Adolfo Gaich, Alexis Mac Allister score for Argentina U23 in Olympic qualifier


Alexis Mac Allister and Adolfo Gaich both scored for the U23 Argentina team in their 2-1 win vs. Colombia.

It was Colombia who took an early 1-0 lead despite Argentina getting the better chances. Fernando Batista’s team were awarded a free kick and it was the Boca Juniors man who stepped up to take it.

Mac Allister would take the free kick and a low powerful shot would draw Argentina level. We would see one more goal in the second half.

Argentina would score through Adolfo Gaich as the San Lorenzo man would curl one past the goalkeeper. The score would remain the same but Alexis Mac Allister would get sent off after getting two yellow cards.


  1. Buendia plays as cam in Norwich ,ocampos does not have that pace which I mentioned although he is good and more effective as a hardworking left midfielder ,joaqlin correa plays as ss ,cervi isn’t world class ,zabalata is far from the level of zanneti although he was useful for nt ,rojo isn’t world class

    • No Buendia IS a CAM that’s true but he plays as a RW and does so very effectively.
      Ocampos is a VERY fast! He is also quite tall and athletic and I think you should watch more of him to get a good feel of his speed and physicality.
      Yes J correa plays as a SS/AM for Lazio but when he played for Sevilla he played mostly as a LW.
      I never said that Cervi was world class (whatever that means) but in your post you said Argentina lacks ‘decent, pacey’ wingers and Cervi is excellent and pacey and can play wing effectively if need be.
      Never said that Zaballeta was Zanetti’s level (very few are) but he was world class by certain people’s definitions.
      Rojo isn’t world class I agree, but he played at world class level at the WC, which is what I said.

      • In my opinion and if my memory serves me well, Rojo in 2014 was only good defensively, offensively he didn’t contribute much. We haven’t had elite level fullbacks since Sorin and Zanetti. Tagliafico is very good but Sorin scored 11 goals for us in his NT career, almost same amount as Tevez who was a striker.

    • i have watched ocampos play n as mamoun said he is has a decent speed but wat makes him stand out is his trickery with ball he can easily dumb defenders n get out of tight situations n his physicality which helps him to contribute to his defensive aspect n his height is a useful option in setpieces just because he isnt in a BIG club dosnt mean he is not worldclass he has all the qualities but his previous clubs never trusted him fully hence he cudnt bring out his real potential

  2. Ascacibar is simply not NT material, he doesnt make any midfield defensively strong (a myth, on the their hand we all know his lack of attacking skills…), ihigh chances he will relegate with Hertha too.

    • Just few months ago you were arrgantly claiming (with real satisfaction) he is not going anywhere: no club of first division want him. Again you were wrong. You keep silence over that drawing far-reaching conclusions instead after his very debut in new team. Such tendencial attitude got it’s specific term in this site, namely ‘csabalalism’.

    • Yes, Jurgen Klinsmann is an idiot for wanting to sign Ascacibar, I’m sure he knows nothing about football.

      Klinsmann on Ascacibar: “Santiago was our dream player. With him we are making a qualitative leap upwards, ”says Klinsmann about the 12 million man who came from Stuttgart.

    • i watched the hertha berlin first half ascaciber was simply amazing always intercepting balls second half i guess the presure of bayern’s players must hav been too much

  3. Lisandro Martinez man of the match performance today
    Lautaro Martinez again wasteful today fluffed a glorious chance to put inter in the lead his form isn’t gud since the start of the year .
    Nicolo Dominguez n ascacibar debuted for their new clubs ascacibar played full 90 n Nico played 70 not sure he they performed
    Guido Rodriguez also made his debut by featuring as a sub in betis win

  4. mcallister was superb n he seems like a dead ball specialist he was the architect of everything gud for argentina his playing abilities is similar to pjanic of juve i tnk but anyways definetly one for the future his absence in the next game is a huge blow for us. but i guess zaracho might fill the void he also has huge potential. urzi n alvarez werent up to mark especially alvarez .hence we need quality in the wings the fullbacks also not gud i guess

    • Apart from messi and di Maria (who don’t play as winger anymore ) we have failed to produce decent pacy skillful winger in almost 12 last years ,neither we produced world class fullback after zanneti /sorin and regarding gk I guess its almost more than 20 years we are yet to see a world class gk

      • Don’t know about that, Ocampos and Buendia are excellent wingers and J.Correa was good but inconsistent on the left wing for Sevilla.
        Cervi was superb when played left wing/forward for Benfica and Celso played rightwing for Betis and did surprisingly well.

        Regarding fullbacks, zaballeta was a world class fullback and Rojo was also (although only during the world cup). Tagaliafico is now highly regarded but overall Argentina has never really been a hub for fullbacks as they are for strikers and attacking players.

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