Lucas Robertone out of Argentina olympic team, Gaston Togni replaces


Lucas Robertone will is out of the Argentina U23 team and will miss the Olympic qualifiers due to an injury.

Fernando Batista will not be able to count on the Velez midfielder due to a knee injury. His replacement is Gaston Togni of Independiente.

Argentina’s opening game of the olympic qualifiers is on January 18 vs. Colombia.


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  2. I really think this U23 is one of the best teams if they qualify for the Olympic games, maybe the best Argentina U23 of this decade, here’s my starting 442:
    Foyth, Romero, Senesi, Lisandro Martinez
    Nico Gonzalez, Zaracho(Palacios, Robertone), Ascacibar, Mac Allister
    Gaich, Lautaro Martinez

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