Lucas Ocampos scores in Sevilla Copa del Rey win vs. Levante


Lucas Ocampos scored for Sevilla in their 3-1 win vs. Levante in the Copa del Rey.

Ocampos would prove to be the hero for Sevilla as he would score the match winner. After having initially taken a 1-0 lead, Sevilla would let one in as Levante would draw level. The ball would fall to Lucas Ocampos and with a strike from outside of the penalty area, he would score the second goal of the match which would be the winner.

After the goal, Ocampos and Diego Carlos would hold up a t-shirt in tribute to Emiliano Sala who tragically died last year. The message on the shirt wrote “Emi, always with us”.


  1. @cox4
    Sorry if I offended you.
    couple of points here:
    1. I said argentine league is garbage, not an Argentine people. As a canadian, If someone says canadian national football team is garbage, I wouldn’t be offended, That’s their entitled opinion, and it’s democracy.
    End of the day, getting emotional about a “GAME” is just silly.
    Being nationalist is okay, but blending it with a worldwide game is quite opposite.

    I support Argentina football team from 1994, so I suppport Argentine players, have a soft corner about Argentina,too. When pope was elected from Argentina, I felt happy, too. Football was main reason behind that.

    “Nationalism is a disease and hope one-day everyone will be cured from it”

    • ok i leave our argue behind.
      i don t want to fight with people here believe me.
      just allow me to say my point of view about those 2 points you wrote me.

      1. Canada as i see have different culture than us so i should accept our differences as normal thing. so ok.
      just for me the word garbage is very heavy to use for the national team. the national team is represent all the country. all of us Argentinians. so if you say our national team garbage then you say all of us Argentinians garbage.
      if you say the national team is weak or less talented or whatever else this type way then nobody will say something to you. the word garbage is offending to our culture.
      one other difference we have with Canada culture as i see again is that for us football is not just “a game”.football is something more than a game.
      we are emotional and full with passion about football in Argentina.
      generally as people Argentinians we are very emotional and with passion in big level.
      Canada have different culture.
      i fully respect it.

      i don t know if nationalist is the correct word for me but sure i love my country so so so so much.
      BUT just because i love my country that does not mean that i have to hate the other countries.
      i love my country and i respect every other country and people in the rest of the world.
      so you can say me nationalist if this is correct word for me.
      you know.

      as about the last you wrote i TOTALLY don t agree with you.
      to love your country is not disease. just opposite. if one person cured as you say from that then that person is sure that will be lost and disappear in time. if you lost your ID you lost yourself my friend.

      something last allow me to say. as i am able to know your country Canada is very strong country (one of the strongest in world in same time).
      you don t have to afraid anybody. you don t have enemies. that is why you are allowed to see more calm and relax the things.
      in Argentina we are weaker and we have enemies around us. so we should be more nationalist than you to defend ourselfs.

      this is my opinions.

  2. Mourinho on Lo celso:
    Giovani is improving game-after-game. Today he was fantastic in everything. I think he is adapting very well to the league, he can play in various positions, he gives us lots of quality, vision, passing, he is improving his offensive game, he is improving his intensity.

    The only thing that worries me is the new life of English football of playing and playing and playing and in this case he is now playing all the time now because we don’t have different solutions. Even today when Lamela was out, no wingers so Giovani to the wing. It’s hard but I think it’s good experience for all of us, a good experience for the family.

      • Galatasaray don’t have the money to even pay his loan but if the move is done it’s gud for foyth as he is definite a rough diamond which needs polishing Mourinho certainly won’t take him I hope poch can bail him out of the situation

        • Didn’t watch the game, but it’s great to read all the good words on Lo Celso! I remember not long ago, there were a lot of doubts about his position in Tottenham under Mourinho. Some people predicting he would prove his worth in the team, and that certainly seems like the case now. I personally hope Spurs will wait with signing him til summer for him to further impress and gain interest from his previous coach in Barcelona. His style is perfect for La Liga and playing alongside Messi would obviously be fantastic for NT!

          On Foyth… It’s the first time I see rumors about Turkish league. Would much rather like to see him in Bundesliga

  3. My Argentine team of decade
    Gk Romero
    Lb rojo
    Rb zabaleta
    Cb pair garay otamendi
    Cdm mashereno
    Cam banega
    Cm enzo Perez
    Lw di Maria
    Rw messi
    Cf ageuro
    Formation 433
    Subs caballero ,tagliafico ,lavezzi

  4. Ocampos deserved the call up by N/T, His long range canon shoot will be useful.
    Mourinho should rethink to bench Lo Celso, he is the power machine and keep the ball flowing for Spurs

  5. nababroad

    “When River plate lost to Al-Ain in Club world cup, I came into conclusion that Argentine league is garbage. Sorry if I offend anyone, but truth is truth.
    every good Argentine player should leave Argentine league and play in europe, that’s better for national team”.

    first of all this is your “truth”.
    second yes you offend me as River fan and as Argentinian.
    congratulations for your “conclusion” but just to know Argentine league is created from Argentinians.
    those Argentinians that born in this country love this country cry for this country bleed for this country.
    those Argentinians are the same that have this national team that you say that you love.

    every good or medium or bad Argentinian player is ARGENTINIAN.
    the answer that all of them will give to one post like yours is this.
    “WE ARE PROUD that we are from Argentina. we are proud for our country.
    we are going to Europe to take money that we don t have unfortunately to our country BUT first come our country and we learn the football in ARGENTINA in Argentine leagues. NOT IN EUROPE.
    in Europe we just take money. only that.
    ARGENTINA born us”.

