Ezequiel Lavezzi announces retirement


Ezequiel Lavezzi has announced his retirement.

A long time servant of the Argentina team, Ezequiel Lavezzi has announced his retirement from football. Lavezzi was an integral part of the Argentina squad which blitzed through the 2014 qualifiers.

As part of that squad, Lavezzi started the final of the 2014 World Cup where he was arguably Argentina’s beset player.

For his club, Lavezzi started with Estudiantes back in 2003 before joining San Lorenzo. He would make the jump to Europe with Napoli where he would become a fan favorite.

After that he would go on to France to play with PSG before retiring in China with Hebei Fortune.


  1. Thank you El Pocho!!!

    Every time you wore the Argentina jersey you proved so many haters wrong. One of the last players that cared that much and gave it 200% EVERY single game you played. Each dribble and pass was with passion and unforgettable. Each goal you scored was always with a powerful shot.

    Thank you and I hope your family is doing well!

  2. To me we lost more with his benched in second half WC final and injured before Copa final than with absence of Di Maria.

    Perfect ecample how mediocree finisher but hardworker can benefit all team.

  3. It was expected that Ghallardo would be leaving but now that Barca have set their eyes on Jorge Jesus he would be staying at River for a while. With Palacios (Leverkusen), da la Cruz (City), Borre (Spain), Nacho Fernandez (Brazil) all likely to leave, It is a great opportunity for Ghallardo to redeem himself and build a strong squad with River’s long term welfare in mind. Make the most of River’s academy and get rid of the likes of Ponzio, Perez, Suarez, Pratto, Pinola. They are making the right move in identifying Enzo Fernandez as Palacios’ replacement.
    Boca too should stop this bullshit and make the most of their academy. They are about to make a move for Paulo Guerrero as of now.

  4. Phenomenal player. Underrated by the media despite of his fighting spirit and instinctive football talent. His injury against USA was the main reason that we lost Copa 2016. Thanks for all your contributions and efforts that you’ve done for the NT

  5. The Bull. What a speedy player
    he was in the wings for us. Always a funny figure. And not someone to be messed up with. Even though he was vital in the WC 2014. I think he would have helped us tremendously in Copa 2016 where he was on fire. That freak injury ruined our chances. We could have won 2016 Copa. Till Augusto fernandez and Lavezzis injuries we were playing the best football under Tata Martino in Copa 2016.

    Until Ocampos came Lavezzis spot was void, was hoping Pavon to be a similar threat like Lavezzis but he couldn’t be that player.

  6. El Pocho !!!
    I remember when that IDIOT Batista was having a hissy fit with Kun and Al apache where he refused to call either one until 2011 Copa…..replacing Kun with Lavezzi and I said who the hell is this but he proved me wrong every time he wore the sky-blue and white.

    Thank you for your service, always playing with heart and going 110% every time.

  7. gracias por los recuerdos, el pocho.
    whenever he was on the field it seemed we always had a threat.
    we have missed someone like you.
    enjoy your well deserved retirement.

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