Lionel Messi scores for Barcelona in win vs. Granada


Lionel Messi scored for Barcelona in their 1-0 win vs. Granada.

Messi would be at the end of a lovely team play with a right footed finish to score the only goal of the match. Griezmann played a lovely first touch flick over to Vidal and the Chilean with a backheel to Messi who would score.


  1. When River plate lost to Al-Ain in Club world cup, I came into conclusion that Argentine league is garbage. Sorry if I offend anyone, but truth is truth.
    every good Argentine player should leave Argentine league and play in europe, that’s better for national team.

  2. ani destro

    i am answering to you because you speak about me.

    first of all i have “shud frankly shut up” as you said by myself.
    i don t need your motivation to do that because i respect people opinions here.

    second i didn t use somebody name because exactly i respect everybody here.
    i didn t attack personally to anybody exactly because of that.

    just don t have any doubt that if somebody here will make comment that offend my country or my team i will say what i feel without care if he like it or not.

    OTHER THING TO RESPECT and OTHER THING to close my mouth if i feel offended.

    as about Asian people yes you are right of course.
    did i ever said anything opposite? are you crazy? i never ever said anything bad for Asian people or other country people. how comes up this i don t understand you really.

    As about superliga you are right that is difficult for people to follow.
    i never said anything opposite and i don t expect in this forum to speak about superliga only of course.
    not only that. I DON T WANT IT TOO because personally i enter here to see opinions about rest of football.

    if i want to speak for my team River plate i have a lot of people around me to do that.
    i don t need to enter in this forum to speak for superliga.

    something last.
    you write for me ” Once there was a user who kept on asking the ticket prices for a superliga game in every post but I never saw Cox helping him”.

    i never remember somebody like this. i didn t see someone as you write.
    i don t enter here every day of course and maybe exist someone as you said.
    i don t say that you say lie.
    but in the same time i don t have any reason to say lie too.
    so don t accuse me without you know me.

  3. I love and follow Barca from before Messi was a first team regular. Barca until recently (acquisition of Ney and Suarez) was a pioneer of academy-based football. Of course they had Ronaldinho, Henry etc, but the true gems were from the academy. Yes club soccer today is ruled by money but let us not confuse our bias (for or against) with facts. Argentina IMHO failed to nurture and cherish youth talent and looks like we’re heading back to that approach after a couple of hard-to-swallow years.

    European club football is beautiful and entertaining – i will accept no arguments even if you pepper it with cuss words. It is beautiful and entertaining partly BECAUSE of south-american stalwarts who bring the beauty and style to the European game.

    That being said, i was, i am and i will always be a fan of Argentina and Argentina only – i do not have to be an Argentine to feel that way.

  4. I am 40 years old and i understand exactly what cox4 is trying to say. Nowadays, incredible amount of money being spent in club football while people around the world are poor. These insane amount of money being spent nowadays was not the case two decades before, look the powerhouses of serie a in decades of 80s and 90s (ac milan, inter, napoli, parma etc) and look ac milan now, arguably one of the greatest teams ever.

    Spending huge amount of money to nobodies does not really evaluate the true worth of a player or a team, it is all about marketing. Even worst, there will maybe be a time that big wealthy arrogant clubs would consider players as their “property” even not leaving them playing for their country. Remember Di Maria and Real Madrid case back in wc 14?

    Cox4 and myself are romantic fools maybe for you, who believe that nowadays puricy of football is long gone!

    Against modern football!

    • Sir I personally believe the reason for di Maria being told by Madrid to not play in the final is because of ronaldo Ronaldo knws if Messi wins world cup he wud be considered the greatest ever n di Maria was a crucial factor in helping it hence he n Mendes forced Perez hand in doing tat to di Maria but di Maria rejected it but unfortunately cudnt feature as he cudnt recover in time.tats y Perez sold him y else wud Madrid sell a player who effing won them the UCL trophy n was more influencial than any player for madrid.if u don’t agree to wat I said ask urself if in history of football any rich club have prevented their star players to feature in a major moments for their national team I mean there is nothing useful for them since world cup happens during off season . There has never been such thing as puricy in football there are many examples of history in it so sir I humbly ask u to respect the Mundo users opinions on Argentine rep in european football as I said NOT ALL MUNDO USERS HAS ACCESS TO LIVE SUPERLIGA MATCHES

    • ” Nowadays, incredible amount of money being spent in club football while people around the world are poor. These insane amount of money being spent nowadays was not the case two decades before”

      You got that one RIGHT !

