Angel Di Maria scores chip goal in PSG win vs. Montpellier


Angel Di Maria scored for PSG in their 5-0 win vs. Montpellier.

Di Maria continues to score in France. With PSG leading 1-0, the Rosario native would chip the goalkeeper to double PSG’s lead. It was Di Maria’s 11th goal of the season, his seventh in the league.


  1. Di Maria no matter what his performance for P$G is done with N/T, same thing to Otamendi. Pezzela is doubtful
    Scaloni have to search and list another names which is more reliable and stronger

  2. Giovani Lo Celso, whose loan move from Real Betis was made permanent earlier this week, produced another impressive performance in midfield and looks certain to play a central role in the club’s future.

    The 23-year-old has stood out for his creative and technical strengths in recent weeks, but on this occasion his most important contributions came without the ball. Lo Celso recovered possession more times (10) than any other player on the pitch and there was praise from Mourinho for the way he contained Kevin De Bruyne and shut off Raheem Sterling’s runs inside.
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    • From an enganche or a classic number 10 at Rosario Central to a modern all round midfielder. Lo Celso and Palacios type of players is what we had been missing all these years in the NT.

      • Lo celso Is becoming all around midfielder .
        Plus he has unbelievable technique
        What I love most is he always looking the ball weather he close to his goal or Opponent.

        This is my midfielder for the nt.

        ….. Parades
        De Paul …… palacios…
        …………. lo celso……..
        Please scaloni don’t play lo celso
        As winger doesn’t matter left or right
        He will be waste even spurs fans
        Acknowledge that .this boy has to play the centre or he will be limited or even maybe wasted.

    • Pezzella has been superb ever the since Fiorentina changed their coach, today is just an off day for him. Otamendi on the other hand is done and should be let out of his misery.
      Speaking of CBs, Licha Martinez is absolutely fantastic for Ajax, Quarta is fantastic with River, C.Romero has been fantastic for Genoa despite their struggles and N.perez is fantastic for the U23! Hence I wouldn’t worry too much about Argentina’s CB options, I do however worry about the RB position because aside from Montiel there is no one else.

      • I think Licha Martinez and Pezzella could be a good combo. As for RB, yeah we certainly don’t have an embarrassment of riches for that position, apart from Montiel there are no other reliable options since Foyth is not playing or even making it to the bench anymore. Sadly, Saravia the same story. Guidara of Velez and Godoy of Talleres showed glimpses of promise but are too raw. Maybe Scaloni would have to think outside of the box and ask someone like Ocampos to play as a RB. He’s tall, physical, likes to defend anyway and is good at intercepting the ball. He’s a winger and can be converted to a decent fullback. Hey, if someone like Jesus Navas who spent most of his career playing as a winger, plays as a RB, why not Ocampos?

        • you might be on to something Enganche, after all Cuardado is now the starting RB for juve! So it is possible.
          Ocampos certainly has the defensive and physical attributes to be a fullback but he can be reckless with his tackles and besides he’s too good of a winger to be played out of position.
          I personally thought about Buendia and A.Correa as make shift RBs if need be but the former, like Ocampos, is too good in his attacking position to converted to defense and Correa has had enough of simeone’s defensive tactics blunting his obvious attacking prowess and I think he deserves to be given a shot at RFW position incase Messi isn’t available.
          That leaves me with 2 thoughts; the first is to use Battaglia, who has shown in the past that he can play fullback surprisingly well and the other is to use J.Silva (LB by trade) or Licha Martinez (CB, LB, DM but never played RB) in that position. It wouldnt be ideal for either of them but they might be adequate incase Montiel isn’t available.

          • Battaglia is also an option for sure. Angel Correa, maybe too, Simeone occasionally plays Saul who is a midfielder in LB role so I can see Correa do that as well. As far as J.Silva and Licha Martinez, they would have to be pretty ambidextrous to play on the right. I think both use their left foot mostly so not sure it could work. A reverse winger who cuts in onto their strong foot is one thing but a full back kinda has to stay wide and stretch the play hence they would have to primarily use the foot that corresponds to the side they play on. Do you think Quarta can maybe play as a RB? I’ve never seen him play there but maybe he could do a decent job if asked. A fullback has to be a good crosser of the ball, among other things, which is not at all the same skill than simply passing well out of the back.

          • Agreed non of these options are ideal but if Montiel doesn’t perform or is injured, then Scaloni has to get creative.

            Quarta?…hmmmmmm….maybe, like you I’ve never seen him play fullback before, although he does have the ball skill and pace to pull it off….maybe.
            Yeah crossing is essential for fullbacks, which explains why Acuna does well at the position even though it isnt his natural position.
            I do think that Scaloni will occasionally go with a 4-4-2 against tougher opponents and if that’s the case then he could put De Paul in RM where he pull off some good crosses because he is right footed.

    • Yep! what a cluster fuck at the 40th minute lol. Aguero should have taken the pen.

      Lo Celso seemed a bit shaky at the beginning. Hope Mourinho keeps giving him as many minutes as possible. Interesting though thats Mourinho is using him Lo Celso as deep lying central mid which is great for the NT.

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