Lautaro Martinez super goal for Inter in draw vs. Atalanta


Lautaro Martinez scored a great goal for Inter in their 1-1 draw vs. Atalanta.

The Argentina man had a great link-up play with Lukaku in the opening minutes of the game. Lautaro would play a great one-two with the Belgian and it would be Martinez who would score to give Inter the 1-0 lead.


  1. Barcelona is looking for a short-long term replacement for Suarez who is out for 6 weeks for knee surgery, what about this guy above??? speed, aggression, youth, better team and above all, MESSI AKA ARGENTINA!

        • As I understand it, Lautaro Martinez has a release clause of €111 million in his contract, which can only be activated by clubs outside of Italy between 1-15 July (Copa America is between 12 June-12 July).

          Inter want to keep Lautaro and renegotiate his contract by doubling his yearly wages (currently very low at €1.5M), vastly raising his release clause or completely removing it (apparently possible in Italy).

          We should all hope for Lautaro to go to Barcelona, playing alongside Messi for both club and country all year around, forming possibly the most lethal attacking force for WC2022!

  2. Montiel could be best option for right back.Foyth is little over confident.Either Foyth or Sarvia should be in the team.Montiel has an eye for attack and defensively quite good.So he would be perfect balance for right back position.

  3. Inter vs Atalanta player review
    Lautaro scored a good goal but aside from that he was disappointing especially his dribbles every time he dribbled he lost the ball he really needs to be more productive if he wants to become world class.
    Alejandro Gomez and Jose palomino were absolutely perfect it’s an absolute shame Argentina have always ignored gomez his plays down the left channel are something Argentina have lacked he shud have been in the previous Copa n he shud be included in this year’s Copa he is a gem
    Palomino has also improved immensely he kept lautaro and lukaku in his back pocket ever since the first goal he cud also be reckoned for Copa America if he puts in good performances in the UCL

    • Agreed on the comments. But I think Lautaro didn’t have much options. Inter played in the same way as with Vieiri 20 years ago: long ball to their strikers and let them handle. I am a bit disappointed by Conte tactically.

      Gomez is no long a winger and is quite good in his new role of half 8, which is a natural evolution. However it seems tricky for him to go back to the NT. In the midfield, no matter what, Scaloni will keep on using Paredes and De Paul, if you put Gomez, it’ll be balanced enough.

  4. Both Lamela and Lo Celso need more playing time and on their true natural position. What a missed from Lo Celso against Liverpool, they need to win the trust from Mou and stay fit

  5. This guy he is way too emotional
    When comes to young Argentine players.
    He is expecting them to do well
    So fast so quick he doesn’t even
    Look the situation of the player .
    Come on man any player will struggle
    With the situation lo celso in
    New league the manager who brought him
    Has been sacked he has to adopt again
    In Mourinho way of playing which
    Doesn’t suit lo celso plus little comeo
    Here and there top of that Mourinho
    Team have less on the ball and lo celso
    Is of one those players who make more
    Impact when his team have more
    Possessions on the ball
    Why you don’t look how sh..t eriksen Ali
    And moura are. having way more time and
    Confidence from thier boss but lo celso
    Situation is completely different from
    Those guys if he start and play sh..t like
    those guys he will be first one to sub
    By Mourinho it’s really unfair irrational
    To expect from him to do so well for less
    Minutes playing out of position no
    Confident from his manager but I tell you
    What if spurs continue this way Mourinho
    Will be gone soon cose they are only losing
    games they are Performing very badly too
    So defensive the fans ain’t enjoying at the moment I’M sure Danny Levi already
    Regretting sacking poch instead backing him and get ride of dead wood players.

  6. Good game of Buendia despite that 0-4, so good with the ball and work so hard, it’s just a matter of time for him to move to a bigger club in PL. Lamela also managed to make impact with not much playing time. Unfortunately Lo Celso still transparent when he played.

    • I remember almost everyone here in Mundo wanted Lo-celso to stay in Spain for at least one more season. Now in EPL, he has not only lost his form , he might even lose his spot in the national team as well. He seems to be only productive when playing offensive role which is why he can’t be played in the deep mid-field for us and we are already heavily stocked in the offensive department. I would drop him and replace him with Battaglia , who is defensively solid and extremely useful box to box midfielder or bring back Lamela if fit who is a complete mid-field player, his only issue being fitness!

        • Not false, except Mascherano, Heinze and Aguero, I don’t remember any massive performance of Argentinean players. Even Tevez spent so much time to get used to PL. Lanzini had a promising start but his progression stopped by injuries, I am big fan of Buendia but he’s been here only for a few months. I still have faith on Lamela, I found him actually has improved by a lot, let’s hope injuries will not stop him.

      • yes, it’s a bit weird when he drops deeper he seems to be a bit lost. He demonstrated that he can play as 8 with PSG and he can play as 10 or even half 9 with Betis. Now it seems that Mou is in competition for the signature of Fernandes in order to replace Erikssen, that should make the situation even worse.

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