Nicolas Capaldo comments on Argentina U20 team following win in Olympic qualifiers


Nicolas Capaldo commented on his team’s 2-0 win vs. Chile in the Olympic qualifiers.

Capaldo who opened the scoring for Fernando Batista’s team spoke about their two wins vs. Colombia and Chile gave his thoughts on the win. Speaking after the victory, here’s what he had to say:

“It was a difficult match, they got to our goal many times but luckily we were able to get a goal at the start of the game. Personally speaking, it’s very good but the important thing is that the team wins.

“We are a difficult team and if we keep running like this in every match, we will be very difficult to beat.” 


  1. ani destro

    i agree with you 100% about the balance in one team that no more than 3 players should be over 30 years old. in case or River plate Gallardo is doing that.
    just our problem is that our attackers are over 30. (Scocco, Pratto, Suarez)
    we have Borre and Alvarez only down of 30. this is something that is problem in my opinion and i mention to my friends always.
    Plus no more Pinola.
    i respect what he have offer to my team but it is time for him to stop be starter anymore.

    this 2 things i don t like to my team.
    As about Leo Ponzio and Enzo Perez are the only over 30 players that it is needed and they are very important for River. i count them as very valuable players for us.they are key players for many reasons. inside and outside pitch.

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