Pablo Zabaleta scores first goal for West Ham in win vs. Gillingham


Pablo Zabaleta scored for West Ham in their 2-0 win vs. Gillingham.

Zabaleta gave West Ham a 1-0 lead scoring his first goal for the club. The ball found him inside the penalty area and his shot beat the goalkeeper.


  1. Avila scored his 9th goal in 16th League start,2 more than last season and it is the middle of the season.Isn’t he a national team material..?

    • CF and SS the last position where we need new players with Aguero, Lautaro and Icardi…we are weak in every other area, search there. Lisandro Lopez, Cavenaghi (in France) or Diego Milito were NT-materials for sure, but at that time the same happened with them. C’est la vie.

      • [we are weak in every other area]

        As always I need to remind you that just because a player doesn’t play for your favorite ‘big team’ does not make said player weak.
        The only area that Argentina is weak in is right back.

        • True we still don’t have a good European right back .saravia dosnt seem to be starting for Porto anymore .foyth also has lost Jose’s trust ever since the match against Norwich he is literally out of the squad even against Middleborough hence without experiencing proper match time foyth also can’t be trusted as he is literally a tickbomb we shud go ahead with Gonzalo montiel for the position

          • Compared to messi, EVERYONE is weak everywhere! But judging by copa and the recent friendlies, Argentina is only weak at the RB position and I personally believe that Montiel may solve that problem and I guess we’ll find out in 2 months time.

    • Yes, Avila is NT material. Upcoming Copa might be Aguero’s last NT tournament so this is not irrelevant to ask wheter Avila or Gaich are NT material because soon after Copa they would take the Aguero spot. No one think about Avila being called for Copa, unless some injury happend to our strikers.

      As Mamoun has said, we are strong in most areas and in fact the question mark is RB. I would give more chances to Saravia. IMO He is material for starting position. The question is wheter his bencher status quo in Porto will be problem on this.

    • Yes, Avila has 9 goals and only Barcelona and Real players are ahead of him which is feat giving the fact of playing for new club and small one.

  2. Emi buendia tops the premier league power rankings for the week. Liverpool are increasingly being linked to him and also Argentina need to call him up before Spain approach.regarding the Liverpool transfer I hope buendia chooses another club because he wud only feature as Salah backup

  3. Marcos Acuna is a substitute material as his crosses are exceptional but not a starter because he does not play good in possession game and give away possession too.Dani Alves made fun of him in Copa semifinal.But he can be very useful providing crosses in box after 70 minutes

  4. Marcos acuna with an inspirational performance against fc Porto his attacking qualities were standout every cross of his perfectly found an attacker he only needs to improve his defensive side a little bit but man watching his performance I thought y the f dosnt he put in these displays week in week out n carry it on to NT

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