buy just like that. we are not going to be one.
      RIVER PLATE is one giant.
      D Onofrio will try to keep Gallardo. to succeed that it is necessary to keep some key players.
      so he will sell one or maximum two players in worst senario.

  6. Today at 16:00 local time is the debut for our u15 nt in the south American championship held in paraguay against Chile. The most promising prospects appear to be Luka romero, I haven’t heard about Ignacio tapia before this tournament but he is given the no.10 which is usually worn by one of the most talented players in the team if not the most one. I hope this tournament turns out to be good for our boys, may be by winning the title.

  7. Di Maria, Tagliafico, Aguero and Messi are nominated in the list for uefa team of the year. I believe that more Argentinian players will be in the list next year including Lautaro, Dybala, Icardi and Lisandro Martinez.

  8. One of the many talents lost and nobody is talking about nowadays is Valentin Vada who once was a promising with very big potential nidfielder. I think the last time, if I’m not mistaken, his name got mentioned in Mundo was early 2017. Hope he will grab the fans’ attention once again.

  9. Sorry Dario. No place on the team for him. He is an ok player, yes.
    Not to take away from him, but if u watch the replay if his goal, u will notice that it was terrible defense that kept the ball in threat of the goal

  10. 19 year-old Braian galvan scored the winner for colon against estudiantes, i hope he turns out to be one of argentina’s future pillars in the midfield area, I think he can be part of next u20 team if he continues to get playing time and showing off. Also brunetta scored a brace for godoy cruz, the 2 goals were delight to watch, we talked about him here before and he is from time to time showing off his talent, he just needs to be more consistent. Enzo Diaz of talleres with an assist (it was a normal pass to bustos who made a goal out of it) I think Diaz can be one of the nt replacements for tagliafico. Facundo Medina started the game for talleres as a cd.

    • Juan Brunetta IMO was always one of biggest talents in his category. Godoy is on bottom but Brunetta keeps good level. He deserves to be in Batista’s squad.

      |Brunetta is complete midfielder with outstanding passing, dribling and evey other thing you need from creative player. For me he is one of top talents in Superliga.

  11. River and Gallardo paid the price for sticking with sentiment and a short term success approach. He bought veteran players like Pinola, Scocco, Pratto, Perez etc for the Copa last season and it worked (amid the controversies) but to still rely on them to star from an year on is asking a lot. I would not judge Ghallardo on his Copa successes but on his Primera performances. Poor transfers and not playing younger players regularly from the start of the season cost him dearly.
    If Mourinho signs Bruno Fernandes the Sporting will sign Exequiel Barco.

      • Yeah happy to see him again, it’s been a while. I hope OM can hire another striker to play with him in attack. It’s a bit too much for him to play in every position of the attack.

  12. Nahuel Bustos from Talleres (category ’98), who got some caps under Batista is scoring regularly like previously Lautaro in similar age in local league. Yesterday 2 goals with the second quite impressive. He is now second best goalscorer in SUperliga.

    Zaracho also with goal in the same game. So did Macallister for Boca.

    • i was thinking same thing watching him yesterday. i used to feel he was inconsistent early on but he seems to be improving every month.He’s already at 7. Lautaro made his signature after 13 (plus another 5 at libertadores). If he can hit double digits, which he should since there are almost 10 games left there might hopefully be some interest in europe in at least mid table clubs.

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