    • Hey, don’t let these comments get to your head mi amigo. I really don’t like it either that some people here treat the Argentine league with no respect.

      Argentina is and always will be a producer of huge talents in football. They start off in the Superliga, working hard to improve, develop and to catch attention from Europe where they can further develop into world class players and make good money for themselves. They all represent the football nation Argentina, and they all dream of playing in the national colors. If you like and respect Argentine football players and/or Argentina NT, it’s really stupid to insult the league where they all came from, where they all grew up and developed into the players they are. Remember where they came from!

      Just because Europe has crazy stupid amount of money and buy foreign players (for example, Barcelona has a market value just a bit higher than the whole Superliga), doesn’t mean leagues outside of it (especially Argentina) deserve shit.

      With that being said… It’s of course understandable that players have their goals to go to Europe and that some deserve to prove their worth there. After all, they do represent Argentina there 🙂

    • “BUT first come our country and we learn the football in ARGENTINA in Argentine leagues. NOT IN EUROPE.”

      some forget about certain players playing for Argentina rather than European teams because of their love for the albiceleste, and could win WC AND EUROPEAN CUP. LIKE MESSI who could play for Spain, HIGUAIN who could play for France, and Icardi who could play for Italy. look at Lautaro now, he just left Argentina, but he learned and played in Argentina till he was 19, like Mascherano, DiMaria, Kun, and many past and current Stars, They learn football in ARGENTINA FIRST

    • Helo @cox4 apologies if I have hurt u I was just defending the interests of some of the active MUNDO users in showcasing their opinions so carried away by saying “shud up” we all want Argentine football to grow n realise the dream of Argentina winning another world cup n Argentine clubs dominating Copa libertadores n Argentine players dominating Europe in every position so cheers n let’s keep the MUNDO blog fun-filled n enthusiastic

  6. Lo celso-palacios-de paul Midfield would be awesome.
    messi and lautaro front, lo celso as PM.
    back up midfielder would be ocampos, di maria,Mc allister,Nico Domínguez.

    keep lamela,zaracho, barco,vargas,buendia in watch if someone injured.

    Its all about midfield, midfield wins big tournament, not attackers.
    I didn’t mentioned the defensive midfielders
    paredes, guido, ascacibar,lisandro martinez, bataglia, acuna-we have lots of options

  7. I said long time ago if lo celso plays
    Central midfielder and given chance
    By Mourinho he will be a real class.
    This his statistics vs Norwich

    Most touches
    • Most passes attempted
    • Most passes completed
    • Most passes in the opp. half
    • Most duels contested
    • Most ball recoveries
    • Most chances created
    • Most tackles made

    Big performance.

    • Man of the match – Giovani Lo Celso (Tottenham)

      Giovani Lo Celso, right, was the one bright spark in a below-par performance from Tottenham with his energy and creativity once again impressing

      BBC sport.

  8. I didn’t watch Spurs vs. Norwich but this is what said about Lo Celso’s performance and the rating they gave him.

    “A Premier League star in the making. Another impressive display, knitting together Spurs’ play while winning the ball back for them as well. He did just that to set the hosts away for their opening goal and then played a clever reverse ball to Alli in the build-up to the second. Ran himself into the ground with some late dribbling in the corner. 9”

  9. Unreal performance from lo celso he unleashed his true world class potential today definitely going to be one of the hallmarks of the Argentina midfield he will most certainly also feature in spurs UCL matchdays if he continues this form

    • Yes…..lo celso was man of the match and was only bright light for Spurs in the match.
      If he can improve his physical side of his game then I think he will be able to help us more in the argentina national team.
      He is just too talented to be benched for any team in the world.

  10. About Gazza, this is what is the problem with ordinary vs great. Very few players will get such an extended run. He missed his opportunity. In today’s world, in any profession, you need to cement your place. No one will get such a run to prove. He was not bad, actually quite good, so that spurs did not think about buying a GK, but not great enough to make the coach think.

  11. Lo celso brilliant in the first half he is the architect of everything gud happening for Spurs I expect Spurs might trigger his buyout clause but even not if he puts in these superb performances I reckon setien n Messi might push abidal to stop watching Frenchies alone n go for the Argentine genius

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