      FIFA CORRUPTION AT IT’s BEST. they turned this lovely sport into huge MAFIA-like business. I remember in the 80’s when Maradona was sold for about 13 million, and it was a world record then. They are expanding world cup teams to 48. I mean what kind of a world cup when almost half of the countries in the world will make the finals? reaching the world cup will not be as prestigious as it is now.
      and they are creating new ‘fifa club world cup’ of 24 teams I think starting next year’s 2021 FIFA Club World Cup. more matches = more money. !!!

    • hello my friend waveride.

      always very happy to see you here post.
      you and me my friend we are so far in km but so close mentally.
      very very happy to see your post.

      your romantic fool friend salute you my romantic fool friend 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Cox shud respect the opinions of Mundo users even I personally don’t follow Barca nor Madrid as long as they don’t buy n use young Argentines I’m fed up following Barca for messi.i actually fell in love with football through Messi and then through Argentina n so automatically a Barca fan but then the desire for Messi to win an international trophy made me follow Argentina even more n also the Argentine teammates of Messi n slowly I literally fell in love with Argentine players tat I follow young bright talents n their transfer to Europe n now I’m love Argentina football totally from the u15 to the senior .since many Mundo users are Asian they don’t have access to follow the superliga but they follow the main matches of Copa libertadores hence honestly cox4 n other users who have any issues with the opinions of other Mundo users shud frankly shut up n respect because as far as I know this forum is largely active only tnks to the Asian Mundo users n those who talk about the Argentine representation in Europe so respect it

  6. Setien seems using the same type of formation that I liked a lot in the past when he coached Betis: a 352 with 1 winger and 1 winger back, no pure striker, a regista plus a half creator plus a half 9. At least 2 of the center backs can hold the ball and facilitate the transition. Messi’s role is different from Valverde’s system who wanted to use Messi more as a 10. Now Setien may give more freedom to Messi, more his natural position with is half 9 slightly on the right.

  7. Sergio Romero was involved in a car accident yesterday. Luckily no one was injured in the accident, except his Lamborghini which was completely trashed

  8. Our defensive player should go to either Laliga ,premiere league or Bundesliga but not to Serie A or ligue one.
    La liga teams defends collevtively which is good for any defenders,any goals in La liga goes through crowd of defenders but in Serie A or in Ligue one sometime striker is all alone having only goalkeeper to stop him and anyone can score that kind of goals( about Mid table teams )

  9. @cox4
    I am not sure, whose comments offended you. But what we have to understand that Argentina football is a global brand. There are players all over the world and we as fans will gravitate towards clubs, where our players play.

    I personally can say that my loyalty has drifted towards Barcelona because of Messi. I used to follow Madrid more. Hate them now, as half of the team is Brazilian. I admit I have a soft corner for Inter. Man city is another one now. Basically, my heart is with the Argentine players. Sometimes the love is long lasting. Like the soft corner for Napoli and Inter. May be I will have a soft corner for Barca, once Messi has retired, since the club did nurture one of our best talents ever

    I don’t think this would or should be an Argentine league only forum. Anyway, these days (last 1-2 years) most of the bloggers talk about local players only.

