Paulo Dybala sensational free kick goal for Juventus vs. Atletico Madrid


Paulo Dybala scored a sensational free kick for Juventus in their 1-0 win vs. Atletico Madrid.

Dybala’s long line of headline goals continues, this time in the Champions League. With the team’s level at 0-0, Juventus were awarded a free kick from a very difficult angle. Dybala would take the free kick and score which would give Juventus the win.


  1. Lautaro with 2 rockets, showing off again, but I am sad he missed an easy chance back at 1-1, it was on his left foot, I fear that he is going to be a one-footed player, this time a right-footed one(unlike the traditional argentine-esque type of talents), but this makes him limited in attack. I hope he shuts me up and shows his skills with left foot, at least regarding accuracy and strength.

  2. This version of Dybala that we’ve been waiting for. This gem was one day talk of the town but unfortunately he was destroyed by Allegri and Juventus last season trying to get rid of him for $$$

    This free kick tells a lot about Dybala’s skill development level and his value as an irreplaceable player in Juve and NT.

    Messi and Dybala MUST play more this upcoming year and they will find a good chemistry. We don’t want the mistake of Messi/Riquelme back in the day to happen again where we’ve lost the best generation in NT history because of this silly idea

  3. How on earth can a talent like this be wasted on bench? Argentina did the same mistake in WC 2018, then in copa america 2019- the Argentina coaches has been doing that for years now, costing the team heavily. This should be the biggest concern in Argentina football now, how to fit Dybala and Messi together from the start- not that Dybala should be coming on as a substitute , they should play together .

    Messi-Aguero-Martinez-Dybala , (Di Maria as a substitute coming on in the second half) a gem of an attacking line upfront for 2020 Copa America, and 2022 WC. Lets not wait for Messi to retire , and then Dybala to take up the mantle-you never know, by then, Dybala might also lose his game or interest to play in NT colors.

  4. I have a question why Messi didn’t present his Golden boot and Fifa The BEST To the Camp Nou.
    He didn’t even present his golden boot last year to his fans.

  5. That’s a awesome free kick. Thats a man on confidence. Both him and Higuain is playing good and the credit must be given to Sarri. Sarri is a strong guy. We saw that at Chelsea. He is not intimidated by Ronaldo.

    Speaking of which, early signs at Spurs is not good for Argentine players. Some players can get benefited and grow under him. Like Diego Milito. Was hoping Los Celso would benefit. Also Foyth could benefit. Mourinho instills discipline in the game. Early days indeed, lets see. Else all 4 Argentines have to leave.

    • “Sarry is a strong guy”. I always liked Sarry.
      “He is not intimidated by Ronaldo” but with all due respect, allow me to disagree here, as i thought exactly the opposite when he decided to sub Dybala who was Juventus best player instead of Ronaldo who was very poor. Very poor decision by Sarry which showed, at least to me, that he didn’t have the guts to take the obvious decision, to sub Ronaldo for Higuain.

      Anyway, that was an insane free kick by Dybala, it reminded me Diego.

  6. ESPN Top 100 players:
    Left back
    ranked #10 in the world:
    Nicolas tagliafico

    Attacking midfielders
    Ranked #9 in the world:
    Ever Banega

    Ranked #7 in the world :
    Angel Dimaria

    Ranked #1 in the world:
    Lionel Messi

    Ranked #1 in the world:
    Sergio AgĂĽero

    Question to all of you… one player for the national team?
    A) Angel dimaria
    B) Ever Banega

    • Di Maria is more like a playmaker now with PSG. I’ll rank him as the best attacking midfielder of 2019-2020 so far. But that will depend on what formation Scaloni use and how he think of using Di Maria. If we go for the old school 4312, of course he deserves his place. He could be the 10 of the team or if Messi is used as 10, he could be the backup. But if Scaloni goes for a 433 or 442, I don’t see how he can fit in. I don’t think left winger is his real position. Not anymore since a long time.

