Sergio Agüero double for Manchester City in draw vs. Crystal Palace


Sergio Agüero scored twice for Manchester City in their 2-2 draw vs. Crystal Palace.

Agüero would be the hero in the match for Pep Guardiola’s team. Despite going down 1-0, Sergio Aguero would score to draw City level. A ball inside the penalty area and it’s Agüero who would get to it and score from close range.

City’s all time leading scorer would do it again. A ball crossed in and it’s Agüero who would head it into the net. He would give City the 2-1 lead but it would be Fernandinho who would score an own goal late in the match.


  1. As far as i am watching Chimy Avila i reach to a single conclusion: The guy is just incredible! Full of energy, explosive, very pacy, skillfull, powerfull and techical shooting and full of grit, never give up attitude! Easily one of the best strikers in the world in my humble oppinion! We need this guy, i would like seeing him playing for us the soonest possible.

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