Federico Fernandez scores winner for Newcastle United


Federico Fernandez scored the winner for Newcastle in their 2-1 victory vs. Southampton.

The Argentina man got his first of the season which gave Newcastle all the points. With the match at 1-1, Fernandez was the first to get to a rebound as the goalkeeper spilled the shot.

Fernandez, still only 30 years old, has not been capped for Argentina since 2014, over 5 years ago.


  1. River has been disappointing since a while. With the players they have, they should have done much more than that. As I said, Palacios is the future, he has the highest potential of all midfielders but currently he is not enough for the NT. Unless someone is injured, I don’t see why he should be in the 23 for the next Copa. As of now, my 6 midfielders for the next Copa will be Lisandro Martinez, Paredes, Acuna, De Paul, Nico Dominguez and Zaracho.

    • after we lost the final in Lima everything inside River became mess.
      we are mess and exist many issues that it should be solved.
      if soon we will not find our peace inside dressing rooms and inside River family generally
      then we will need long time to lift our heads up again.
      the word disappointing you use will be small then.
      then we will speaking for downfall.


    • Mac Allister seems to be more an attacking midfielder than a central midfielder. As long as Scaloni use Paredes as the holding, you need to have more hardworking midfielders to compensate. In Scaloni’s previous itw, he said already he wants to play Messi behind 2 strikers, so he should go for a 3 men midfield. De Paul has already secured his place, he really does it well even though he’s not a natural box to box. We need another more defensive player like Nico and Acuna.

  2. Alario and Nico Gonzalez are both great players. But the places are limited to 23, I’d rather put Icardi and Joaquin Correa. In a previous itw, Scaloni wants to play Aguero, Messi and Lautaro together, which means Messi behind Lautaro and Aguero but I think those 2 are too similar, it should be either Aguero or Lautaro, you need to have a dribbler who can play as winger on both side and I think Joaquin Correa is the best.

    • Alario can be tried because of his recent performances for the NT just because Bayer are not playing him often dosnt mean he is poor they just want to play the German Kevin volland over alario n in the case of Nico Gonzalez unless if he plays really well we can’t call him agree with u Joaquin deserves the call up over him because of his ability to become dangerous in the penalty box n earning penalties

      • I like Alario too, especially his performance with NT. But it’s just hard to ignore what Icardi is doing with his club now. The guy has improved so much since he’s at PSG.

  3. Papu looks above average player so he should be called up he is doing good in serie A for a long time and not getting any call up.

  4. In superliga despite a spirited andrada performance Boca juniors lost by one goal. And gaich wins it for San Lorenzo In a fiercely contested match with river where palacios n de la Cruz both received straight reds and it could be their last game with river

    • Gaich with another goal. Important winner against River in Monumental. No doubt with him SL is better team. Pizzi was lunatic.

      • Finally a nice goal from him, Gallardo will choke again the Primera? Unbelievable…Palacios another red card…seems very weak headed…what the hell he is doing……Copa Argentina final in 4 days…river should win this match with goals…2 missed penalties cmon…without De la Cruz and Palacios they wont win Primera…even Velez could win this whole thing. (must win game against Patronato)

        • There is only one unknown spot left for copa libertadores from Argentina… is there any chance for velez to obtain that spot? Because except Boca and River there are no strong team from Argentina this time. DyJ, Tigre and Racing(unless sampaoli comes) all became weaker teams.

          • “is there any chance for velez to obtain that spot? ”

            I don’t think so. If River win the Copa this friday, I think Tucuman will get the spot, else it will be Central Cordoba. Neither are good options.
            Another interesting thing is if river don’t win the Copa they will have to play through qualifiers.

  5. hard luck we lost in penalties second half we had many golden chances to take the lead but were punished for it.the referee was favoring brazil a bit more .micael jamie was our star man with his brilliant solo goal luka romero was also good but sadly missed the vital penalty but still the future is definitely bright for argentina and the qatar world cup we will definitely have the mbappe’s and the pogba’s and the varane’s to finally end the droght

  6. Argentina will not win any trophy at any age level untill they produce a proper goal keepee. The sub15 GK looked like a rookie during penalty whereas his Brazilian counterpart was confident. I saw plenty of TieBreaker lose due to poor goalkeeping. Its annoying to see their goalkeeping display.

    Very much gutted with the effort the GK put. He was clueless.

    • ofc our goalkey could have done better in the penalty shootout especially the first one and the third one i tnk where he should have had a stronger palm to keep out the strikes but he did good in the match making vital interventions like neuer , dominant in aerial balls and also made a vital block in the ending stages of the match to deny a golden chance for brazil so you cant be harsh on him penalties also depend on luck

  7. only luka romero is playing well others need to get on to his level. luka romero has all the talent to probably carry on the maradona n messi legacy others are playing total shit especially valentin barco hope everyone gets back to work properly

  8. sudaamericano u-15 final half time score brazil leading by one goal
    argentina started dominating the game early but brazil grew into the game dominating and creating many clear chances especiially from counters and ultimately won a controversial penalty n scored. luka romero is the only bright spot in this team with his messique dribble

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