Jose Mourinho praises Tottenham midfielder Giovani Lo Celso


Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho had positive things to say about midfielder Giovani Lo Celso following the team’s 2-1 win vs. Norwich.

Lo Celso moved to London from Real Betis during the summer and now playing under Jose Mourinho, the Rosario native looks to have finally found a spot in the team. When asked about Lo Celso’s performance vs. Norwhich, here’s what Mourinho had to say:

“Giovani is improving game-after-game. Today he was fantastic in everything. I think he is adapting very well to the league, he can play in various positions, he gives us lots of quality, vision, passing, he is improving his offensive game, he is improving his intensity.

“The only thing that worries me is the new life of English football of playing and playing and playing and in this case he is now playing all the time now because we don’t have different solutions. Even today when Lamela was out, no wingers so Giovani to the wing. It’s hard but I think it’s good experience for all of us, a good experience for the family.”


  1. It seems west ham proposed a loan deal with an option to buy of 10m at the end of the season for montiel which Gallardo rejected thankfully. honestly montiel must cost at least 15m his release clause is 17m also Gallardo rightly said river plates important players won’t leave for offers like tat either an offer shud be gud in order to evaluate the possibility of accepting it

  2. Lo Celso has the talent and need to sharpen by clubs and right coach. Poche knows which players is good for his club although he has not given a wider chance to potential players to perform. Mou with his old books style seems out of date to compete with City,Liverpool or Arsenal even Everton.

    Lo Celso is much needed in next Copa with De Paul and Lautaro.

  3. My dream Copa 2020 team:

    GK: Benitez, Musso, Romero

    CBs: Lisandro Martinez, C.Romero, Martinez Quarta
    LB: Tagliafico
    RB: Montiel

    Midfield omg…Paredes, N.Dominguez, Palacios, Almada, Banega, Barco, Vargas (my favourite), Lo Celso, De Paul, Ascasibar/Acuña.. most importantly we need a proper CDM!

    Attack: Messi, Dybala, Lautaro, Ocampos, Icardi, Papu Gomez, Chimy Avila…

  4. As I said several times before, Celso was going to prove his worth because he’s just THAT good, still I really believe that Mourinho will hamper Gio’s great potential, I mean Gio was playing DM for the love of god and the fact that he did so well is simply a testament to his skill and tenacity.
    Celso needs a coach like Klopp or Guardiola or Setien and not a has been like Mourinho who is well past his ‘sell by’ date.

    As for the topic of Brazilian players costing more than Argnetina’s, well its quite simple, Brazil’s economy is much, MUCH better than that of Argentina’s (their economy is a joke sadly), infact I believe Brazil’s economy is about 3 times that of Argentina’s, which explains why their players cost 3X as much.


    I believe that Barco is going to stay put in Atalanta for the time being because he’s very important to them and they know that if the kid starts living up to his potential he could be worth a fortune.

      • low transfer prices ain’t nothing new though.

        Gabriel jesus sold to City for $32m and Gabigoal to inter for $26m while inter bought toro for $24m. For jesus probably has something to do with prem always overpaying but the trend does seem to indicate Arg transfers are lower than Brazil.

    • yes that is true.
      after Palacios left we try to not lose more important players of our team.
      not in this transfer season at least.
      we will see.
      i hope Montiel don t leave.

    • This rejection is very good news. Right back role is completely devastated right now. Foyth has fallen out of favor in London, who knows where his form and mental state is right now and Saravia is nowhere to be found. It is absolutely crucial that montiel keeps playing regular undisturbed competitive games now till Copa at least. Having him go to a really sad West Ham side led by David Moyes to fight a depressing relegation battle and having to adjust to a new culture is too much.

      It’s far better he stays with Gallardo for now as he is extremely important for him and a huge championship push is going to come from River now in the next three months as they are finally top of the table.

      Further 10 million while unproven Brazilian kids like Renier are going for 30 million is pretty much a spit in the face. Gallardo interview on this rejection was very interesting.

    • I tnk it wud also be gud for montiel to play the premier league montiel can test himself against several pacy superstars which will benefit argentina’s right back role .west ham are just above the relegation zone due to goal difference but they have a game in hand either way I feel it wudav been nice for montiel to join premier league. N yes it’s a joke tat an untested reinier Jesus is costing around 30m but a 22 year old who played a crucial role in two Copa libertadores finals n won one .I’m not sure if it is due to the bad Argentine economy ofc Brazil economy is way superior compared to Argentina or maybe Brazilians are overrated

  5. Lo celso needs to ve physical abd fast so he can outmuscle other player.His dribbling,vision,passing all good but he needs to be more tough and increase his stamina,he is 22 year old so right now can be accepted as physically weak but he needs to work on that.Because of physical weakness Mourinho let Salah to go to Liverpool from Chelsea

    • Good call Kavi.

      Mourinho is the end all be all standard of talent scouting. What a brilliant mind he must have to let go of Salah for what you describe as “physical weakness”.

      Salah has never gone on to be on of the best players in the world, playing at the current best club in the world, while Mourinho would never be coaching a struggling Tottenham side using antiquated tactics – right?

      Give me a break. We can only hope that Lo Celso does not end up in Tottenham permanently. He is a class above at only 23 with a lot of room to grow.

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