Sergio Aguero on target for Manchester City in FA Cup win vs. Port Vale


Sergio Aguero scored for Manchester City in their 4-1 win vs. Port Vale.

With the score at 1-1, Aguero would get on the end of a ball to give Manchester City the lead and ultimately would be the match winner. A first time cross would land on Aguero and his first time finish from close range would beat the goalkeeper and send Pep Guardiola’s team to the next round of the FA Cup.


  1. Andrada almost had secured the Number 1 spot in our Goal, Then the Uruguay Match happened, now it looks like Armani will be our Number 1.

    Well its between those 2 for sure. Marchesin will be the 3rd choice. It is what it is, Our only hope is Andrada getting better and make the Number 1 his own, He has the talents.

    Armani meanwhile is on the wrong side of the age, His incredible River Plate form cannot be ignored, but he never repeats that feet for our NT, Hope he can put on a good show during the Qualifiers and the Copa 2020.

    Out of all the positions the Goal Keeping is our most worrying.

  2. Hey guys 🙂 My first post on Mundo but I’ve been reading posts and comments on here for months.
    2020 will be a big year for us and I am super excited for Copa America and WCQ!

    I have seen that the goalkeeper spot and defence have been discussed a lot. Some people say Sergio Romero should come back, and big respect to the man, but he seldom plays for Man U and I understand Scaloni for wanting a younger GK who plays regularly. For now, I think Andrada is the safe bet, but Walter Benítez HAS to get called up and tested. He had the highest save % in Europe last year (80%) but he needs to move away from OGC Nice ASAP and get tested for NT. If he can impress us and Scaloni, I think he should be the starting GK. I will also bring some news that I haven’t seen on here yet regarding him, he has a new agent – Mino Raiola.

    As for defence… I think we have some potentially VERY good CBs, but they are young and inexperienced. Martínez Quarta has to be a starter. I think Leonardo Balerdi should be the second one, but he needs more playing time with Dortmund. Another option is Cristian Romero who hopefully integrates well into Juventus. Quarta + one of them will make a good CB pair in the future I believe. Tagliafico LB and Montiel RB.

    As for wingers… Ocampos has proven to be good both for club and country. He is tall, works hard, defends and is also both-footed, can play on left and right flank. However, Buendía should definitely be called up too and Scaloni can rotate them as he sees fits. De Paul can also play on the left wing.

    It seems the coach want Paredes and De Paul as definite starters for the midfield and I like them both. Palacios should absolutely be the third one. Below I made my preferred starting 11 going forward for the four different formations Scaloni said he will play (if i remember correctly). Like I said earlier, Ocampos could be switched for Buendía. Balerdi could be instead of Romero, and Benítez could be instead of Andrada. Future will tell 🙂


    —De Paul–Paredes–Palacios—


    —De Paul–Paredes–Palacios–Ocampos—


    —De Paul–Paredes—

    4-1-2-1-2 (or 4-4-2 Diamond/4-3-1-2 whatever you wanna call it)

    —Lo Celso—
    —De Paul–Palacios—

    Let me know what you think guys!

    Vamos Argentina!

    • if agecis matter then Armani is 33 year old .I think Scaloni is thinking players game time in his club.Sergio Romero is must.My goalkeeper preference are
      1. Sergio Romero
      2. Andrada
      3. Musso or Benitez

    • Bro Romero is right footed defender so I don’t think it’s a good idea to put him as an lcb he was smoked by lukaku last time he played there . As for the gk position I tnk we shud try Walter benitez

      • I didn’t watch that game, but yes, you’re right. Ideally we want a left-footed LCB, but who could it be? I know Lisandro Martínez is left-footed, but he is rather short (1.78m)… Kannemann? Who else have we got?

  3. Sergio Romero,Buendia,Palacios and Battaglia should be choosen by any means.They are good player it would to cruel to ignore them.But players like Pereya,Guido Rodriguez,Marschain should be dropped.

    • Battaglia is not a starter for sporting so his feature for Copa will depend on his playing time only n as of now I don’t see it happening . Pererya is also a lost cause now I guess since he isn’t starting anymore for Watford n they are playing better without him. Guido Rodriguez is good player u shud watch him play he is now almost on the of joining real betis.marchesin is the standout player of Portuguese league so for now he can stay in the seleccion .

  4. Scaloni needs to bring back Romero. I felt the decision to drop him was made based on politics. Every coach always has his weird choices. None of the recent keepers came close to Romero.