      About Banega, I am also a big fan but I don’t think he can play with Paredes, it’s kind of overlap. Paredes is a deep lying playmaker, at the regista’s position. Banega is also a playmaker but in a slightly mroe advanced position. If we had a solid powerful defensive midfielder, then yes, why not.

    • As Chorpian said; how about BOTH! I wouldn’t mind having either or both Maria and Banega on the bench because as I said before the WCQ are brutal and Argnetina needs all hands on deck. To be honest right now Paredes is a bench warmer while Banega (along with Ocampos in Sevilla) is on fire so honestly I would pick Banega right now.
      Paredes needs to be issued a warning ”leave PSG and get some game time or you’re dropped from the NT”. Argentina isn’t hurting for central midfielders, they have Depaul, Palacios, Dominguez and Licha Martinez, not to mention the possibility of Cervi and Ascacibar, hence they don’t need a bench warmer to start despite that bench warmer being a talented player who was one of the best midfielders in copa america.

  7. What a ridiculous free-kick from Paulo dybala, I mean, how on Earth did he find that space to put it in , especially against a team who had built a reputation of defending as if like a pool full of chubby hippos , where you ain’t goona find even a milimetre of space to crawl in and against a goalkeeper who had proved repeatedly that there’s no one better than him at the moment.
    Breathtaking ,as all adjectives I can add to it to describe it . The angle was super tight ,almost 15° to goal ,you really need a special player with special kind of techniques and skill set to deliver that kind of masterpiece…and guess what , dybala has it all.
    But still , I would doubt whether he will take these freekicks ,when playing with Messi , obviously Messi is master in this art no doubt about that, but according to me ,I still think dybala edges out Messi when it comes for accuracy.
    Still blessed we are , that we have both of them.

  8. Will he take free kicks for us when Messi is on the pitch?
    He won’t play a crucial role for us….he lacks energy and we HV players in his position who are doing better than him and also playing as a team.

  9. Gazza became a starter for Spurs, Dybala, Icardi getting more sharp as well. Our defense & midfield is more balanced now. Yahoooo!!!!
    Go ahead.. Vamos Argentina! 💙🇦🇷🇧🇩💪

  10. Said it before and I’ll say again, “the boy got skillzz”.
    but the billion dollar question is how to maximize his talents and skills while playing for the national team?????!!!!!

    • The player I liked the most is valentin barco, he is a marcelo-esque left back, something argentina lacked for a while now, he is so confident as well whether he is shooting from distance or going forward helping the attack; the way he scored the penalty was also brilliant, I hope he develops more and be a starter for Boca soon, this guy can be a real prodigy. He seems to be the second best Colorado(guy with red hair) in Argentina after macCallister

  11. Sarri realise how Dybala is important to the team. Dybala proved that he is worthy to have the #10 Juve shirt. And above all Dybala can reproduce and do the same with N/T as what he did at club level. Rise and shine

  12. Dybala just phenomenon…he is worthy impactful for our national team and I prefer him starter for national team..I saw Madrid Vs Psg also,against big team Di Maria just horrible..again poor crosses with poor touch and aimless running…

    • I dont know which match did you watch , the whole PSG team was not playing well nobody Mbappe, Icardi, Neymar madrid dominated the whole game. It was dimaria’s pass to icardi which resulted into a penalty later denied by VAR, another beautiful pass to Mbappe should have resulted into a goal. Dimaria was also helping in defense. There was only one bad cross from him that resulted into corner.

  13. Brilliant, one of the best free kicks in recent times. He could be a worthy successor to Messi. The Jewel, he don’t have to be Messi as he said he wants to be Dybala.

    Infact in the last match against Uruguay Dybala proved that he is compatible with Messi. I like how they interchanged positions. Sometimes Dybala was playing deep in the midfield like Messi. Sometimes when the matches r tight its a great luxury to have both in one team. I liked Aguero too. It’s insane for such a small guy he is incredibly powerful. Infact MAD can be worked out. Scaloni can test it more in the qualifiers.

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