Adolfo Gaich scores winner for San Lorenzo


Adolfo Gaich scored the winner for San Lorenzo in their 1-0 win against River Plate.

The striker’s impressive run of form has continued until the end of the year. Gaich would receive the ball inside the penalty area and with the deftest of touches would go around the first defender and another touch around the second before firing into the back of the net.

Gaich’s striker would bring San Lorenzo to just four points off the top of the table as he has also scored four goals in his last four matches.


  1. “Finally Almada is taking position of irritating Bouzat which should have been done long time ago.” Almada is 10times more dangerous out of position than Janson…if that average player cant play on right side Heinze need to drop him, unbelievable to play Almada on the right side, MADNESS when he is much better on the left with his brilliant dribbling and shooting and with rapidly improving passing (wonderkid).

  2. At the age of 42 retired the last active player who have played same team with Diego Maradona (1997 in Boca) – goalkeeper Cristian Munoz.

    • if barca can pay so much for a joke like dembele n griezmann they neednt make too much scene for a 100m tat abidal is destroying barca by buying too many frenchies n brazilians lol i much as i love messsi i wish barca lose ucl this season fr their ignorance on argentine talent.this ucl shud hopefully go to ajax or inter

  3. Gaich is our new Zlatan. We have a lot of world-class strikers like Dybala, Aguero, Lautaro and Icardi but no powerful and tall forward who can be used as pivot or anchor. It’s always good to have 1 in the 23. Like Giroud with France and Lukaku with Belgium. This kind of player can free space for the smaller striker and the midfielders who cut in the box.

  4. It is rumoured that Pekerman and Russo are the front runners to replace Alfaro, it will be a boon for players like Reynoso and McAllister if Pekerman takes over the charge at BOCA .

  5. Always said GAICH is 10 times better than Icradi.i hope now Ivan marcone and Gimenez and Lucas Romero will get their fair share of chances that shit backpassing genius Paredes already got.

  6. A lot of potential players are coming up; almost everyone dreams to go outside Argentina and focusing Europe. A classical choice between running for money or building a career.

  7. Meanwhile Thiago almada was in inspirational form against patrotano he could have earned 3 assists if not for his teammates goofing up in front of goal and it was also his stinging cross which the opponent defender made the own goal . Great things to come for the little maestro n maybe man city might make an official offer soon

    • Yes, he’s a kind of destroyer-distributor hybrid, for some reason overlooked by Aimar for WC just like what happened with players like LB Julian Aude who was one of the most promising players during the sudamericano campaign..

      • True I wonder y the seleccion does this but anyways wats gud is tat a very promising crop of talents is blooming for Argentina the coming decade n hopefully it cud yield a world cup.

        • I don’t think he was necessarily overlooked. They just rotated his minutes between sforza and nacho. 16-17 year olds it’s always risky to make them play 3-4 matches in 10 days. They are just children, their bodies break down.

    • Ayala is someone necesarilly to follow. Interestingly in previous year another Estudiantes’ DM Ayala, Andres Ayala, showed promising things playing for U-20 team yet under Scaloni. Now David takes the upper hand.

      Moreover in the game against Argentinos the goal for Estu has scored Nazareno Colombo which is another U-20 player.

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