    • my friend i will not tell you whose comments offended me. i don t have desire to argue with nobody here.
      plus everybody is free and his opinion should be respected.

      i agree with you. i don t want too this forum be about Argentine league only.
      do you know something my friend?
      this is the reason that i am coming in this forum.
      i am coming because it is different and i can see opinions and speaking about football outside Argentine league.
      every day in my life i am speaking with my friends and with everybody around me about my team River plate and about the Argentine league etc
      i don t need that. if i want i have it every day. no need enter here.
      i need something outside that.
      that is why i like that people speak and about Europe football etc

  10. really i start lose my patience with some Barcelona fans here.

    i love Messi because he is Argentinian but his club and the mentality of his fans make me hate them really. and just because i don t have mood to analyze it more deeper i will say only what i feel when i see the arrogance of the rich.



    • I don’t see anything wrong supporting Barcelona!! Most of us support it because Messi plays for Barca. This a football blog and anything related to Argentine players can be discussed here. If we aren’t allowed to discuss about clubs then Roy should stop posting news about goals scored weekly by Argentine players.

      • i agree with everything you said.
        just you are out of my point.

        i am speaking about all those have the arrogance of the rich and point their finger to the Argentine clubs like we are garbage.
        they know for who i am speaking to.
        just i don t write the names because i am not police here and far from me this kind of behavior. i don t want to fight here and sure everybody is free to speak about whatever they want.

        just this place is for Argentina and i refuse to accept to not see respect for Argentine clubs.
        unless you believe that the respect should exist only to Europe clubs because they have the money.

    • Second what @sulav787 said.
      Come on mate, we discuss Argentina NT and Argentine players here, wherever they play (and most of them dream of playing in Europe). I’m sure there are other websites for discussing Superliga only.

      Something regarding Barcelona and Argentina; Messi is apparently urging Barca management to sign Aguero as Suarez replacement. I know he has done the same with Lautaro, but he will only be available for signing in July.

      • my point was not that.
        everybody is free to speak whatever he wants.
        i am not police here and i don t want to be.

        the arrogance of rich disturb me and the Barcelona fans have much.

          • comments type “i wonder why Montiel still play in superliga” or “Montiel should move imidiately to Europe because he wasted in superliga” or “Mc Alister have to leave Boca because he waste his talent in one team like Boca”.

            bla bla bla bla this type of things i read very often here and for long time from past.
            yesterday just i couldn t hold myself and i explode.

            European clubs have the money. we are poor country ok.
            this is life and this is how is the world of football working ok.
            i understand how is the system working. i accept it ok.

            But i don t accept the fans of rich clubs show their finger to us and saying “you are garbage and we are everything”.
            i want and we deserve respect.
            that is all.

            Palacios for example transfered to Bayer Leverkuzen of Germany.
            they have the money River need money and they take him ok.
            this is the system like it or not.

            just no fan of Leverkuzen can say to me “River is garbage and Palacios did well to come here save his life because we are super club”.

            no my friend River or every other Argentine club is not garbage.
            just we are not rich country as is Germany or England or Spain etc

  11. reinier jesus sold to real madrid for 35 efffing MILLION. boca juniors with all the huge talent pool they possess are still turning a blind eye n playing ageing veterans n dreaming about signing european stars. if they give these teens the same opportunities french n brazilians clubs give boc cud have earned millions in profit

    • I agree that the young should get their opportunities to shine. Boca has only played two friendly games so far under the new presidency and management, so we will have to wait and see how things develop. Let’s also remember that Mac Allister and Capaldo are away with Argentina U23 for the Pre-Olympics at the moment

  12. Everything is going good for Barca and Argentina.Messi is coming back to tiki taka style and that would be good for Argentina too.This way we will see creativity in his game and Argentina will love it.

  13. sometimes i wonder wat the heck is montiel doing playing in superliga he has all the perfect quaities of a modern attacking fullback in today’s match against independente his cross was absolutely pinpoint n perfect certainly he is premier league matierial. i hope a decent european club comes for him maybe inter cud actually go for him.his defensive abilities need to improve as we witnessed in independente’s goal but he is set to be the future of our right back

  14. Barcelona now is more dependent on Messi than ever before……..while at this moment in time, ARGENTINA is just the opposite.
    Who would have thunk it 😮

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