Argentina U23 rumored eleven vs. Colombia, Olympic qualifiers


Argentina will play against hosts Colombia in their opening match of the Olympic qualifiers.

Fernando Batista’s team will look to get all three points versus the hosts as they look to be able to book a spot at the Olympics. Here is the rumored eleven:

Facundo Cambeses; Marcelo Herrera, Nehuen Perez, Facundo Medina, Claudio Bravo; Fausto Vera, Nicolas Capaldo; Julian Alvarez, Alexis Mac Allister, Agustin Urzi; Adolfo Gaich

The two time gold winners in football at the Olympics have been placed in Group A along with Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Venezuela. Argentina will play Colombia, Chile plays Ecuador while Venezuela has off.


  1. I don’t think and many of you agree to this that Argentina is only country that has so many players of under 23 category in europe and also in Argentina itself. No other country has such abundance of talent in this category!!

  2. That was 16th goal of Gaich in youth NT tournaments. Before the game Gaich, MacAllister and Carrascal (Colombia, River Plate) were created for stars of the tournament and exactly the three players were scoring.

  3. However as I expected we need more creativity in the team cause it’s all about MacAllister. Alvarez, Urzi and Capaldo are not that creative. With red card for Alexis I suppose Zaracho will start the next game. IMO however Brunetto should be the chosen one to replace MacAllister on enganche position.

  4. Mac Allister 1 goal 1 assist totally deserved, he should have secured his place for U23. Haven’t seen Argentina playing with a 10 for such a long time! Gaich compensated by his goal, he has been working hard like a horse during the whole match. Besides, I wonder if Lautaro can play for this U23, how powerful will be the attack Gaich-Lautaro along with Nico Gonzalez! Wish so much we can qualify for the olympic and see our dream team united with players from European clubs during the competition.

  5. just watched the 10min highlight of the match mcallister was superb n he seems like a dead ball specialist he was the architect of everything gud for argentina his playing abilities is similar to pjanic of juve i tnk but anyways definetly one for the future his absence in the next game is a huge blow for us. but i guess zaracho might fill the void he also has huge potential. urzi n alvarez werent up to mark especially alvarez .hence we need quality in the wings the fullbacks also not gud i guess

  6. we have won alexis mcallister’s red was really silly from him he musnt blindly go for challenge in the opponent’s area like tat because argentina had to sustain a bit of pressure late on but thankfully colombia’s midfield n wingers wernt tat good n seemingly tired hence no danger was caused in the box

  7. I like it. Capaldo + Vera is probably overkill. Maybe zaracho + vera for me. But seems balanced enough. Decent center backs, aggressive full backs, speed on the outside, hardworking mids and a physical point man.

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