    • Scaloni has many options in GK but none of them really has an edge on the others, but I guess that’s the order in Scaloni’s head:
      -Armani: horrible during the last WC game but quite ok at last copa, regular with his club
      -Andrada: one of the most sure value
      -Marchesin: one of the best in primeira liga
      -Musso: decent with his club, Udinese plays very defensive football, hard to tell his true value.
      -Rulli: significantly improved since he played in ligue 1, still have faith on him.

      After those 5, there are 4 outsiders:
      -Gazzaniga: quite ok with Tottenham, I like his profile.
      -Martinez: sub with his club but seems that Scaloni likes him but personally never seen him playing.
      -Benitez: never been part of the NT but to me, he’s the best, strong in the air, reflex but quite bad in passing.
      -Romero: as you mentioned, he can make the difference in some big games but too much time spent on the bench.

      For once, we have 9 GK. If I need to pick up 3, I probably prefer Benitez as 1st, Marchesin or Andrada as 2nd and Romero as 3nd.

    • Chiquito is a champ and despite his non existent club time he has always, ALWAYS performed for the NT but with that said I think it’s high time to move on. Argentina has a bevy of solid GKs to choose from and I personally would choose the following:

      1. Andrade
      2. Benitez
      3. Armani

      Andrade is an imposing figure (6,4 or 6,5) who is an excellent shot stopper and excellent with his distribution and comfortable with the ball at his feet. Also at 28 yr he still has alot of mileage for a GK.
      Benitez’s exclusion remains a mystery, the guy is superb and last season he was the (statistically) THE best GK in europe, which ofcourse doesn’t mean that hes the best but it atleast indicates that he has the quality to be called up and be given a chance.
      Armani is on the wrong side of 30 but he has shown at copa that hes got the stuff and his experience would be invaluable.

      Other options include Musso, who is quite solid but in the mean time I would still pick Armani ahead of him as a 3rd choice due to experience. Musso is still 25yr (the youngest of all candidates) and his time will come, perhaps after copa.
      Manchersin, is decent but he tends to be error prone and is on the wrong side of 30 without having Armani’s expereince.
      Gazzaniga might be most people’s choice because he plays for a ‘big club’ (if you can call spurs that) but he is so inconsistent that I for one wouldnt trust him.

  5. Thiago almada strongly linked to atletico now. I wonder what would happen to Correa if almada were to join them it do be best for Correa to leave n search for more first team opportunities

    • No matter what, he should leave, he hasn’t been treated fairly. Simeone rarely uses more than 3 attacking players in his 11. Felix, Morata and Lemar are all expensive, too costly to bench them. Otherwise they can never sell them back. It’s their management style. Honestly none of those 3 has impressed me so far. The only player in attack that I’ve found good is Vitolo but for some obscure reasons, Correa and him are both benched.

    • Going by Correa’s current form I’d say he has very little to worry about in terms of getting benched or pushed aside. It’s actually remarkable that, despite playing out of position, Correa managed to regain his position and is now the club’s top performer. Still I wish he’d leave Atletico and go somewhere where he gets to play in his position (support striker or anywhere forward) because Simeone’s stiff, defensive tactics just doesn’t suit Angel (under Simeone’s own admission).

  6. Sergio romero’s positioning and game reading is still best amongst our gks ,he performed like a beast yesterday even though he barely gets chance ,hope he will bench off form dea gea in few pl games and Europa league

  7. Gonzalo escalante almost confirmed to join Lazio in the summer . meanwhile Vargas with an impactful substitution against Barca as he came off the bench to assist the goal which leveled the match. Hope he can turn this season around for espanyol n save them from relegation

  8. Sergio Romero has 32 clean sheets out of 52 games he has played for man united since joining.He needs to be in the team.He is putting pressure on De gea.

    • El Chiquito was always an absolute wall for the NT and he still may be our best keeper even today. If the dumbass “age or Oldie” is a critique, then it’s asinine to call up Armani (or Marchesin) and leave Romero out.

      • No disrespect mate he played one game in every two months scaloni is right to ignore Him. personally I like Marchesin he should The number 1keeper for now.

        • But Argentina’s current goalkeeper could not have 32 clean sheet even if they played 200 games.Only Andrada is good among them.

      • I believe that he has some added value as the 3nd GK of the NT for the next Copa. The 3nd GK usually has 0 playing time, their role is more for helping the 2 others in training. Romero can transfer his experience to the other GKs, which is quite valuable, especially his know-how in penalty safe.

      • Last time I talked about Buendia, I was treated as idiot by some fans here. For those who watch PL, we know all this guy has been one of the best along with Grealish in his position since 2019.

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