Emiliano Insua signs with LA Galaxy


Emiliano Insua has joined MLS club LA Galaxy.

The now 30 year old left back has joined Guillermo Barros Schelotto’s team after spending 5 years with Stuttgart. Galaxy general manager Dennis te Kloese had this to say:

“Emiliano is an experienced defender who has played for decorated clubs throughout the world. We think he will boost our team on the defensive side and will add a veteran presence to our club. We are glad to add Emiliano to our team and are excited that he will represent the LA Galaxy.”


      • Former DyJ player Gaston Togni took his place. Once a promising player but presently I think he is not even half the player that Robertone is.
        I do agree creative players like brunetta or Ferreira would have been apt replacement

        • Robertone would have been only a sub, imo Batista will play 3 of the Vera, Capaldo, Zaracho and Macallister group, or even all 4 combined with Alexis in 10. I wouldnt be surprised if this ‘injury’ was Heinze request.

  1. In last match against Urugway Renzo Sarvia and Dominiguez were good.Sarvia was not good in Copa i think he was injured in Copa.But now seems he has improved very much ,he was single handedly taking the ball to forward line.Foyth and Renzo Sarvia should be our right back so Montiel can wait.Dominiguez was also good i criticized him because he did not jump when he was in the wall while Argentina conceded second goal by Suarez but he was just substituted there so can be forgiven.But he is very stable player,quick to help his players.So he should be used in left midfield because he is no. 8 player.Paredes and Battaglia should fight for no. 5 role.

  2. Again a good game for ocampos…..his directness and smart runs will definitely come in handy for us.
    TBH I didn’t expect this many good performances from ocampos in his very first season of la liga.

    • True he is certainly has some breathtaking skills to confuse his opponents n his power shot is dope. I hope he can improve his wing play more putting in more accurate danger balls in the box n skipping past defenders in 1v1 situations more .I’m banking on him to do the impossible n stun everyone by winning la liga.but he looks like injury prone hope nothing bad happens

      • Out of 18 La liga matches Ocampus has played in 14 matches for Sevilla this season and in only one match he was in substitute list and whenever he played,he played full 90 minutes,plus he has played some Europa league and copa del rey games.He is not injury prone like Lanzini or Lamela but he is injury prone like Aguero i mean injured for ten days or fourteen days type or even less.

  3. Marcos Acuna is not suitable for possession based game of Argentina so he should be substitute.Either Ocampus or Buendai or someone else should be used.Acuna just shows one or two flashes of his skill after that he is not much useful and he just looses ball and is not good at providing through balls or clear cut chances.But we need a proper approach for game so at left midfield we need someone who can hold the ball with safety.

  4. To say lo celso fail in premier league
    Is way too harsh the lad was looking
    So promising the two games he played
    Under his compatriot since Mourinho
    Came spurs stop play in attractive way
    They used played under poch which
    Was Possessions based team.
    now under Mourinho they re more direct
    Long hovering balls which makes whole
    Spurs team look clueless.
    Note lo celso is not playing his
    Prefer position where he will control
    The tempo of the game Mourinho put
    That position eriksen.
    Honestly I feel sorry for lo celso.

    • He was clueless….he was confused….he didn’t know what he was doing……
      he should participate more in the match.
      It’s a shame to see such a talent not performing.
      With his talent he should be performing in any team, any league or under any manager.

      • LoCelso needs to move back to Spain. He is not suitable for Premier League football. In a way he reminds me of Crespo and Veron who were great in Italy (Parma, Lazio, Milan, Inter) but could not reach their standard in England.

        Lamela and Foyth should also leave Spurs.

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