Rodrigo De Paul talks about Argentina team, Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala, Lautaro, more


Rodrigo De Paul spoke with Gazzetta dello Sport where he discussed the Argentina national team, Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala, Lautaro Martinez and more.

Now a starter for Argentina, De Paul has been important in the balance of the team. The translated quotes courtesy of SempreInter, here’s what he had to say:

“I play in a midfield two with Paredes who is very strong, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw him again in Serie A. He doesn’t play much at PSG. I adapt to everything. I run a lot there, but the best thing is that if I get a ball back then I give it to Messi, and he’ll take care of it. I’ve never seen a player like that before. And he’s a nice person, he has fun with us in a particular Argentine card game.”

In regards to Argentina’s attack:

“That’s right, we are very strong up front. Dybala is the one who solves the games, Juve did well to keep him, he’s been in Italy for seven years now. Lautaro had his first year at Inter. But now you’re seeing what he can do. I knew he was so strong. He’s from Racing school, like me and Musso. The national team is a great group, so we have our holidays together. Musso is my travelling companion. He’s very strong, he could be a starter someday. They are gruelling, but joyful trips. And I recover the sleeps that I don’t have with my daughter.”


  1. I am reading comments Mourinho treatment towards Argentina players, don’t forget Mourinho won Champion League with the core Argentine, Mourinho makes rojo one of the best CB in the Europa league win for Man Utd, if mourinho bench Foyth then he isn’t good enough to start, if he shows discipline and proves his worth then I’m 100% sure Foyth will be the starter under Mourinho is just a matter of time. Mourinho is a kind of manager who improves a player a lot, Foyth is young and talented under mourinho he can become world class if he has potential. But for Lo Celso is the knocking on the door, phochettino buys him not Mourinho nor Mourinho likes Lo celso certainly Poch buys as a Erikson replacement but as Erikson is staying I don’t think Lo celso has any chance to play for spurs. Once Loris fit, Gazza again warms the bench and for Lamela, he will rotate with lucas moura soon.

  2. Arg U15 drew 1-1 with Ecuador and qualified for the semis. Luka Romero was on the bench. The goal was scored by Thomas Fretes, who plays Corinthians’ youth team.
    Axel Encina looks very promising too.

    • 80% of the players that played were subtitutes. Even Fretes and Encina are usually used as substitutes. The game was badly affected by the torrential rain in the second half.

  3. Foyth and Parades need to find another club that they can continually play and show their quality. Any player who gets used to being benched and doesn’t fight to gain a starting place in his club means that he’s not worth playing for the NT. As argentine die hard fan I am totally convinced that these two players are very talented and deserve to play constantly however if they are happy with the way they are then I don’t think that they deserve to play for the NT. Some Argentine players especially the youth must show their clubs that they are not coming to Europe just for the sake of money.

  4. Mourinho wants to win and doesn’t care where a player is from if they can help him win.
    -Foyth is inconsistent every game… great tackle and then a give away pass or great pass and then a yellow card tackle!! Mourinho evaluates talent every day in practice and if Foyth progresses, he will play.
    -Locelso will earn his place I’m sure in time.

  5. I apologize for screaming profanity here but Mourino’s CO%KSUCKERS must have gotten the message today, Loud & Clear!! He fcuking hates Argentina and one of the major reason he failed miserably at Madrid after a high profile transfer from Inter was Messi!! Even if our four Argentine players decide to stick around and play a subordinate role under self proclaimed Special one, he will kick them out eventually!!!

    • I have no love for Mourinho but to say that he “hates Argentina” is simply not true, thanks in large parts to Samuel, Zanetti, Cambiasso and Milito he won the treble and had his best run as a coach.
      At Real he continued to prefer Pipita over Benzema until pipita’s back operation forced Mourinho to change.

      As for Tottenham, it’s still early days, if Gazzaniga continues to play well he’ll remain a starter. Lamela is way too injury prone to be starter anywhere but he has the kind of skill and attitude that Mourinho likes so he’ll get some playing time. Foyth needs to move I agree, the ‘special one’ never really gave special consideration to youth.
      Celso is the real question mark here, I personally think that Celso will gain a starting position at Tottenham eventually because he is a silky skilled player who also gets ‘stuck in’ and does the dirty work when need be, kind of a modern day version of Wesley Schneider and I think he’ll prove himself in Tottenham like he did in PSG and then Betis.

      • I beg to differ, At Real , Benzema was his no 1 choice. Higuain was almost about to leave due to lack of playing time but then Mourinho convinced him to stay by promising him more playing time. Consequently, both were given almost equal playing time.

        Now since the special one is at the helm of Spurs,I would have all four move to other clubs! Gazzaniga is only playing because Loris is injured. Mourino heavily prefers finished products, not some one who is still developing. By not having Foyth on the bench he is already making his intentions clear about him! Lo-Celso is better off in Spain! I never liked his move to Spurs anyway!Hopefully, he will go back. Lamela is Mourinho type of player but this guy is more injured than fit! But I agree with you,he will rather invest in some one else who could be relied upon! Lamela’s glass body is more suited in relatively slower league. EPL is too fast and intensive for his injury prone body!

        • With all due respect your memory regarding Pipita’s time in Madrid seems to have let you down abit. Pipita started ahead of Benzema and continued to start ahead of him until pipita underwent his back surgery, that’s a fact and you have the internet at your fingertip so you can check.
          Also as I noted before, Mourinho won the treble with team composed of an Argentine spine so him hating Argentina is non sense.
          Foyth needs to go somewhere else where he can develop because to be honest he’s still way too raw and error prone to be trusted. Personally I think Foyth would make a fine DM and had he played under Pep he might’ve gotten the chance to do so but alas…..
          Celso is better in Spain I agree, La liga has more appreciation for creative players than the EPL but Gio is so talented that I truly believe that he can earn a starting position in ANY team in any league!!

  6. Rumor also says Musso is bring looked at as a replacement for an ageing Handanovic over at Inter Milan.

    Martinez, De Paul, Quarta, and now maybe Musso.

    Inter has always been a good club for Argentina

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