Ezequiel Chimy Avila scores for Osasuna, reaches 9 goals in draw vs. Celta Vigo


Ezequiel Chimy Avila scored for Osasuna in their 1-1 draw vs. Celta Vigo.

Avila is making a name for himself in Spain. Now on 9 league goals in 13 matches, the Argentina man is only behind Luis Suarez. Karim Benzema and Lionel Messi in the scoring charts.

While not yet capped by Lionel Scaloni for Argentina, should his impressive form continue, there is no doubt he will be included at one point.

Celta took a 1-0 lead and it was Chimy Avila who stepped up for Osasuna. A difficult cross found the former San Lorenzo man who headed it into the bottom of the net.


  1. De paul was excellent today, after watching de paul today, this is middle

    Now aregentina need fast defender, kanneman pezzela both are not fast, but may be above average, but for better team it require fast defender

  2. Enough of strikers……
    Where are defenders?
    Saw bologna vs fiorentina pezella is just too slow….
    Otamendi is done.
    Foyth is not developing due to lack of time.
    Romero and quarta are untested.
    We don’t have a single decent defender at all ATM…….
    I wonder how scaloni will handle the lack of quality in the defence?
    More than a right back I’m worried about Centre backs.

    • [Romero and quarta are untested.] [We don’t have a single decent defender at all ATM…….]

      ???????……….I 100% disagree, Licha Martinez is fantastic (both at CB and DM) , Tagliafico is fantastic (for Ajax atleast, less so for Argentina), Acuna has proven to be excellent at the LB position (see the Germany game).
      Cristian Romero’s been excellent since last season hence why Juv paid 27 mill for him.
      Neuhen Perez has been excellent in Portugal and for the u20 and his potential is through the roof.
      Quarta has been tested for Argentina against 2 solid teams (chile and Mexico) and he’s proven to be more than capable not to mention that the kid is only 23 and he played 2 copa lib finals in the last 2 years, the same goes for Montiel.
      On the other hand if want a more experienced backline, then you have the likes of Garay, Kanneman and Ansaldi.
      Personally I think a backline like this could be fantastic for argentina:


      A young talented backline who, if developed and trusted, could anchor Argentina for next 2 world cups!! The only problem I see is the lack of height with Quarta (5,11) and Martinez (5,10) but Quarta is fantastic in the air and, along with Martinez, happens to be very skilled and comfortable with the ball and can easily pass out of the back or even play as make-shift liberos where they can support the midfield.

      One last thing regarding the ‘problem’ of having too many strikers: I for one welcome any and every talent in any and every position. Let not forget that the WC is 2.5 years away and the WCQ is a long, tough road and we don’t know if kun will start feeling his age and get injured or Icardi will grow up etc…..The more options the better.

      • Mamoun the players u said actually haven’t proved their truest potential licha Martinez n Romero have world class potential but both have been smoked by top teams licha against Valencia n Chelsea hasn’t saved his teams n Romero was smoked by lukaku last match against inter.nehuen Perez also similarly despite all the potential I tnk famalicao have conceded too many goals tats y famalicao released him for u23 Olympic if he was supposedly very important they would have retained him given their targets of finishing top 4 . similarly for quarta n montiel these guys all have very good potential but really need experience but well there is no harm in trying

        • Every CB has been smoked at some point, heck Van dijk got smoked by Messi in the CL semis first leg. Pique, Ramos, Varane, Godin and many more have gotten smoked repeatedly during the last few seasons.
          Licha did not get smoked, his team lost the game, simple as that. Licha has been a stand out and this has been acknowledged throughout the dutch media.
          Regarding C. Romero, yeah he got smoked by Laukaku recently but I remember clearly that last season C.Romero had Ronaldo in his back pocket in their home game.
          As for Perez, if he wasn’t important he wouldn’t have started every game for Familiaco.
          You seem to be blaming those defenders entirely for their teams’ losses and that simply isn’t fair. I didn’t say Argentina has world class defenders, what ever the heck that means but Martinez, Romero, Quarta and Montiel have all proven more than worthy to be given a shot with the NT and Neuhen Perez has shown that he’s one for the future.
          I see people here complaining about how Argentina doesn’t give it’s youngsters a chance and now I see some of you say that they should only be given a chance when they become world class.
          Every once in a while you get a prodigy like De ligt, who has been somewhat indifferent for Juv, but most of the time you need to give talented players a chance to prove themselves.

          • I guess as u said we shud give them chances tats we shud learn from Brazilian leagues where top teams often give the youngsters a chance often n help them get recognition wheareas in Argentina it doesn’t happen

          • Thanks for the analysis @elpipita, you bring up some good points. We indeed have some very good potential for the CB pair in Quarta, Licha, Perez, Romero, Balerdi. All of them young and impressive. I think the way forward as of now should lie with Tagliafico, Lisandro Martinez, Quarta and Montiel. Although it’s a backline of quite short players, they make up for it with other qualities you pointed out. Licha is also left-footed which brings better overall balance to the team

  3. I like 4-4-2 in defense, then transition to 3-5-2 in attack – like so:

    Acuna—–De Paul—–Paredes—–Palacios—–Buendia

    De Paul———Paredes———-Palacios———Buendia

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  5. Mac Alister is very good player in 4 4 2 he should play in Left midfield ,why Scaloni is not using him i do not understand.He has got quite attacking threat in his game

  6. 4 4 2 formation will be best for Argentina
    Foyth. Otamendi. Pezella. Tagliafico
    De paul. Paredes. Palacio. Ocampus
    Messi. Aguero
    This would be best for Argentina and even Messi that 4 4 2 suits Argentina.He said this defensive formation suits Argentina.He wants same formation when Argentina beat Brazil 1-0 in friendly.Otherwise 4 3 1 2 is in Scaloni’s head.

  7. Argentina need a player who is very strong
    in holding ball like inista and xavi, maclister,zaracho, my bet is macllister. In this case de paul have to bench, bcs palacios, paredes, ocampos is must in eleven, it will reduce strength in defense but will increase in creative side

  8. Chimy is little fast dribbler than lautaro,aguero,alario. Everyone know aguero,lautaro controversy is with alario. Alario is very strong in air, i think he is some aspect similar in playmaking style with higuen. Now point is Icardi he is self controversy which will be very bad for chemistry in team. Icardi is perfect in psg with similar quality of player like neymar,cavani etc…… In middle it is perfect use palacios and paredes when you have player like ocampos depaul who can defend very well, argentina have everything well except center back otamendi need to perform well..




    • Argentina need a player who is very strong
      in holding ball like inista and xavi, maclister,zaracho, my bet is macllister. In this case de paul have to bench, bcs palacios, paredes, ocampos is must in eleven, it will reduce strength in defense but will increase in creative side

      • If we had world class defenders ur idea cud work but with our current experienced crop it won’t work n our young defenders need more game time in europe

    • Argentina have to discover strength argentina has vast quality of player, such example if you add battaglia in position of paredes he will add strength in defense but he will reduce quality of paredes passing ability . It is coach decision how he want his team discover more in more strength.
      In my opinion foyth should used in defence rather he use right back, he is very good quality but need time to build up

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