Argentina to play Ecuador in 2022 World Cup qualifier at La Bombonera


Argentina will play their opening World Cup qualifier match against Ecuador at Boca’s La Bombonera.

Per a report by TyC Sports, when the 2022 World Cup qualifiers kick off, Lionel Scaloni’s team will not play their first match at the mystical Monumental. Instead, the team will play at La Bombonera, site of their last home World Cup qualifying match which came in 2017 vs. Peru.

The last time the team played there was against Haiti prior to the last World Cup.

World Cup qualifying kicks off for Argentina on the 26th of March vs. Ecuador before traveling to La Paz to on March 31 to play Bolivia.


  1. Can AFA send a group of good players playing in Argentina for 2 weeks in la Paz? They don’t need to send the players who are playing in Europe. They always loose. It will be better to just select 22 players in Argentina and have them spend two weeks in Bolivia. This way, altitude won’t play a factor.

  2. Fantastic news! Argentina have only lost 2 games of 27 at La Bombonera. It’s the best stadium in Argentina for home games, whether it’s Boca or NT, as it’s built for great acoustics and creates very loud noise. It’s famous for opponents to think it’s intimidating to play there, with the ground shaking against them. A real shame that AFA decided not to play any games there for Copa 2020…

      • Perhaps CONMEBOL decided that games will only be played in max one stadium per city. I don’t think it’s due to capacity, since it wouldn’t make sense to put games in the unfinished Estadio Único in Santiago del Estero (capacity 28 000) when La Bombonera is much bigger

    • nobody is afraid Bombonera just to know.
      if we don t play as we should no stadium can help us.
      just i will remind you the most recent example the game against Peru that end 0-0 about 2018 qualifiers.
      we almost lose the world cup because we couldn t beat nobody that period.
      thank God Leo saved us in Ecuador.

      • Of course the stadium won’t win us games itself 🙂 It’s up to the players and coach! But the stadium and crowd can provide some effect as well…
        Since most people on this site are not Argentine, I wanted to provide some information about the stadium (information as in facts, not opinions, even though I have been to the stadium and agree with the facts) without pissing off any River fans somehow…

        Because La Bombonera is built like a D-shape with very steep stands, it gives the effect that the fans are “over” the players or very narrowly surrounded. The steepness of the stadium also provides great acoustics and with all the fans jumping, it’s like the whole stadium is shaking. Many players have admitted that they have thought their legs were shaking, but later realized it was the stadium.
        Again, facts not opinions.
        Really happy that I might be able to watch Argentina play there in March!
        I guess there is a reason BBC voted it to be the “the scariest stadium to play” and the #1 stadium worldwide by football site FourFourTwo

        • don t worry you don t pissing nobody 🙂 🙂 🙂
          just i invite you come to Monumental to see the other side of coin 🙂 🙂 🙂
          maybe it will be better than how you think it is 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • I’m not Argentine but I might be in Buenos Aires when this game is played, and I assumed it would be in El Monumental and I was actually pretty excited about visiting the stadium and experiencing it first hand. I’m sure it is indeed better than what I have heard from Boca fans, but I can’t really have an opinion without seeing it myself! Well well… Hopefully I’ll get another chance!

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