Adolfo Gaich to play with Club Brugge in Belgium, to sign on Thursday


Reports out of Argentina are emerging that Adolfo Gaich will indeed play with Club Brugge in Belgium.

Adolfo Gaich will reportedly sign with the Belgium club on Thursday after he flies out to Argentina. Gaich of San Lorenzo is presently with the U23 Argentina team in Colombia and per a report by TyC Sports, the striker will fly out to Argentina to sign his contract.

San Lorenzo have reportedly accepted a bid of nearly $14 million and on Thursday he is expected to undergo his medical. He will join Brugge after the Olympic qualifiers.

Gaich, still only 20, has scored 7 goals in 20 games.


    • Jeez… just after 1 year at santos. Rumor saying he had ambitious transfer plans and club management didn’t want to commit so he bounced.

      Think We all know deep down that Venezuela will causes trouble now fack! Lol

      • Some people here said the same thing when Tata took over Mexico and some even suggested that Mexico was gonna eat Argentina alive in the recent friendly game and then Lautaro said ‘hold my cassava’ and put 3 past them.
        The only team Argentina should worry about is Argentina. The team has made steady improvements and a solid core is more or less established, so as long as Scaloni doesn’t have any further brain farts this team could go places.

        • Lautaro said “hold my quilmes” 🙂

          My comment about fearing Sampaoli is more of a joke given his stint at Chile. For copa20, I think we’ll smack the shite of Venezuela!!

    • As I said it many times on this forum, “Sampaoli was the ONLY ARGENTINE coach who answered the call when his country came asking, BEGGING, Unlike all the other fakeasses who were all talk and no action (1 coaches in Spain and the other was fired from his English club……)
      Less money and tremendous pressure and still accepted the challenge, unfortunately, the rest was very bad history.
      I am sure all the players are focused on winning COPA first and qualifying well and not worrying about Sam, Mary or Mickey mouse.

      • It doesn’t matter if he was the only one who answered the call. He experimented his insane tactics and formation in the WC instead of playing to the strength of the team. Our team was full of geriatric players and any thinking coach would never play suicidal highline with 3 in the back. Against France, he displayed the height of madness no coach has ever done before. He is an imbecile coach!!

        • Noway was I defending him as a coach or any of his decisions, from tactics to team selection………simply stating that he is not as bad as he seems and 2, we need not worry about who he coaches……its all history.

      • Well said fox even though the sampaoli experiment was a disaster he came when the country needed him and tat too after a fantastic season with Sevilla where his team played entertaining football n finished above Madrid I tnk in 3rd place so respect shud be given

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